Hey Scrap Cats! I’m Jeannine Campbell from South Harrison Township, NJ. My husband and I moved here 12 years ago and were blessed with 2 incredible children. My childhood memories were made in Wyomissing, PA, and my years between then in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

Since I carry my camera and/or iPhone everywhere, my typical subjects are anything but typical.  It could be cool clouds in a late day sky, a portrait of one of my children in a patch of beautiful light, or a funky building that I just couldn’t pass by without snapping away.

In my past life, I was a photojournalist.  Carrying my camera with me (almost) at all times became an early habit- so much so that I feel lost without it.  Currently I do most of my shooting with a Nikon D7000, a digital SLR.  But my other new passion is iPhoneography!  I have been having so much fun shooting with my iPhone using all of the cool camera apps available.  It is a different sort of shooting- spontaneous, frivolous, something definitely different than when shooting with a “real camera”.  I love having a new outlet for my visual interpretation of the world!  Thinking back about 10 years ago, I remember looking at the Kodak digital point and shoot camera my husband had bought for me like it was evil.  I thought I would never give up film!  Just before my daughter’s first birthday, I grabbed the camera to catch some shots of her for her birthday party invitation.  After bringing them up on the computer and whipping up some cute cards, I was quickly feeling the buzz.  It was just so easy to continue creating with digital!  About a month later, I bought my first digital SLR, and the rest is history (along with dropping film off to the camera store!).

I started “making albums” long before I even knew there was a world of scrapbooking out there.  I had always kept my prints in slide in binder albums but 12 years ago, when going through infertility treatments, I needed an outlet for all the things I hoped for then.  My first “scrap-style” albums were very simple, filled mostly with letters to my unborn child I longed for.  They later were filled with ultrasound pictures when we were blessed with our daughter.  Having those letters recorded and saved for her and for my son who came two years later is probably the most cherished of all of my memory keeping. I hope that someday my children will feel the same way about them.  Stories of hope, worry, doubt, pure bliss and more – these are what inspire me.  My style really didn’t change much once I switched to digital – and I say switch, because once I tried digital, there was no going back.  If anything, my pages became simpler, the focus almost always being on my photos and the stories I told through them.  The best digi-scrap tools to come my way were the first Click ‘n’ Fill templates and later p2P Blueprints.  I use both about 80% of the time.  They help me complete pages quickly and give me that immediate satisfaction of a completed page.  This is key to helping me keep my albums moving along.  LOVE my digi toolbox!

My children have grown up with a camera always slung around my shoulder, so they almost came to ignore me taking their pictures.  It’s just what I do.  I love that I can capture the private moments in their lives with my camera.  Since working with digital cameras, I have been doing my own digital storyboards on the computer, so making an official “switch” to digital scrapbooking was quite easy.  And boy was I hooked from the day I loaded the first version of StoryBook Creator!  Oh, the possibilities!  My family is very supportive about my digi scrapping because they know how passionate I am about my photography and preserving those memories for them.  They do have to remind me, however, to take my nose out of my laptop now and again!

OMGosh – SO many things inspire me.  Just being surrounded by creative people and their work will often spawn more creativity in me.  There is no end to the inspiration, really.  My favorite parts about teaching scrapbooking (as a former Creative Memories Consultant and now p2P Team member) are those light bulb moments when a customer suddenly “gets it”.  I can see it building!  They are getting closer to understanding the power of their pictures – through composition, page layout and more – and then they create a page where it all comes together and they go nuts about it.  Watching their excitement explode on the p2P Facebook page and seeing fans and team members cheering for them (myself included!) IS what this adventure is all about for me.  It is the BEST feeling to know you have given people the tools to build a creative environment for themselves.  I can’t imagine a job I could love more!

From the early testing days of pixels2Pages, I have been on the production side of things, mostly in IT, working behind the scenes.  On the flip side, I also have the cool job of being the social networker and “p2P cheerleader”.  I am an admitted “techie” and love learning how things operate in this cyber world, staying on top of new technologies and helping fellow IT teammates maintain a website which contains our team’s talented teachings which are beloved by many.  I am still surprised that I have been so fortunate to work with this amazingly talented group of women.  I am so very proud of the accomplishments we have all achieved individually and as a team.  They are my closest friends and my family.  I sure am one blessed Digi-Cat!  And I am ALL about sharing the p2P Digi Love!!

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