15th March, 2008 to be precise, my husband and I were preparing to go on holiday to the South West of Western Australia and Creative Memories Australiasia were releasing their first digital scrapbooking programme, Storybook Creator, the trial version, to consultants on Monday,  17th March. However, I would be away for two weeks and was feeling really disappointed that I wasn’t able to download the programme before we left. Who do I know near to where we were going? Who would be so kind as to let me use their internet so I could get a hold of Storybook? You see, I’m a computer fanatic and probably some would even call me a “nerd” but I just take to it like a “duck to water”. I just had to get my hands on the first digital programme from Creative Memories!

Then at about 8pm, the night before we left, my upline phoned me and said “Jenny, Creative Memories have released Storybook online tonight, you can download it now!” Well, I stopped packing and went online to start downloading. Hooray! I could play with Storybook at night as there would be no TV in our onsite cabin we had rented.

To cut a long story short and many months and several storybooks later, all created with the trial version, I joined some of the online yahoo groups, trying to find out as much information as I could about Storybook Creator Plus from the United States consultants, who had been using the newer version for some time. I happened across some webinars, which at that time were only voices, no screen shots, and the voice I heard was that of Jan McCallum. Even though we didn’t have SB Plus in Australia, I listened to these calls and kept a file of notes. When SB Plus was finally released here, I was already familiar with how it would look and feel and I could refer back to those webinars.

Around about this same time, I joined facebook. My daughter was moving overseas, taking our grandson with her and she suggested I join if I wanted to see any photos, as she would post them on facebook. That was a BIG mistake, I was hooked. The first group I came across was Creative Memories US and no other than Jan McCallum.  There were links posted on the group to live events and I registered for all the webinars and watched them, some were late at night, but I sat up, watching and listening, absorbing everything. I even made a page or two and posted them to the group.

I had seen a great page on facebook by Shelley Alexander and had a go at copying her idea. Little did I know at the time that Marilyn Innes, who is also a pixels2pages team member, had created this first page. One day, one of these ‘live’ webinars was during one of my workshops. The ladies and I sat around my computer while we watched and listened to Jan teach us about the cutting tools. We were going wow, I didn’t know you could do that, wow, that’s a great idea!!  Suddenly one of the ladies shouted, “Jenny, look, that’s your page!” Everyone started yahooing, it was such a great feeling. Wow, me, Jenny, who lives in the boonies (Jan’s word for Geraldton in the Midwest of Western Australia), that was my page and it made it to the World Wide Web!!! I had a grin from ear to ear and my heart was thumping…hard!

Here is ‘that’ page.

12Sample Pages - Page 008

Then as they say, the rest is history. In August 2009, Jan was visiting our Australiasian Showcase where we got to meet for the first time and she and her husband Rex came all the way over to Western Australia, right out here in the middle of nowhere to visit our magnificent wildflowers and meet my team. We had a great time in just two days, showing them as we much of our city and surrounding countryside, as we could in such a short time.

Then on December 22, 2009 (our wedding anniversary, that’s how I remember the date), Jan messaged me and some others whose names I recognized and asked if we’d be interested in forming a group of like minded people to help share and teach Storybook Creator online. By that time we had Storybook Creator 3, which happened to launch at Showcase while Jan was there.  I could see that consultants and customers alike were struggling with this new digital technology and I knew that I could help them, but it was a big job to do on my own. The ideas I had been using happened to already come from the team that now makes up pixels2pages. And now, 12 months later, we have done what we set out to achieve. Teaching and sharing our love of digital scrapbooking to consultants and customers all over the world. Jan is a great leader and has led us to where we are today.

I say thank you Jan, you have no idea how you have made this ‘gal’ from the west, so proud to be a member of the best digital training site on the web and here we are, 12 months later with so much more to give.

What is my favourite technique – just the ability to resize my photos to get the best placement and not worrying about wasting a piece of paper if I cut it and find the colour just does not do the page justice and I can take my computer anywhere with me and digi scrap to my hearts content without making a mess.

8Midwest WA - Page 005

Jan & Rex amongst the wildflowers

8Midwest WA - Page 014

Jan & Rex with the Creative Memories consultants from Geraldton, Western Australia.

Happy Anniversary Pixels2pages ~ Jenny MacKay

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4 Responses to Blog: Once upon a time

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks everyone and thank you Pam. You know you have inspired me to do what I love to do and your encouragement does not go unnoticed.

  2. Pam says:

    Love your blog Jenny. You brought a tear to my eye! I think there are a few messages there as well. It has been an amazing journey for you all. Congratulations again and Happy Anniversary. Really refreshing to read the tributes to your leader. There always has to be a “Driver” for a project to succeed.

  3. Debra says:

    These are amazing stories of how you all decided to create P2P. Again, thank you and happy anniversary!

  4. Pixel Pixie Tameka says:

    Great blog!

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