I was born and raised in New York City.   I am a paralegal by day and I am a wife and mother of three children always. It is my family that feeds my love for scrapbooking.  In 2003, I became a Creative Memories Consultant with the help of my former up line, Taniella Harrison.   During the eight great years that I was a Creative Memories Consultant, I found that I would typically take pictures of family outings and my children’s everyday adventures.  This was really easy to do for me because I had made the move from film to digital photography just a few short years prior to becoming a Creative Memories Consultant.   Digital photography was a godsend as I was one of those people who would take tons of pictures, collect rolls of film…and NEVER develop them.  Sometime when I did develop them, the film had sat so long that it would go bad and all those precious memories were lost.  I still cringe at the loss of many of my 10 year old’s baby and toddler photos.  Now my memories come from any camera I can get my hands on – my cell phone, my pocket camera or a digital SLR camera (Not the ones the professionals use, but one that works great for me).

Many may say my style is highly decorative, but I beg to differ.  I put a lot of detail into everything I do.   (My BFF Keisha calls me Oprah. I call her my Gayle.)  Sometimes my pages are fancy and sometimes they are not.  One thing for sure is all of my pages are all a labor of love.  So you may see a page that looks very simple, but I could have done a lot of editing to the main photo.  Or maybe I extracted an overlay from a paper, or I could have created my own paper using tons of different elements.  I love the challenge of creating something off the top and completely out of the box.

Over the years, my children have shared my love of scrapbooking.  All three (2 boys and 1 girl ages 7 – 13) are avid traditional scrapbookers.  My mother loves to scrapbook traditionally as well, though I think she is more interested in socializing at events than scrapping.  My husband has embraced my love of scrapbooking…but it took a while.   When I started out as a Creative Memories Consultant, he could not understand the amount of time I spent giving classes, workshops and retreats; that is, until he saw my COMMI$$ION check for the first time.   Eventually, he began to love seeing how our family history was being preserved.  It had gotten to the point that when I wasn’t taking pictures, he would grab a camera and say “What’s wrong with you, Meka?  You need these pictures for the scrapbook!”  Then he would snap away!

I am inspired by life.  Every scrapbook page I make, whether it is traditional or digital, is inspired by life.   I could drink a bottle of water and get an idea for word art from the label.  I can see a pattern on a purse or a shirt.  I can even look at the façade of a building and be inspired.  Inspiration can happen at any moment…so I always carry a “bright idea” book with me so I can jot down my inspiration and refer back to it later.

Everyone on the pixels2Pages team wears many hats.  As for me? I chair the Marketing Committee and I am on the Policy and Curriculum Committees.  I love to create videos, so you will hear my voice on many tidbits videos and portfolios.  I am in charge of the Focus on the Fans section of the site and it is my work with Focus on the Fans that I am most proud of.   I LOVE scouring our fan page and picking up great fan pages and tips.  What I love more than that is being able to recognize fans for inspiring me.

Well…enough about me!  Create some pages, post them to our fan page so I can get to know more about you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Tah Tah!

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