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My kids have practically grown up with a camera in their face! And for ‘most’ of the time they have been accommodating to my needs – the need to document EVERY SINGLE little thing that happens in their lives! Well, that is not entirely true – I sometimes just let life happen! But my camera is never far away.

I used to dress my kids in the same colored cardstock that Creative Memories had in the range so that all my pics and pages would co-ordinate! People would laugh about this and probably thought how ‘fanatical is that lady?’ (Bet you are reading this and going, “well, maybe I did that once too!!!”) I even had a shirt for Riley that had the EXACT same colors and stripes of a sheet of patterned paper – I was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited – I dressed him up, took him out – and took photos! Then I did the page, and of course the comments about it went straight to the matching paper and shirt. I smiled…. Triumphant!

Well, that was when my kids were little! Now, it is a little more difficult to get them to even brush their hair for a photo, and they just choose any clothes to wear and of course they don’t match as much as I want them too!  It’s taken me a while, but I am OK with that. You see now, I am more than happy to just get them in a photo and smiling or at least looking in my general direction! LOL

I will still continue to take pics of my boys – this is still my greatest passion, but I have learnt that the terms have changed and I have accepted that sometimes I will just have to click and be happy with the shot! Have a look at the two photos below and you will see what I now deal with!

No more matching shirts or cheeky fresh smiles….. but I can tell you, these two boys are still the ones enjoying my albums, books and pages THE MOST!

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5 Responses to I think my kids are "OVER IT"…

  1. Mary says:

    I can so relate…my oldest as a senior hated me taking pictures…it’s funny now because almost everyday she sends me pictures of her new baby..she “gets it” now! The others are still like yours and especially like hiding behind menus at celebration dinners (they get that genetically from their dad who does the same thing)! It’s very funny now! Thanks for reminding us about funny times that make us smile!

  2. Pixel Pixie Tameka says:

    Hahahahaahahahah Making them match the Cardstock……. bwahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  3. Kim says:

    Kerrianne and Janice I have experienced the same thing. The kids (especially my boys) don’t always want their picture taken anymore. I have told them that I am taking the picture anyway and that is how they will be remembered. I have also said, “if you just let me take the picture, I’ll be done”….. the pain will be over sooner if you cooperate. End the end, I just take the picture.

  4. Jeannine says:

    This is a classic blog AND page! I can relate to everything you wrote….except that matching shirt and card stock part (for real??!!).
    My kids know that when we get to a school or Township event that chances are I will be pulled away to take some shots (or I ditch them to a few friends and take it on myself to do it). Heck, my kids even have dents in the sides of their head from my camera lens hitting them in the same spot, repeatedly, when I turn with my camera slung on my shoulder. For our kids, it just comes with the job. Photo-taking is a part of our lives.

    In fact, children now grow up with even more photos in their lives than ever. But I’ll be darned if my kids will look at their childhood memories on a computer screen. A book, in their laps, is THE BEST GIFT I can give them. And I am on a mission.

    I am seeing the signs of my oldest getting annoyed with the ever present camera….so this is what I have to look forward to, Kerrianne? Hey, it makes for a great page, so I’m cool with that!

    Great blog- love it!


  5. Janice says:

    I have hands, backs of heads, hoodies, and now my kids have worked out if they move around so much, the photos are blurry. I’m just telling them – well, whatever face or “non-face” you decide to pull, they’re going in the albums anyway – for everyone to see! Gotta love that you wrote this blog, when I was scrapping a page exactly about this!!! “SNAP!!!”

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