Winter in the Midwest of Western Australia is just the best time of the year. Even though sometimes the raindrops are so far apart you could run in and out of them and still not get wet. HOWEVER… this year, it’s coming down and consistently. Even now, while I’m writing this blog, the rain is coming down outside.

The grass is so green, the leaves on my plants look so bright and clean, the ground soft and damp. Normally they have a red tinge from all the dust and have a wilted look about them and the ground, dry and hard. Everything looks so lush, the paddocks are the greenest they’ve been in a very long time.

Where I live, it never snows and never will. It never gets freezing cold, although we can be heard say “it’s freezing.” Cool yes, certainly enough to pull on the ugg boots, tracky pants and a jacket. In the early mornings and late evenings it can be 5c (41F) but mostly in winter it’s a mild 18c (64.4F) throughout the day. I love the climate here. It is never too bad for too long. When it rains, it’s usually only for a couple of days at a time and mostly at night, after a few days break, it will rain again. When it’s hot, ie over 40c (104F), it’s usually only for a few days at a time before it drops down to the 30’s. Now I’ll say the heat usually only lasts a couple of days, however this past summer, we had a shocker with the temperature being over 30c (80F) for more than 60 consecutive days and many of those were over 35c (95F) breaking all records.

The weather means a lot to the cockies, AKA farmers. You see, I’m a cockies daughter and my brothers also have farms as do my cousins and their families. It is a huge farming community around here. Everyone does their little bit of complaining about the farmers, but one needs to remember that even frozen veges, bottled milk and the Big Mac has to come from some sort of farm before they get to the mouth!

My husband has become a bit of a handy man in the kitchen of late and he likes nothing better than to cook us a big pot of soup. Below is a page of him preparing our soup for today’s lunch.

I am thankful that I live in such a wonderful part of our country with the best climate that is neither too extreme, one way or the other.

———————————Jenny MacKay——————————-

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  2. Jeannine says:

    Dear Jenny- this is the climate I have been looking for. I can always travel for the snow that I will certainly crave. When will my room be ready????
    P.S. I LOVE homemade soup!

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