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I’m usually a simple scrapbooker. I love my photos and where possible add stories to my pages. I don’t tend to write long stories, but hopefully what I do write, is an insight into our life and what the photos are about. To start my pages, I nearly always start off with a pre-designed page and build on them. Working with only a few photos at a time. I then tweak the pages to suit the photos I am using. It’s a bit like building a house, I need a plan to follow and then I’m off and running.

And that’s also why I love the challenges that my wonderful pixels2pages team set for us. I always try and have a go, it brings me out of my comfort zone and makes me look… oh sooo creative! I love it when people tell me at my digital classes, that I must be so creative to do pages like that.  I give a little laugh and direct them to the website and show them how they too can build a page.

How many challenges have you done? I know sometimes we don’t get the time to do them right away, however they are all there on the website to keep going back to. Pick a challenge, any challenge, by going to Inspire Me > Challenges and try one. You’ll be so glad you did. Pick one that you think you couldn’t possibly do. Challenge yourself. Just by following the instructions, you will be amazed at what you can create. Click on “older posts” to see more, as there are 40 Challenges posted on our website to date at, with a new one going up every Monday.

When you’ve done a challenge, post the page on our facebook fan page and tag me in, so I can cheer you on. I’d love to see what you create. Try something new.

Below are some challenge pages that I have done.


Jenny MacKay, Geraldton, Western Australia

Challenge #2 Double Page - Page 009Challenge #2 Double Page - Page 010Challenge #3 Magazine cover - Page 036Challenge #6 Just Cut it OutChallenge #8 Serendipty SquaresChallenge #9 It's the little things that countChallenge #10 Rubber StampingChallenge #12 Peek-a-booChallenge #13 Overlay MagicChallenge #14 Metallic - AAAHHHH!Challenge #19 Digital Everyday DisplayChallenge #21 Fill it with textChallenge #22 Splash of ColourChallenge #23 Title OverlapChallenge #35 7 PhotosChallenge #38 P2P2Do #2Challenge #40 P2P2DO #3Challenge #39 Double Header

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