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It’s not easy being a long distance grandmother, however I know I’m not alone. I was reading an article in a magazine at the doctor’s surgery the other day and even Nicole Kidman’s parents miss seeing their grandchildren’s milestones, while Nicole lives in the US and her sister, who has 4 children, is about to move overseas. So I’m joining the rich and famous and don’t feel so left out.

What is it about digital photos that is so hard to just send in an email or upload them to my 4shared site? They can be zipped, uploaded and downloaded in one swoop!

I want my photos to be sent at the original size that they were taken. None of those reduced size images for me. I want the best image for my pages and although the new high resolution on facebook is a lot better than it used to be, it’s still not the same. As a last resort, I have downloaded and used facebook photos in a Storybook. They would not have looked any good as normal 6x4s printed out for traditional scrapbooking, but in digital they were fine. Storybook does a fantastic job of reproducing our memories for future generations.

Not every photo that is uploaded to facebook can be downloaded as Hi-Res, unless the person uploading them posted as Hi-Res to start with. But, the kids nowadays seem to think facebook is where there photos will be safe and everyone can see them from there. It’s just not the same as sharing that printed photo that has been lovingly placed in an album along with all the other milestones that the children can revisit when they grow up.

At least with facebook, I can see the photos and pick out the ones I want, it’s just getting them sent to me in the first place, so I can print them. I tend to do more page prints than Storybooks with the grandies photos, otherwise I’d be waiting forever just to get one book finished!!

So it is with much angst that I am forever harping at my daughter who lives overseas with two of my grandson’s and a son on the east coast of Australia where he has three boys, to send photos of our grandchildren who are growing up so fast and without us in their lives.

On second thoughts…. when was the last time I sent a photo of us to them? Best I go find that camera!

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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Janet says:

    I will never complain about being a little over an hour away from my grandbabies. Living in the Virgin Islands after retirement sounds so wonderful but then I face reality and just can’t leave the babies. I keep saying I want to live here or there but the bottom line is I ain’t going no where too far. I enjoy all your blogs and everything you guys do.

    Janet Richardson

  2. Mary says:

    I feel the distance too Jenny. Great note today.

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