My name is Kim Mannino. I have lived in California all my life.

I enjoy taking photos of everyday moments – moments that capture where we live and what we like to do as a family – so most of my pictures involve family and friends.  I love pictures that capture the emotion of the moment.  I also like taking pictures of flowers.  I am just amazed at the detail and beauty of flowers when I am zoomed in.  When you look at the details you see things you didn’t even know were there.

I have two cameras – entry level Canon DSLR (purchased in 2005) and an iPhone 4.  Most of the time I use my Canon.  But, I don’t always have that camera with me.  My iPhone is always with me, so I am able to capture spur-of-the-moment pictures.

My personal digital scrapping style is exactly like my traditional – I love playing with the tools.  What I didn’t expect when I started scrapping digitally was the versatility and control I have over my pictures and elements.  I love that I can play with the tools and not “waste” paper and stickers – or even in cutting photos.  The undo key is my favorite button to press.  The only feature I need now is the sound effect for tearing paper.  Or maybe a room freshener that smells like a new paper pack when I install a new digital kit.

My family has been mostly supportive.  I say mostly because sometimes they get tired of me taking pictures.  Recently, one of sons asked me “Does everything have to be a scrapbook page?” The answer is yes!  They have learned that if they just pause and let me take the picture, I’ll be done and everyone can move on.  All joking aside, my family supports my passion.  They see the joy it brings me and in turn, when they are looking at the books, the joy it brings them also.  The addiction part of scrapbooking fills my creative crafting desires.  However, woven in that activity is a treasure for the whole family to enjoy.

Mostly, I am inspired by the love of my family and friends.  I am very much a gathering type of person.  I always look forward to family gatherings – just to hang out, share a meal, and our lives.  As for the world around me, I love the mountains.  There is nothing like being on top of a 14,000 foot mountain pass.  It feels like I am on top of the world.  I love the fresh air, the wind blowing through the pine trees and the smell of wild flowers.  And the times I have camped out under stars are just incredible. Sometimes I just close my eyes and visualize laying in a large meadow, with a cool breeze, a cozy blanket, looking up at the sky and watching the clouds pass over.

My favorite responsibility is serving on the Design Team.  When I want to relax, I like to sit at the computer and create.  I think I am most proud of the work we have accomplished as a team.  Recently, we gathered most of the challenge pages and blueprints and placed them with the pages the p2P team has created.  I was very proud of the body of work we created together.





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