My name is Mary Browder.  I have lived in Texas for  14 years, but I call Louisiana home.

I find I typically take pictures of my kids and my husband’s garden, and now while doing a Day2Day album, very random stuff, which has been fun!

I have three cameras – a Nikon D300, an Olympus pocket waterproof camera, and my iPhone camera.  I now use the iPhone most often, as it is always with me and convenient. If I’m making a special trip, the Nikon is my choice. For beach vacations, I use the waterproof one, of course, so I can take it into the waves!  I switched to digital the year before StoryBook Creator was released.
My personal digital scrapping style is very similar to my traditional style because I have always layered things.  The biggest difference are the overlays and surfaces, which I use all the time.  Blueprints and pre-designed templates have speeded things up, because I start with them often and add to them for a new look.

My family secretly loves my addiction, I’m sure. It is easier when travelling, so my husband is glad there is no more “cart” going up three flights of stairs at the beach house. I carry my own supplies now! I can take it with me on planes too.  My travel books are started and almost done by the time I get back home.  This works well for my memory, too, because I can journal in the evenings right into the book. My kids send me pictures now from college, the Naval base, and Australia, and that makes it easy to drop them into a digital book.
I’m inspired by my family and my faith, knowing that everything will always work out for my well being.  Maybe not the way I planned, but good nonetheless!

I’m proudest of my Content Manager webinars and my designs. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work and I chair the Curriculum committee.

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