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Thank you for being a valued Pages Magazine Reader and friend of pixels2Pages.  This freebie double page Blueprint  is only available in 12×12 size.   Click the image below to download your Blueprints

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Not sure what to do with Blueprints? Click HERE for information about downloading and importing Blueprints to your computer so they are ready to use (and so much more!).  Click HERE to watch the Maximize Your Membership with Blueprints webinar.  NOTE: We recommend using Google Chrome to watch this webinar.  If you have trouble viewing the webinar, please switch browsers.

Downloading Blueprints

Importing a Blueprint

Unzipping The Easy Way




Effective today, we have made several changes to our Blueprint offerings.  The most important things you need to know are listed below:

  • These, and future Blueprints, are designed in Artisan 5 and can only be used in Artisan 5 Software and/or future versions of the software.
    • These Blueprints cannot be used in Artisan 4 or any other predecessor software.
    • If you are a pixels2Pages member and you are unable to use these new Blueprints, please send an email to  We will work with you to determine an acceptable substitute for this offering in your membership.
  • All Double Page Blueprints are designed for lay flat books.
    • Lay flat is the default book setting in Artisan 5, although it is a printing upgrade which is available at an additional cost at the time you order your book.
    • You are not required to purchase the lay flat upgrade; however, if you choose to use standard binding (instead of lay flat), you will need to make adjustments while creating your book.
    • When designing a book with a standard bind, change your view in Artisan to standard and then make minor adjustments to shift the elements on the page to line up across a standard page.
  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you only use these Blueprints by importing them into an open project. 
    • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attempt to open these Blueprints by double-clicking on them or opening them in any other way. I repeat – DO NOT OPEN individual .artpage files.
    • From a project open in Artisan, go to the Home ribbon and import these Blueprints by using either the ‘Template’ or the ‘Add Page’ button. This is the only way you should be using Blueprints!
    • If you should ever notice an ’embedded images’ or ‘images’ folder inside your Blueprint folder, DO NOT delete it. It could result in elements being removed from the .artpage files which would require you to download your Blueprints again.

Enjoy your new Blueprints!

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9 Responses to Blueprints: The Long List (Pages Magazine Member Only Freebie)

  1. Melinda Turnbull says:

    I am trying to import a blueprint into my Artisan project and I keep getting the following message for every blueprint I try to add.
    “The selected file is not of a size compatible with the current page.”

    • Tameka says:

      What size is the project you are trying to import the Blueprint into? What size is the Blueprints.

      12×12 Blueprints can only be imported into projects 12×12 and smaller that are of the same aspect ratio.

      11×8.5 Blueprints can only be imported into that size and smaller (i.e. 7×5). You can tell what the size of a Blueprint is by it’s name. If it starts with p2P_12_ Then it is a 12×12 Blueprint. If it starts with p2P_11_, then it is an 11 inch Blueprint.

  2. Debbie Walsh says:

    Hi Tameka,

    I was trying to modify the name of an A5 blueprint (to include the DPS info) and I accidentally double-clicked and opened the page. I immediately closed it from Artisan and continued with the renaming and all was well. However, after reading this info, I am concerned now, and wondering if I should delete the BP in question and re-download it, (will need to figure out which one it was – from the Pages magazine, I think), or since I closed it immediately, and did not use it at all, if it’s okay. What do you think? Appreciate your wisdom!


    • Tameka says:

      As long as you didn’t click “save” in the opened Blueprint and simply closed it, you should be okay. If you did click save, to be on the safe side, just delete the Blueprints and redownload them.

  3. Rhoda Bolton says:

    It seems to me that it would be nice to put the “WHY” you shouldn’t double click a blueprint , immediately after saying DON’T DO IT so everyone knows at that point. Certainly, as soon as you say DON’T DO IT – someone will. It’s in our nature to be curious to find out WHY if not immediately told the ramifications. I realize Tameka explained the WHY – but that question should have needed to be asked. It should have been explained in the IMPORTANT NOTICE Text.

    • Tameka says:

      Rhoda, when I wrote these important directives, the goal was to keep it short and to the point as this is boilerplate wording that will be on every Blueprint post.

      We have always discouraged our members from opening double clicking and opening Blueprints because they can make permanent changes to the Blueprint that will require them to redownload. This is nothing new and the reason, for the most part, is the same. The only difference is, this month we move to A5 Blueprints exclusively and our customers need to be reminded to not double click and open the Blueprints because with the enhancement comes additional reasons why you should not open the individual Blueprint file. In addition to the one I wrote in the comments, there are many reasons why you should not open any Blueprint file directly… 1) you don’t have access to a photos panel and some tool in the software, 2) You run the risk of adding copyright notices and properties which should not be on the file, 3)When saving your page you can change the file type and not be able to edit your page. I can go on and on you should not open any Blueprint files directly. If we filled the post with all the reasons why it should not be done, we find people miss out on the most important detail – that they should not be doing it if they want to save themselves future aggravation.

      It is not the end of the world if you do open the file. After all, how do you thing we found out that you should not be doing it? Opening the file is not the biggest issue, it is what you do with the files that Artisan creates after opening the Blueprint file that will be the problem.

      I hope you enjoy your Blueprints. I also hope you understand that there will not be a “why” on everything we post as it most often ends up being too lengthy, unnecessary, and looked over.

  4. Megan Boesch says:

    Thanks for the warnings! What happens when you double-click on a bp to open it? I’m sure I’ll forget and do it that way so I would like to know what to look for!

    • Tameka says:

      Hi Megan. If you double click and open a Blueprint and then save it, Artisan will automatically create an embedded images and images folder wherever the Blueprint is saved, because the software thinks it is a project. Once it does that, if the Blueprint gets separated from the folder, all of the elements will turn into dark gray blocks.

      • Danielle Lamsma says:

        Tameka, Thanks for the additional explanation on why the embedded images and images folder might show up. I didn’t understand this from the initial information, and it’s helpful to know why these would appear.

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