My name is Shelley Alexander.  I have lived in Sydney, Australia for most of my life, though I was born in Oxford, England.

My favourite subject for photography is definitely travel – landscapes, cityscapes, people, flowers & gardens, zoos & wild animals, and birds. When I’m not travelling (which is most of the time) I take photos of my own hometown. I love playing with my macro lens, too. I am very bad at taking photos of my own family – I just forget to get the camera out for the everyday events.

My current camera is a Canon EOS 60D, which I bought when we went to Africa in January 2011.  I love it!  I have been fully digital for about 6 years – I just love the flexibility of digital photography, the ability to take lots of shots and review them straight away. But the camera I use most often is my little Panasonic Lumix – because it lives in my handbag.  Oh, and my iPhone!

I take lots of photos, so I’m always trying to squeeze more photos onto my pages.  I don’t use a lot of embellishments, but I love to play with papers and lettering. I also love full-page photos, and manipulating my photos in various ways – all things that were hard to do in my traditional albums. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I prefer straight lines and right angles!

My family loves the StoryBooks I have created – and all of them are addicted, too. (Well, perhaps not addicted, like I am, but they do indulge from time to time). Both my sons have completed albums, and my husband is working on his when he can. We all love looking through the Storybooks and reliving fun times.

I get my inspirations from so many places. My pixels2Pages teammates, especially!! But I am always looking for ideas – magazine layouts, TV commercials, movie posters – and other people’s pages – thanks to the generosity of so many people sharing on Facebook.

On p2P I am a Jill of all trades – I am on the IT team and help with planning our curriculum. I have done some recording, and I share pages on Facebook – I am always popping in to to see what our people are up to. The Globe design is the thing I am definitely the most proud of – creativity is not my strongest suit – I always say the Globe was my one good idea, and I am very chuffed that it became our logo and our signature recording.

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