My name is Kerrianne Hobbs I have lived in Geelong, Victoria, Australia for 17 years, but I call Warrnambool (about 2 hours west) home.

On any given day my camera is never far away. I am always on the lookout for a ‘shot’ of some sort. I like capturing everyday things, the things that surround me whether they have a purpose or not. Daily life, huge important events, and insignificant objects all share a space in my albums. I have been an active Project 365 participant for the last few years, so taking a photo every single day is just daily practice!

When my boys were younger all my photographs revolved around them. I am getting better at sneaking photos of them now when they aren’t looking or to catch them by surprise. It’s a boy/teenager/uncool/bad-hair-day thing I am sure … I’ll wait for it to pass and take more photos of the cat or flowers for now!

I love my iPhone camera, and using all sorts of apps for cool effects. I also have a small Canon Ixus point and shoot in my handbag at all times for any occasion, but mostly, I really love my DSLR. So, it was a hand-me-down, but you don’t see me complaining! My Canon 350D is not the latest or the greatest, but it is mine and I know how to use it and enjoy the results I get.
About 9 years ago we switched from film to digital with a small point and shoot camera. The hardest thing was to get my head around how to take my photos from my computer to the photographic outlet to have them printed. Now, my mum can do it!

As a traditional album maker I had more than a paper fetish! It was an obsession. I had to have every paper released! I loved mixing papers from as many different palettes as possible. I would say my style has always been clean, but eclectic. Purposeful.

I didn’t want to do digital scrapbooking because I loved the cut and paste. WOW. Was I wrong! My style is still fairly eclectic, but I am now able to develop many styles to suit all sorts of situations. I love the grungy, messy, layered looks. I love the clean, sharp block design pages. I love that I can tear paper on my computer screen! I love mixing colours and papers and trying different designs at the click of a button.

Who has an addiction??  I wouldn’t call it an addiction; I would probably call it a passion. A challenge. A desire. A necessity. A love. A part of my daily life that makes me happy!  I am absolutely sure that my family are just fine getting their own dinner, washing their own clothes and sweeping the floor for themselves! All untrue! The thing I love the most is that I can be at home and do all the things I need to do for my family and still have the freedom to spend time on my computer doing the things I need to do here! With three boys in my family who are all very computer savvy, and up with the latest techy stuff, I am probably still miles behind!

Being surrounded by creative people helps inspire me. I am never far away from someone I can share a new idea with. I also look at the world through ‘design eyes’. Sounds weird doesn’t it? If I am out shopping or out at an event and see some sort of advertising sign or a display that I think would be a great start of an idea, I grab my phone and take a photo to remember it. (Don’t ever come shopping with me, I am likely to take a quick snap of something that would be the very cool makings of a page!)
Facebook, Blog surfing, Google and of late, Pinterest are certainly other places I can draw inspiration from to create an idea.
One more thing that really inspires me is knowing that by sharing the stories and photographs of my own life that I am inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

My specific p2P duties include being responsible for the posting of the Challenge every week and I am one of the four team members who come up with the Challenges.  I am the leader of the Design team, all of whom are extremely talented women!  I am also in charge of the p2P website galleries. This is a job that I can do fairly quickly, but mostly it takes a while as I sit and study each page and layout design for much longer than I probably should!!
My biggest accomplishment to date with p2P is probably the fact that I successfully finished one video tidbit and went back to do another!! They really are quite daunting tasks, but at the same time fun, even though having to listen to your own voice over and over and over is kind of embarrassing!

As a p2P team member I am proud of our whole team. We came together nearly two years ago as a group of women whom had never met (well some of us had) and during the course of those two years and countless hours on web calls we have become friends. No, we have become family. We support each other, laugh with each other, we have cried together and celebrated together. We know each other’s families a little better and have seen their growth over that time as much as our own family. I can’t wait until the day we are all in the same room at the same place – someone bring some earplugs, OK!!

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