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When Jan uploaded her blog for Christmas Eve, she had asked us (the pixies), to tell her a little about our Christmas traditions, what we would normally eat and what would the weather be. Well this year was another scorcher on the west coast of Western Australia. Reaching 42c (107f) on Boxing Day. Fortunately for us, we had travelled to the east coast of Australia and spent Christmas visiting our son, daughter-in-law and our three grandson’s in the Blue Mountains and the weather, dare I say it, was just like Christmas. Well, the Christmas’ that most European’s and the US of A would expect. Probably not exactly the same, but to me it was close.

We rented a beautiful country house called Owl’s Cottage and at night it was so cold we had to have the heater on nearly every night.

bluemountainsChristmas project 2010 - Page 005mist

On Christmas Eve it drizzled rain most of the day and with the warm air trying to rise and the cool air coming down, the mountains were covered in mist. You couldn’t see more than 3 metres in front of you. The nearby town of Leura was all decked out in tinsel and there were people playing Christmas carols in the streets. It was magical. My husband bought me a Father Christmas from the Christmas shop as a lovely reminder.

Christmas project 2010 - Page 001Christmas project 2010 - Page 002Christmas project 2010 - Page 003

A week later, on New Year’s Eve, it was time to head back home, to the west coast and the hot temperatures 35c+ and the high humidity, reaching over 70%. It would take us a 2.5 hour train ride down the mountains to the airport, 4.5 hour flight to Perth, then a 4.5 hour drive home. (Which we did the next day!)

At least at my work, we get relief from the heat, although last year the air conditioner broke and we were stifled on those 42c days. This year we now have a new one, however it’s not keeping up with the humidity very well.

Even though we live right on the coast, and our house is only 5 minutes drive to the beach, it is normally so windy, (Geraldton is famous world-wide for being one of the windiest cities in the world that wind surfers come from all over to catch a wave or 3), we very rarely go to the beach, however today was a magical day for the beach, no wind and quite hot, 33c and 65% humidity, so we took ourselves down to Sunset Beach and walked along the cool waters edge with our dog Kanga.

Once we got back into the 4-wheel drive land cruiser, the heat hit us again. Unfortunately this old ‘tank’ is not air conditioned, so it was down with the windows. It was near on impossible to have a shower and get dry from the perspiration due to the high humidity. We then went over to our friends house and had morning tea on their balcony, looking over the ocean and enjoying the cool breeze.

I love magical days and would like to share some of my pages I’ve done using many of the ideas on the pixels2pages website. Some are done with the Design a Page…7 photos challenge and for the Virtual share the Digi-Love-a-Thon and the Day2Day Weekly Pages.

365 Days - Page 003365 Days - Page 004365 Days - Page 005

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4 Responses to Feel the temperature rising

  1. Pixel Pixie Tameka says:

    As always, no one can do a Page with a View like you. Love all of the layouts here.

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks KMacDigi and LizPropst for your comments. Liz, I’m intrigued, Father Christmas would be Santa in the US? We tend to switch from on to the other and never really sure who he really should be. Grandies, yes they are the grandchildren so I guess grandies is an aussie slang, however morning tea? What do you call having a cup of coffee/tea with your friends mid morning? We also have afternoon tea. There have been books written on Aussie slang and the US pixies have picked up a tip or too 🙂

  3. LizPropst says:

    Jenny…thanks so much for sharing. You have inspired me that you have already completed so many delightful pages about your Christmas holiday…I loved learning about the 3 Sisters, I love the references to Father Christmas, Grandies, and morning tea….words we don’t use here in the US. I love knowing that you live 5 min from the beach…I have a summer home on the Atlantic ocean and when I visit there I am 3 min from the beach by foot and 30 min down the road from Pixie Anne’s summer place. Thanks ever so much for sharing …. your creations are lovely and thanks for all you Pixie’s do!! New Year Blessings. Liz

  4. KMacDigi says:

    Dear Pixie Jenny,
    Thanks so much for posting these pages from your wild and magical Christmas adventures! I have never been to Australia, but you Aussie pixies with your amazing photography and wonderful stories have certainly piqued my interest about your beautiful country. Thank you for broadening my world:) LOVE your pages! I’m inspired once again!

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