As I sit here on the train, heading down to Sydney from the Blue Mountains, I`m thinking about the weeks that have just passed and how busy and exciting they have been.

Since the launch of pixels2pages on the 1st October, life has been pretty full on. It was before, and always is, as I like to keep myself busy, but it is even more so now. Besides p2P, I also work as a part time receptionist for a very busy health centre which incorporates chiropractors, physiotherapists and masseurs and with 4 part time receptionists and one casual as needed, we all do a 5-6 hour roster most days, however when someone is on holidays or sick, we get to do extra shifts, sometimes this means working a 10 hour day. For the past 2 months, staff have had holidays or been sick and now it`s my turn to have holidays, so consequently the girls back home are filling in for me. To make life just that little bit more challenging and interesting, the centre is also in the process of going paperless, ie we get to scan every single page of our patient files, and there are 100s and 1000s of them and it will take us months to get them all done.

Then we had the excitement of our daughter and family coming back to Western Australia after spending 3 years in South America. It was so exciting to surprise them at the airport, but to do that, we had to drive 4.5hrs to the city. They had no idea we were coming and at one stage we wondered if it would even come off as not only were their flights delayed due to heavy rain, missed connections, cancellations and airline strikes, it all worked out in the end. Melissa is a very determined young lady, as is her husband, so if there’s something that’s not right, they make sure it gets fixed and keep at it until it is. And thank goodness for facebook. They had no idea we were coming to meet them, so fortunately there were just 2 postings that left me reading between the lines and figure out that everything was going as scheduled. I had packed my over night bag, however my husband didn’t. At 3am in the morning, I checked my iPhone and there was one cryptic message that made me feel very certain that all was well and they had caught up with their connections to Sydney. In the morning, we left for the drive to the city as planned. Telling a little white lie when Melissa rang from Sydney to say they had arrived in Australia and would be back in Perth as planned the next morning. It all worked out and they were very surprised and happy to see us.

5 days later, saw us travelling the 4.5 hrs back to the city to catch our own flight to Sydney to spend a weekend in the mountains with the Australian team of pixels2pages and have a few days holiday with our son and grandchildren who also live in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. That also nearly didn`t come off, as our airline had been threatening strikes and cancelled all flights for 2-3 days the day after we landed. So many people were affected and we even wondered if we would get back home at the end of the week, but all appears to be back on schedule.

The weekend away saw us in Blackheath, NSW and 5 of us, Justine, Kerrianne, Janice and Shelley, shared a 4 bedroom cottage. We spent the time talking, digi scrapbooking, talking, siteseeing, talking, digi scrapbooking, eating, talking, digi scrapbooking, taking photos and more digi scrapbooking and not much sleep. I thought I did quite well seeing as there is a 3 hour time difference between my state and NSW. Maybe it will be a bit different when I get home!

All too quickly the weekend was over however I was on to my next round of excitement to spend 3 nights at our son`s home with his wife and 3 grandsons. My husband was already there. Wentworth Falls where they live is just 4 towns away from Blackheath, or a 20 minute drive, so we hopped off the train on the way up, to drop him off. Saying somewhere is only 4 towns away is quite unusual for us as 4 towns away in the Midwest of Western Australia would be nearly 1/2 a day apart to get to each one.  The weather has been perfect all week, it`s not always like that in the mountains and only today as we head home, is it raining and drizzling wet.

It is always fun to see our grandchildren and we try to see them at least once a year. This time we would also be with our son for his 32nd birthday. It gives me such a buzz when even though we don’t have a lot of contact with the grandchildren, they feel so comfortable, that as soon as we arrived they come running up to give us a big hug. Love that! And a big hug and we`ll miss you nanna and pop, when we left.

Now we have left and are on a 2 hour train journey into the city. Tonight we get to see the Jersey Boys play at the Royal Theatre in Sydney. Then an afternoon flight back to Perth. Our plan is to spend another day in the city to see our other grandchildren and weather permitting, a day at the zoo, before driving back to Geraldton on Sunday and we get to go to work Monday.

That`s my life as a pixie right now. Glad I left an awesome team to cover my back while I was away.

PS: we have just come back to our room after seeing the Jersey Boys and I have to say it was brilliant.



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5 Responses to Blog: The celebrating goes on

  1. Jenny says:

    Ah yes, those distances. Thanks Jan for putting that into perspective for our US fans. The drive from Geraldton to Perth takes about 4.5 hrs, then another 4 hours to fly across to Sydney, a train trip from the airport into the city, then a quick dash across the terminal to catch the next train for a 2 hour ride to the mountains and then turn around and do it all again for the return trip. I have to say we can do this with precision now, as I use an app called Trip View and it gives me the times of the trains, so we can work out if we get to stroll or run!! We did a lot of running and pulling along the luggage! Now we are safe home and in our own beds.

  2. Maureen says:

    Jenny, it was so fun to read about your adventure this week! I was trying to imagine the distance myself, not knowing Austrailia, but also having to travel 4 hours to get to the main airport from my town to fly most places. Your visit with everyone sounded like so much fun! From one travel lover to another ~ here’s to another adventure!

  3. sistersunshine says:

    Dear Jenny, Peace & joy. There is NOTHING like that hug from grandies that you don’t see too often, to know that love can transend time & place…I too love it when the fer away grandies run with open arms and give me a tackle hug. My distances are not even close to your’s but this weekend we visited a couple of the grandies taking a couple of grandies with us…let me say it’s a great time traveling with them…but I could sleep for a week after only 2 days travel…thanks Jan for the visual in US distances. *U* Kathleen

  4. Jan says:

    Jenny, I’m so glad you got that well-deserved time off to spend with your family and your pixie family (well, part of it!)! You have worked SO HARD to get the website up and running and working smoothly while you were away – we all appreciate your work ethic and attention to detail!

    I wish there was a good way for you to let people know how far you have been traveling in these few short weeks! Most North Americans have no idea that Australia is about the size of the United States. So, when you go from Geraldton to Perth to Sydney to the Blue Mountains and back, that would be like driving from San Jose to Los Angeles to catch a plane, then flying from LA to Jacksonville, FL, then driving or riding a train for a couple of hours, and then doing it in reverse!

    So happy that Melissa and family have gotten home safely and that you were able to see all of your grandies this trip! We’ll breathe easier once you are back home and on the p2P clock (not that you really got completely away from that!). Thanks for all you do for us!

  5. jolleyontheroad says:

    You are one busy lady! My hats off to you and all you do to keep up with jobs and family. I love to travel and have enjoyed getting to be close to my grandchildren for 4 months this fall! Especially as we added a new grandson to the package! Thanks for all you do for Pixels2Pages and slow down and relax a little!!

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