Photos are my passion and there is so much history in a photo. I love to look at my photos of those who have gone before me, my parents, grandparents and beyond. I love looking at their facial features and picking up resemblances of who we take after and even better if we have met them personally and know their characteristics and personalities.

I have been researching into my family’s history for over 25 years, and collected many old photos. The families have lived in this area for generations, which has allowed me to gather these photos from older relatives, scan them and have them returned to their rightful owners without them worrying that the precious photos might get damaged or lost.

Tracing your family history, not only has you digging up some skeleton’s in the closet, that you might want to leave well alone, you can also find out what our ancestors died from. This in turn, can help us determine what is in our genes and help us to look after our health much better.

I know for a fact that not many of the male ancestors on my father’s side of the family lived beyond 75 years of age. Although I have an uncle who is defying all these odds and is now 84, thanks to his wonderful doctors and cardiologist and my uncles persistence in seeking help early. I think he also likes it when I tell him, he’s the oldest relative on that side of the family ever! He’s my hero!

On my mother’s side of the family, the women ancestors have died from arteriosclerosis, a blocking of the arteries causing heart attack. My own mother passed away from the same condition at 59 years of age. As I am now nearing that age, I am becoming more and more conscious of these outcomes and it is from tracing my family history and knowing that this is hereditary, that makes me more aware.

However, I could also be following down my father’s maternal side of the family and live well into my 90s. Now wouldn’t that be something? My grandmother was full of wit and humour, right up to her passing. That being said, nanna was wheel chair bound. Yes, that side of the family have osteoporosis. My father and his sisters, have had, knee, hip and shoulder replacements. Then recently I found out my brother is suffering similar hip symptoms that I am. So where are we headed?

Getting on top of it before things get too far along is the plan. So here’s hoping by following my doctor’s advise, regular chiropractic treatment, along with some physiotherapy and exercise, I can live past the 96 years of my grandmother.

I still have way too many photos that need a home and keeping up with the digital photos is going to keep me going for many years to come. I’m so glad I use Memory Manager to sort my photos, as putting pages together quickly and easy in Storybook Creator would not be as easy to do.

I love making digital photo books and using journaling to tell the story. Watch out for Janice Gilhooley’s Terrific Text webinar coming up later this week to learn some terrific ideas on using text on your pages.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks Kathleen. I know who the ancestors are, just don’t have a photo of them. Didn’t think I should use anyone’s photo and alter the course of history. Might need to do some more digging 🙂

  2. Love you family tree page…simple yet effective, I have a pair of mystery ancestors too. *U* Kathleen

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