15 March 2011

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You’ve learned about the beginnings of www.pixels2pages.net, and you’ve met our Rockin’ IT team and our quiet, studious Curriculum Committee, so today I’d like to talk to you about our incredibly amazing Creative Team.  Just to be clear, almost all of us play multiple roles on our team, and we try really hard not to pigeon-hole someone into just one place, and all of us have at least a little creativity in us!  Today’s post is about the four pixels2Pages team members that you haven’t “met” yet – Tameka Bond, Justine Forrest, Kerrianne Hobbs, and Kim Mannino.  We all know that Janice and Mary and Anne and Marilyn and Shelley – well, you get the picture! – are part of the creative force here at p2P, too, but you’ve already been introduced to them!

I first became aware of Tameka and her beautiful pages when I saw some of them on a yahoo group.  The pages I remember most were one of her children swimming, one of her son on a baseball field, and my all-time personal favorite, “Whiney Mandela”!  I started watching for Tameka’s pages on CMGD – one of the first I remember seeing there celebrated President Obama’s inauguration.  I contacted Tameka to ask for permission to use some of her pages in a webinar I was doing, and we’ve been tight ever since.  Tameka, as you may know, is famous for her video tidbits and her “Happy Cropping, ta-ta” tagline, but you may not know she is the voice of our Focus on the Fans and our All Stars.  At p2P, the things I appreciate most about Tameka are her sense of humor, her love of family and friends, her unbelievably organized approach to all facets of her life, and her willingness to go boldly into the world.  Tameka doesn’t wait for someone to tell her what to do – she just sees a need and fills it, with little or no fanfare.  It was one of the great pleasures of my life to actually meet Tameka in person at Showcase 2010 in Minneapolis.  If you weren’t there to witness our first rather loud meeting in the lobby of the Hilton, well, you missed a spectacle!  I don’t know when Tameka finds time to do all she does – she’s a wife and mom to three children, she works full-time as a paralegal, she does the most fun looking huge Crops, she is active in her sorority, she cooks, and she finds more cool things to do with SBC than I would ever have imagined you could do!  What I know for a fact is that whatever Tameka decides she wants, it will be hers!  Meka is a woman with a mission, and NOTHING is impossible!

Shortly after I started noticing Tameka’s pages, I began seeing the name ‘Kerrianne Hobbs’ on lots of gorgeous pages posted on CMGD.  The fact that they were pictures of things in Australia really piqued my interest!  Some of the things that attracted me to Kerrianne’s pages were the cool fonts she used, her remarkable sense of design, and the weight given to the pictures on her page – I loved the overall look of her pages, but I SAW the pictures!  That’s not always what happens with SBC – sometimes it’s all too easy to allow our designs to overwhelm our photos.  Kerrianne’s pages always provided me with a glimpse into her family’s day to day life, too – not just special events, but everyday happenings – the things that make up life. When I met her husband and two sons, I felt like I already knew them!  In addition to being a whiz at digital designing, Kerrianne has quite a reputation for her traditional and hybrid scrapbooking techniques and teachings.  Full of ideas and eager to share them with others, it was Kerrianne’s generous spirit that really won me over. Combine that with her background as a teacher, and you’ve got a winning combination!  And then, when I met her in person, I was completely hooked!  Kerrianne has a bit of a mischievous side, mingled with a flair for the dramatic – in fact, very much like her pages!  I don’t think I’ve spent more than fifteen minutes (if that) with KA without laughing hysterically, and that’s one of my favorite things in the whole world!  On our pixels2pages team, Kerrianne is the Queen of Challenges and the Mistress of facebook, among other things.  She’s one of the top providers of hilarity on our weekly calls, and I’m grateful that she’s on board!

On the second day I was in Sydney, I met Justine Forrest, aka Juzzi.  She stopped in at Shelley’s house and we all rode downtown together and checked into our apartment (hotel) for Showcase.  Our units weren’t ready, so the three of us popped into a little Korean restaurant for lunch – what fun!  I didn’t know Juzzi from facebook, so it was fun to get some time to know her in a relaxed and unhurried setting.  We spent the weekend together and during that time shared many laughs and took tons of photos.  It wasn’t until I got back to America and Justine sent me some photos, shot in RAW, that I realized what an excellent photographer she is!  And that’s no accident – she’s a professional!  You almost surely have seen some examples of her work if you follow our Day2Day event.  For as long as I’ve known her, Juzzi has been taking and posting a photo a day.  I’m guessing that she could probably post MULTIPLE fantastic photos a day!  I learn a lot from just looking at Juzzi’s photos, and I get inspired by her subjects, her use of light, and her photographer’s eye.  When she shares a tip or two on our website, it’s a bonus for me and I try to soak up any knowledge that she imparts!  Back in our days of sharing Blueprints, it was Justine’s job to prepare and post them.  I always love Juzzi’s blueprints – she favors a clean, classic magazine look, and I love the simplicity of her pages and the way her photos get top billing.  And her subjects – in addition to ordinary objects that take on extraordinary properties in front of Justine’s lenses, her three beautiful girls are often captured in mid-giggle.  We are so lucky to have such a talented woman on our team!

Last but certainly not least is the only team member I have yet to meet in person, but I’ll be seeing Kim in the flesh in a few weeks!  Our first introduction came when we were both members of the CM Digital Design Team a couple of years ago, and then we collaborated on a webinar about Shapes a few months later.  Kim is a gifted designer, full of ideas about different ways to do things.  When I was interviewing her for the Shapes webinar, I was amazed to see how she could take one embellishment, like a square gold brad, and turn it into a Japanese lantern.  Or she could take a picture of a garden trellis, and then make one, using nothing but shapes and cutters!  I’m telling you, she just sees things that I don’t!  Her imagination is limitless – I am constantly in awe of how clever she is.  It’s been fun for me to watch Kim go from someone who didn’t really want to record a webinar to someone who routinely tosses another new video our way and says, “hey, what about this?!” and just knocks our socks off!  Speaking of socks…have you watched Kim’s Baby Cakes video?  Or our latest Start2Finish video?  If not, you don’t know what you are missing!  Kim lives all the way on the west coast with her husband, daughter, and twin boys.  I can’t wait to meet her in Texas next month!

There you have it – now you’ve been introduced to everyone on our pixels2pages team!  Like I’ve told you before, it’s a wonderful group of women who have devoted much of their time and talent over the past fifteen months simply because they love StoryBook Creator and they want you to love it, too.  We are excited about what the future holds for us and we’re grateful for your support.  Keep taking pictures, making pages, printing books, and stopping in to see us here and on our facebook page!  And most of all, have fun with it!


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