This information is for users of Memory Manager and/or StoryBook Creator branded software who wish to start using Panstoria’s Historian and/or Artisan programs instead.  The pixels2Pages team has already made this transition, and we are now Panstoria’s industry partners and official trainers.  If your current programs are working well, there is no necessity to change immediately; however, Memory Manager and StoryBook Creator are no longer being supported or updated, and they cannot be activated if it is necessary to move them to a new computer. We recommend that you make the switch as soon as it is feasible for you. When you are ready to make the transition, these are the steps to follow:

Memory Manager to Historian

Install Historian. If you do not own Historian, we invite you to purchase it by clicking through our affiliate LINK.  By clicking this link first, pixels2Pages will receive a commission when you make a purchase, but it will not cost you anything extra.  Your support allows us to enhance pixels2Pages and helps us remain a viable company.

After purchasing Historian, download it and follow the simple  instructions. When you open Historian you’ll see that it looks very similar to Memory Manager 4, so you will be very comfortable and be able to easily find your way around.

To open an existing Memory Manager Memory vault, simply click Open another vault from the Home Ribbon on the Welcome page. Browse to the location of your existing Memory Manager 4 Vault. Click once to select the vault and click “Select Folder” (do not open the folder).




Your Memory vault will open and will look the same as it did in Memory Manager 4. All your sorting – categories, tags, star ratings, ‘Tell the Story’, etc. – will be intact.

To find out where your existing  memory vault is, open Memory Manager 4. On the welcome screen, the file location of your memory vault will be visible at the top left of the screen, just under the tabs.



  • Historian will open Memory vaults from MM2 or MM3; you do not need to upgrade to MM4 first. However, you will notice a number of improvements and changes in Historian compared to MM2 or 3. You might like to watch these two videos: “Open the Door to Memory Manager 4.0 – Segment 1 and Segment 2.”
  • Since Historian and MM4 are so similar, all the training in MM4 on also applies to Historian. Here is a LINK to the section of this website which covers Memory Manager and Historian training.

StoryBook Creator to Artisan

If you do not own Artisan, we invite you to purchase it by clicking through our affiliate LINK.  By clicking this link first, pixels2Pages will receive a commission when you make a purchase, but it will not cost you anything extra.  Your support allows us to enhance pixels2Pages and helps us remain a viable company.

When you open Artisan, you’ll see that it looks very similar to StoryBook Creator 4.0, so you will be very comfortable and be able to easily find your way around.

To create a new Artisan project, simply follow the same steps as you would have in SBC4.

Click on File>New>New Project



— OR —

Click Create Project on the Home Ribbon



— OR —

Choose Create a new project or page on the Welcome page.


All your current projects and content should transfer automatically – HERE is some more information about that.

Should you wish to become a Panstoria affiliate, click HERE.  By clicking this link, pixels2Pages will earn a small commission every time you do.  It will not affect the amount you earn as an affiliate.

Should you wish to become a pixels2Pages affiliate, click HERE. By becoming an affiliate, you will earn a commission on every pixels2Pages membership sold through your link. 


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138 Responses to Tech Tip: How to switch to Panstoria Software

  1. Stacia DeLeon says:

    I upgraded from StoryBook to Artisan quite a while ago and just recently from Memory Manager to Historian. All my art kits and photos/vault transferred over easily and everything seems to be working properly. I am wondering if it is now okay to delete the StoryBook and Memory Manager programs from my computer.

    • Shelley says:

      Well done Sacia – it’s not as hard as you expect, is it? Yes, you can safely remove SBC and MM, but you need to uninstall them correctly – click HERE for instructions if you need them.

  2. alclark11 says:

    I purchased a new computer this week, so I had to purchase Historian and Artisan since I cannot active my copies of Memory Manager and Storybook Creator. Getting frustrated trying to import all of my kits into Artisan. My personal art kits are importing as they should. However, I cannot get any of my CM kits to import. I have followed these instructions, but to no avail. I keep getting the message “The specified folder is already included in the content library.” However, none of my kits are there.

    • Shelley says:

      Andrea you usually get that message when your content is hidden inside another folder. See this tip for a full explanation. (The tip was written for SBC, but the same applies to Artisan)

  3. Jackie says:

    I am trying to search for projects on my computer after I upgraded to Artisan. I have found most of my 12×12 page prints, but not my books. Can anyone help me with this?

    • Shelley says:

      It really depends on where you saved your projects. It could be anywhere on your computer. The default location is usually C:Documents/Artisan projects. If you open Windows explorer you can search for the names of your projects. Did you use the built in utility in Artisan to transfer your projects when you upgraded?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I recently purchased Historian 4.0 when the Memory Manager 3 software that I had on my previous laptop could not be installed on my new one. I was assured that I would be able to open my memory vaults with all tags & organizing in tact. I found & opened 1 memory vault into Historian. My pics are all arranged in chronological order in my media library. However, none of the folder I had previously used in CM are there. There were so many I don’t even know if I could remember them. Also, only 166 of my most recent pics were in that Memory Vault. My thousands upon thousands of other pics are still on my hard drive in a folder called “My Memory Vault” where CM originally stored them. When I go to open that file in Historian it says it’s not a valid memory vault. If I try to import them photo by photo they are all pixelated & cannot be viewed properly. Please help. I’m beginning to panic! Thank you.

  5. Linda Reed says:

    I have purchased Artisan and Historian both sometime ago, but I am just now using it to create a new project. I find that just a few of my many Digital Content packages came through. When I insert the CD and try to double click on the line, it denies opening it in Artisan. I have the activation codes if I could just get the CD’s to install some how. Please advise what step I am missing, or is my volumes of content useless now?

    Thanks so much.


    • Shelley says:

      Hi Linda, The problem is most likely that the built in kit installer can’t tell if you are using SBC or Artisan. Your best option is to open the Content Manager in Artisan and click on Import Content. All your SBC content can be using in Artisan.

  6. Bev Staveley says:

    I’m trying to reinstall my pictures onto Panstoria, previously on MM. My computer crashed so I lost everything that was on MM but I had a shadow copy saved to my eternal hard drive. When I attempt to open a new vault in panstoria it takes me to my external hard drive, when I click on the shadow copy it sends me an error message – not a valid media vault? Any suggestions? I was able to move a few pictures over that were in a different file but the program did not bring any of the information with the pictures such as dates, facial recognition….
    Thanks, Bev

  7. Laura says:

    Purchased Historian for a new computer. Copied Memory Manager Vault from old computer onto new computer. Tried opening up the vault and it didn’t work. Left the computer alone in case it was doing something in the background, but hours later – nothing. No widow pops up showing any activity, nothing happens. Please advise how to get Historian to recognize the vault.

    Thank you.

    • Shelley says:

      Laura I would need a lot more information to be able to help you. Where did you copy your old Memory Vault to and exactly what did you copy? When you say it didn’t work, exactly what happened?

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