There are so many things that I am thankful for, and close to the top of my list this year are my pixels2Pages teammates, our partners at Creative Memories, and our pixels2Pages fans.

Without you, our fans, I reckon I wouldn’t be writing this blog post!  I speak for the whole pixels2Pages team when I applaud you for trying us out, for offering us feedback, for watching, learning, sharing, and using what you’ve learned, and for joining our p2P family.  We have gotten to know you through your photos, your pages, your projects, your comments, and your questions, and we love that you have chosen to spend time with us.

If you are a Creative Memories Consultant, we thank you for being our sales ambassadors in addition to being p2P peeps.  To our team at Creative Memories, led by Lois Schindler, we are so grateful.  Your support and counsel have been invaluable!   We are tremendously thankful for the leadership team at Creative Memories for allowing us the opportunity to be pioneers and blaze new trails.

To my pixie partners – I’m thankful that you have taken this leap with me, and I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for the behind the scenes work that you do.  It takes all of us to make this venture successful!

Our fans love our handouts, and we love Anne, because she writes almost all of them!  From Good2Know offerings to the handouts that come with Portfolios, Anne is master of the PDF.  What you may not know is that Anne is also our treasurer, and she serves on the Design team (they make Pixie Dust, among other things!) and the IT team.  Anne has never met an item she can’t make out of shapes and lines in SBC!  We can count on Anne for big doses of Southern humor and fantastic recipes, too.  For me, personally, I thank Anne for being my dear friend from the moment we met almost 16 years ago.  Oh, the (Scrappy) stories we could tell…

She contributes tips about journaling, but the thing that Carolyn does that keeps us running smoothly is the thing that I am truly thankful for!  Somehow, using skills unknown to me, Carolyn serves as our project manager.  In that role, she is able to keep a finger on the pulse of the team, making sure that we are meeting deadlines and seeing potential problem areas before they become big problems.  Carolyn also serves on our curriculum, marketing, policy, and reference committees, and she challenges us to keep our Mary Sunshine hats in place at all times.  She is the keeper of the Links page and she keeps us minding our p’s and q’s.  You make my job so much easier, Carolyn!

If you spend any time at all on our Facebook page, you’ll know Janice!  She posts fantastic pages with regularity, and she’s the one leading the ‘shout out’ charge when new things are posted on our website and she’s a frequent commenter on your pages.  A key member of the design team, you love her Pixie Dust and Challenges.  She does an awesome job breaking down complex techniques into simple bits in her videos, and she has recently chaired a small group charged with setting video standards for our team. You adore her pages and her Blueprints, and I’m thankful for the creativity and attention to detail that Janice brings to the table.

It’s fitting that Jeannine is sandwiched here between Janice and Jenny (and as such, is an important member of the rockin’ J team!) since she shares Facebook shout out duties and video standard duties with Janice and serves on the IT team with Jenny.  In addition to doing the IT jobs that I don’t pretend to understand, Jeannine has been working with me and our CM team to make sure the subscription process works smoothly.  If you needed help getting your subscription activated, Jeannine was undoubtedly the person who made it happen.  She’s posted her first video this week, and she wants you to learn about Memory Manager and organizing your photos so that you can work with them.  She often leads the hilarity charge in our team meetings, and the two of us together try the patience of the rest of our teammates – but we make them laugh!  Thanks for sharing the digi love, and Rock On, J!

She taught us how to make it plaid all those many months ago, and today she’s the head honcho of our IT team.  I don’t know what I would do without Jenny and her no-nonsense approach to a job that just scares me!  You love her simple pages with a clean, classic look and you’ll be loving her videos in the months to come.  Jenny is also a member of the marketing and reference committees, and she’s the one who makes sure all of our videos get posted in a way that you can find them and view them.  Jenny has a matter-of-fact, get-the-job-done attitude and tells me “If you can think it, the computer can do it” and then she makes it happen.  You’ve saved me more than once, Jenny, and I thank you!

The final member of the J team is Justine, who has one of the most appreciated jobs on the team – Juzzi is the Blueprint queen!  She sifts through the offerings of our team and chooses the most perfect Blueprints to share with you each week.  We all adore Juzzi’s clean, magazine-quality style which highlights her gorgeous photographs.  Juzzi is our resident professional photographer, and if you haven’t taken time to look at her fantastic Day2Day pages, run, don’t walk, over there to see them!  Juzzi is a member of the marketing and reference committees and the design team.  Thanks, Juzzi, for bringing a professional perspective to our team!

You love her workshops, and she has more creativity in her little finger than I do in my whole body!  Thank you, Kerrianne, for the wonderful ideas and inspiration you share with us!  It probably won’t surprise you to know that Kerrianne is a teacher by training, as she has the rare ability to make difficult things look simple and inspire you to try them just by the way she presents them.  Kerrianne heads up the design team, and serves on the curriculum team, too.  As the design chair, she oversees the Pixie Dust designers and the Challenge team, and she fills the idea galleries with beautiful pages.  You’ve seen lots of Kerrianne’s designs on the pages she posts on Facebook, and you love her Blueprints, too.  Many of our special headers and banners are made by Kerrianne and her fantabulous design team.

Speaking of Pixie Dust…Kim is the one to thank each week when you get your designer sprinklings.  The rest of us are sure that Kim sleeps with her Bamboo, since she never seems to be without new ideas.  It was Kim who came up with our Start2Finish concept, and if you haven’t seen some of her creative videos in the p2P archives, you’re in for a treat.  Who else would think of the View Master and Baby Cakes?  And wait until you see what she has for you this week!  Kim has taught our whole team (and all of you) how to organize our content, and she did that on a moment’s notice.  In addition to her work on the design team, she’s on the IT and policy committees.  Kim, I thank you for daring to step out of the box and push the limits on yourself and on your creativity!

I think Mary is on every committee we have except for IT (there’s a reason they don’t let her and me on that team!), and I’m so thankful that she is organized and a self-starter.  Never one to wait until the last minute to get her work done, Mary is still willing to jump in at the last minute to do a job if needed.  You love her Blueprints, Pixie Dust, challenges and videos, and we love her can-do attitude.  Mary has a sunny, optimistic personality and she brightens a room with her smile.  I’m in awe of all of our designers and even though I’ve sat down next to them a lot, the osmosis thing isn’t working!  Oh, almost forgot to mention that Mary is the chair of the curriculum committee.  I think she may be a juggler, too!

She started us off with our signature portfolio, Going Global, and she hasn’t slowed down since!  One of the first to master SBC 4.0 and our video recording software, Shelley is the explorer on our team.  She is constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and she can’t wait to share what she learns with the rest of us.  When I call Shelley my keeper, it is most definitely a term of endearment!  She is like my external hard drive!  I don’t know how she can do all that she does, but I am so thankful that she handles all tasks that come her way (and there are lots of them!) with speedy efficiency.  Shelley was responsible for the redesign of our website, and serves on the IT committee.  She’s a member of the curriculum committee and the chair of the reference and policy committees – you have come to love and marvel at her expertise through her tips, FAQ, and quick answers to tough questions on Facebook.  Shelley is our office manager and the keeper of our standards and documents.  She’s the one we turn to when we need answers.  She says she has no creativity, but I’m guessing those of you who ooh and aah over her personal pages would beg to differ.  I’m so thankful to have had her as a traveling companion, since her book may be the closest I’ll get to my book (any time soon, that is!)  Thanks, Shelley, for all you do for all of us to keep the machine running smoothly!

And then there’s Tameka, who’s got more bright ideas than you can shake a stick at!  You got to know her through her tidbit videos, of which we have learned there is an endless supply!  Tameka is on the curriculum and policy committees and chairs the marketing committee.  Tameka, has opened my eyes to so many possibilities – thank you for that.  Tameka, like Mary, loves to work ahead.  She has done her best to help me see the value of working ahead, and she hasn’t given up on me yet! I would have to get up a lot earlier in the day to even hope to get a step ahead of Meka, so I’m content to let her show me the way.  I’ve given up trying to figure out how she comes up with all of her innovative ideas!  One of Tameka’s inspirations is our Focus on the Fans offerings – she recognizes the importance of focusing on you and your creations.  Tameka has forged ahead of most of us in the video arena, and she worked with Janice and Jeannine to define our video standards.

I’m sure I’ve left out many, many things that each of my teammates take care of, probably because they do them without being asked, without expecting recognition, and without a problem.  I suspect they do a lot of cleaning up behind me, but they do such a good job that I don’t even realize I left a mess.  At any rate, I’m so thankful for each of my partners and their individual personalities, strengths, and creative genious.  Hopefully you have a better idea of what makes pixels2Pages tick.  Like I said today, it takes a village!  I couldn’t do it without you, Pixies!  Mmmwwaahh!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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10 Responses to Pixieliciously Thankful

  1. p222page222 says:

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think of things that make life FUN
    Thanks to all the Pixies, I appreciate your kindness by taking the TIME to help and answer questions in a way that makes it easy to understand. When things a easy and understandable, then comes the FUN!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  2. Kim says:

    I thank Jan for including me in this wonderful p2P team! Not only have I gained friendships in p2P but all the Pixie fans too! I so appreciate Jan’s leadership and encouragement. And, her driving skills to know when we are on the wrong side of the road! This team represents what I want for my children – finding your passion and finding a way to earn income working your passion. I found my passion being a Creative Memories Consultant and now it continues with p2P. Liz said it best…. “we all value relationships” and that is what makes the p2P/scrapbooking community so special.

  3. Jenny says:

    I thank you too Jan for bringing your dream to fruitition, without your forethought, the lessons we have all learnt, whether it be on SBC or life in general, would not have been possible. I’m one very proud member of your Pixielicious team and I get to learn so many cool things from each and everyone of them. And that’s why T.E.A.M. means Together Everyone Achieves More. I think Thanksgiving is definitely one of many traditions, we could adopt back here. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Maureen says:

    This blog post would not be complete without thanking Jan! Yes, she is the impetus behind p2P in the first place…the visionary. Jan, we could not do without you, and I’m sure all the fans and the p2P team would heartily agree! Thank you for all you do! Thank you for your vision to move forward, and for being the backbone of the p2P team! I’m thankful that Creative Memories embraced your dream, collectively as a team, and that all that hard work of laying the foundation is paying off! We are sharing the p2P word…sometimes it just takes a little while to catch on …but IT WILL!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Jan says:

      Thank you, Maureen! As with most things, it’s always more than one person – without the rest of the team, I’d still just be one person! Thanks again to you and all the CMC’s who are spreading the word. We can’t wait to watch pixels2Pages grow! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. cmcharlotte says:

    I am so thankful for all of you Pixies also! I’ll send you all a Mwwwwwwahhhhhh too! And Tameka, I also have stalked Jan over the years, and was thrilled when I met her in person. On one of Jan’s road trips, she was going to Idaho and took my advice to eat at Hudson’s Hamburgers. I was so excited! Silly me! She, and all of you, make “us” feel like we are your BFF’s.

    While I appreciate all your talent, ideas, and sharing, I also am so thankful for your friendships, here in cyberspace.

    With gratitude I’m wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    God Bless you all.

    • Jan says:

      Charlotte, Rex and I ate at Hudson’s again this summer and it was just as good as it was the first time! I love it when I can meet people who I ‘know’ on Facebook, and it was a pleasure meeting you! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  6. Tameka says:

    Mwwwwwwahhhhh!. Pixieliciously Thankful! Gotta love that. Jan…you have been my inspiration since the first time I heard your Creative Memories Webinars. I have stalked you ever since and am ever so grateful you have welcomed me into this family. And you seem to be working ahead now. I think you got this blog posted at whole 6 hours ago…. tee hee 😉

  7. lizpropst says:

    The week of Thanksgiving here in the USA is such a good time for me to think back through the year and list all of what I am thankful for. There is no doubt that at the top of my list this year is P2P…..not just for the wealth of ideas, not just for helping to keep my brain young by learning new things, but for the sense of community you have shared with all of the digital scrapbooking world. I’ve always said that scrapbookers are a special group….because they value family and relationships. P2P….thanks for opening my eyes to new friends all around the globe. Love you all bunches and thanks for your generosity in sharing and your gift of time. My world is a better place because of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. tlburgy says:

    This is a wonderful blog entry, Jan! One of the things that first attracted me to P2P’s Facebook page was the sense of comraderie in learning and sharing. Then I started recognizing repeat names and realizing it was like a global family. How amazing is that! On occasion, I post a page or question and got so excited realizing that people from all over the world were looking, commenting and encouraging my entries. Now that I made the jump into a subscription, besides the immense amount of knowledge I am gaining from your offerings, I am truly enjoying feeling like I am starting to “meet” the Pixies and other P2P users. Thank you for all that each one of you do!

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