There are two ways to delete a photo from your memory vault in Historian. Don’t forget bad photos can turn into good photos with some editing – don’t be too quick to delete if your photo is unique of meaningful. However deleting duplicates, or bad & blurry photos is a very good idea, as it make it much easier to focus on the photos that are important to you.


In the Media Library view, select the image or images you wish to delete. For details of selecting multiple images at once. click HERE. Click the drop-down arrow and choose Delete from media vault (it has a red cross next to it), or simply click the DELETE key on your computer keyboard.

You will be asked “Are you sure…?” If you are sure click Yes.


There is a checkbox for Automatically use this response for subsequent questions. Note that in the above screenshot the question relates to one specific image, even though several were selected. Historian by defualt will ask you to confirm each deletion. If you check that box, and are deleting multiple images, it means that you will not have to confirm the deletion for each individual image.

This method is probably best if you have a large number of files to delete at once.


Double Click to open the image in the editing view. To delete it, press the Delete key on your keyboard. You will get asked “Are you sure?” Press Enter for ‘yes’. It’s that easy! Even when deleting multiple images this method can be much easier and quicker. Simply scroll through the images, hitting Delete and Enter to get rid of all your duplicates or surplus photos.


If you made a mistake and wish to “undelete” a photo – click HERE to find out how

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