Two years ago, I was in Australia, meeting my new Facebook  friends in person.  On the very first day I was there, as Shelley and I sat eating lunch on a terrace overlooking Bondi Beach, I asked her if she thought we could form an international company that would sell subscriptions for online training for StoryBook Creator.  When she didn’t think I was crazy, and when she said she had been thinking the same thing, I got really excited!

We have learned a lot in the past twenty months, since our very first weekly conference call back in December, 2009.  We’ve learned a lot about each other and a lot about things we knew nothing of – making business plans, setting and meeting project deadlines, editing videos, building websites, determining and planning curriculum, marketing, and negotiating, to name a few.  For example, we thought making recorded videos would be so much easier and more efficient than trying to do live webinars.  We were right about the efficient part, but boy, oh boy, were we ever wrong about the easier part!  Did you know that the industry standard for producing a video recording is that it takes about one hour to produce one minute of video? That means the webinars you spend thirty minutes watching took us at least 30 hours to record!  I’m assuming that formula is for professionals who know what they are doing, and we were rank amateurs who have been teaching ourselves as we go.  Add to that the fact that most of us are perfectionists, and I’m guessing that figure is a conservative estimate of the time we’ve been spending!  You might be surprised to learn that one of our earliest videos was completely recorded NINETEEN times before it passed our tough QA standards and made it to the website!

Some of us (me!) thought that setting up a website was as simple as starting a blog, and that we wouldn’t need any professional help to do it.  WRONG!  I don’t even want to think about the number of hours of planning that Carolyn and Marilyn did to work out the logistics of the site, and then Marilyn, Jeannine, and our website designer worked almost non-stop for weeks to build the site and make it fun and functional.  Our IT team is always on call – thank goodness we have Jenny, Shelley, and Juzzi in Australia to help Jeannine, Kim, and Anne keep things working around the clock!

We began to realize that if we were serious about turning our venture into a profitable business, the day would come that we would need to resign as Creative Memories Consultants.  One reason that we have continued to operate as a free service to you is that it took some time to get used to that idea and to decide if that truly was the direction that we wanted to go.  The twelve of us have 126 years of experience as CMC’s between us – Creative Memories has been a part of our lives and a significant portion of our identity for a long time – and it’s not an easy thing to leave behind.  Each of us has taken that step on our own terms, and I want you to know that this has been a huge leap of faith for us – we’re jumping off the cliff and there’s no safety net below!  We are happy that we can remain a branch of the Creative Memories family tree and we will do our best to live up to the high standards and ideals of the company.

What I have learned is that sometimes you have to give up what you have in order to have what you want.  And so it is for me and my pixels2Pages teammates.  We have worked diligently with the Creative Memories North America Home Office to work out an arrangement that will be a win-win for everyone.  We are so excited about our partnership with Creative Memories and we commend the leadership at the Home Office for venturing into this new arena with us.

We were honored and thrilled to be included at Showcase in Minneapolis this week, and we are grateful to those who took time to stop by our pixels2Pages booth and find out what’s happening.  In case you missed it, the big announcement is that we will be partnering with Creative Memories North America to provide high quality online training for StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager in the form of a fully commissionable subscription that will be sold by Creative Memories Consultants from their personal websites or from creativememories.com.

Over the next four or five weeks, we will be working on our website, updating it and working with Creative Memories to ensure a smooth process for our subscribers.  For this reason, we closed the website at midnight (CDT) Monday night, 22 August.  Never fear, though!  Our Facebook page will remain open and active, as we do our best to continue to keep you motivated and inspired during this transition period.  We’ve got some special things planned for you, and we encourage you to stop in daily, as we will be sharing details of what’s to come.

We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, and we’ve got a lot of work to do!  We look forward to providing you with the best possible training, information, and inspiration so that you can learn and appreciate these awesome digital programs.  As always, we want you to HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Jan, and your pixels2Pages team

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11 Responses to It Seemed Like Such a Simple Plan

  1. Carol says:

    To all the Pixies,

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I am so glad that you have been able to work out a partnership with CM. It is a win-win situation for everyone, but mostly I hope for all the Pixies. The countless hours that you all have put into this is amazing. I can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to seeing the future.

  2. bjnns says:

    Jan, I have been waiting for this day for you ever since the first day P2P came to be. Change is a good thing and I applaud all of your collective efforts. It’s exciting to see what will happen now.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Seems interesting times are coming your way! I hope CM is not going to stifle you all in any way. I do love your site and all you have been doing to get this under way. Thanks for all you have done so far and hopefully CM will let you keep on doing what you are doing without putting too many restriction on you!

  4. KMacDigi says:

    Thank you for your integrity and for your persistence. I have no doubt that this “beginning” is a win-win for us all! So grateful for all that I have learned from you all, and happy that my team and customers will be able to access this innovative and creative training! Thank you a million times over – love and hugs to you all!

  5. sandyn6151 says:

    What a great adventure this has been!!! I am so happy to hear that all the hard work the pixies have been doing have paid off for all of you. You have truly made a difference in the pages and projects I have been creating and I look forward to what the future has in store for all of us. Just a question though: You mentioned the trainings will be for SBC and MM? Is scbStudio included in this as well?

    • Jan says:

      Thank you for your continued and vocal support, Sandy! As much as we would love to provide sbcStudio training right now, there’s no way that the two of us who are Mac users (but not sbcStudio users) can provide the same quality training that it takes all twelve of us to do for SBC 3.0, soon to be 4.0.

  6. caschilling says:

    Now how do those of us who are not on Facebook keep up with you until the website is back up? I have been resisting the whole Facebook thing, but I think you ladies are going to force me into it just so I don’t lose you and all your wisdom. Thanks!!

  7. Carolyn says:

    The future is bright!

  8. sailorgirl says:

    DELIGHTED to hear that P2P will move forward with CM AND be a commissionable ‘product’ for CMCs. Awesome! Once again – thank you to EACH Pixie for ALL you have done and will do for all of us. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

  9. sherjenks says:

    wow…Wow… and WOW!!! I did have some inkling of what must have been REALLY going on behind the globe. But I didn’t know it was as big as all that. I’ve been sending emails and comments to cM begging them to let you stay and to make sure you get compensated for it since the FIRST threat of dissolving P2P was on the horizon but – WOW!!! How did you all keep your cheery and professional nature through all of those ups and downs? I am hopeful that the cmcs down under in P2P will get a similar deal. I’m exctied for all of you as your new adventure begins and I am am SO excited to see what will be forthcoming on P2P with your new partnership. Thanks for all you have provided thus far – you have taken my digital scrapbooking to an entirely new place and I’ve loved every minute of it!

  10. suethoenes says:

    Jan, You Pixies Rock!! I want to be the first to buy a paid subscription to p2P. How can I live without my pixies?? Can’t wait to sign up!!!! Thanks, my pixies, for all that you do for all of us Digital Divas!!! LYMI, Scrappin’ Sue…

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