You know what they are…those ominous flicks…. We have all been held hostage by the blurry photo that you just can’t seem to purge.   It may be the only photo you have of someone special or what would have been the perfect photo to tell a portion of a story had it been in focus.  The pros would tell you to get rid of that photo, but as someone who is prone to receiving “bad” photos I am telling you to HOLD ON! WAIT A MINUTE!

Have you really played with the filters?   With just one click of a mouse to apply a filter, you can give your seemingly garbage photo into a gem.   The finished result will make it look like you created a work of art and no one would be wiser (unless you tell on yourself) that you started with  a terrible photo.

Below you will see the photo which I had but I could not bring myself to hit the delete button on as well as what the photo looks like with several filters applied (hover over photo to see which filter was used and double click photo to enlarge).   In the end, I used the oil painting filter in by printed Storybook.

Original photo with no editing

I only ask you one favor… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go overboard keeping blurry photos because…shhhhhhhh…come closer…*whispering* the pros are right!  Just don’t tell them that I said it. 😉


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4 Responses to Blog: Attack of the Blurry Photo. Oh No!

  1. Tina Bruderer says:

    i needed this one lol

  2. Jeannine says:

    Ditto- the MASTER!!! You make sense out of just about any challenge thrown your way! Had you not shared this story, I never would have known that this shot could have been a “throw away”! It is one of the best pages in your book!
    THANK YOU, Supa Star!

  3. Kim says:

    Tameka you are the master! I love how you posted the pictures!!! I agree with you…… I wouldn’t have been able to delete this picture either. My two favorite filters – the posterize and oil painting. I think you choose the best filter for the picture. This is a great reminder on how to save photos! – Kim

  4. Dear Meka, Peace & joy. As a Master of the messed up photo, you have given me new hope…off to try some fun filters on some photos I took this week that are priceless but poorly done. *U* Kathleen

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