A few weeks ago, I shared with you a bit about the beginnings of pixels2pages.net and how I met the Australian women who are now fondly known as ‘pixies’.  Today, I’ll share a little about the North American pixies.

You may remember that it was through facebook that I first ‘met’ my Down Under friends, and so it is with most of the rest of the gang.  However, I already knew a couple of these wild women – Anne Lineberger and I are sidelines – we first met over fourteen years ago, just after Anne became a CMC.  We’ve been great friends since that very first meeting – we’ve gone on road trips together, we room together at Showcase and regionals, we go to the beach together, and we ALWAYS have fun!  Anne is a prolific Storybook maker who pays great attention to detail and who ‘draws’ a lot of her own content.  I’ve known of Mary Browder for many years, since I’ve admired her creative mind and her borders and book ideas for over a decade.  Before Showcase 2008, I determined that I wanted to meet Mary in person, so I contacted her and set up a time to meet at Showcase.  Can we say instant bonding?  We laughed together the whole weekend!  I ended up rooming with Mary and friends at the next regional convention in Austin, TX, where I learned she’s even more talented than I thought she was!  It was here that Mary and I collaborated on our very first blueprint pages – and we were off!

I met the rest of the gang online – I think Tameka Bond was maybe the first one, as I saw some of her pages on Storybook Club, a yahoo group started by my upline, Melanie Hempe, and then I started seeing her on facebook.  Some of my early favorite pages of hers were ‘Whiney Mandela’ and some swimming and baseball pages.  Shortly after we started CMGD, I began noticing that Marilyn Innes was able to give really clear instructions and she answered lots of technical questions that people had.  We started having some late night facebook chats, and I learned that she is Canadian and stays up late like I do!  Oh, and did I mention I loved Marilyn’s pages, too?  She was always pushing the envelope and trying new things, which I love to see!

Around this time, I took notice of some really clean, crisp pages with lots of white space on them, which is a style that appeals to me. They were done by Carolyn Bodkin, and I also loved her sense of humor.  I remember one page she had done of her son in the ocean, and he was the only one in the water.  Turned out she had cloned everyone else out of the photo!  You gotta love that!  Someone else’s pages caught my eye, but for a completely different reason.  I was so intrigued by Kim Mannino’s pages because she made the coolest things out of shapes.  I think the first page of hers that I remember was these fantastic folded corners, and then I saw her digital Border Buddies. Wow! I had the pleasure of working with Kim to do a webinar on shape makers last spring – so fun!

The last pixie to show up on my radar screen was Jeannine Campbell, who somehow found my Aussie friends and started following me around Australia last summer (on facebook, anyway!).  Since she was stalking me, I started checking out her ‘Scrap Cat Shack”‘ and decided she was crazy enough to fit in with the rest of us!  So that’s all for today – now you know how I found these talented women – more next time about how we got from being facebook friends to where we are today!

Stay tuned!


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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time, part two

  1. Pixel Pixie Tameka says:

    Jeannine a Stalker????? go figure…

    Carolyn…. Be nice or I will clone you out of my picture….BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH.

    Great blog Jan

  2. LizPropst says:

    Just spent a day or two with Anne Lineberger at our beach homes on coast of South Carolina, USA….what an inspiration she is….now I’ve spent 2 days at the beach mind you cleaning up my Story Book files on my computer and am rewatching the 2 content manager webinairs. I sure appreciate all you pixies but especially Anne…..I met her 14 years ago at one of her first CM gatherings. I just can’t wait to try the latest challenges on the Pixels2Pages but I gong to feel even better with things all put into place in my software. Thanks to all for the inspiration and I’m blessed to have a detail oriented friend like Pixie Anne!! Thanks from Peep Liz

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