Christmas time comes around once a year. Thank goodness I hear you say, however I love Christmas time. It brings back memories of when I was a kid growing up on the farm. My nanna (my mum’s mum) would always spend Christmas with us. My Dad would pick her from Geraldton, about an hours drive from the farm and for a couple of weeks at a time she would stay with us and sleep in my bedroom. I used to love that, as she would tell us bedtime stories. Oh no, no books, she would know them off by heart. You know the ones, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man and so many more! I don’t think they traumatised me in any way!

Then the day after Boxing Day, we would all pile onto the old truck, (no seat belts in those days) and head off up to the beach and our make shift camp, made of t-tree and hesian bags. It was always fun. We would play cricket, run races, go swimming, Dad would fish, we would help him run the net and slept at night on our bunks made from wood and with hesian bags nailed to the sides, like a hammock. Ah the memories, until one Boxing Day, my dear nanna passed away, right there, on the kitchen floor in front of my brother and I. That is one Christmas I’ll never forget. I often think back now and wonder how my mum coped without her mum.

The years went by, we grew up, however Christmas was always held at the farm. Even when we all married and had kids of our own, every year, we would pack up the car and off we would go, back to the farm. Spending a few nights there. Some of my Dad’s family lived on farms nearby and they would come over for morning tea or later for afternoon tea or sometimes we would all hop in the car and go and visit them. There was always someone coming or going.

Dad always went to midnight mass. He never missed and we would all go along too. As hard as it was to get out off bed at 11 o’clock and then drive in the dark to the little church at Northampton. The Christmas carols were the best. Oh how I loved to sing those carols. Then we would head home, check the fireplace to see if Father Christmas had been, nope, and head to bed then wake up early in the morning and quietly sneak out to the Christmas tree and lo and behold, there were all these presents under the tree. It was such fun being a kid.

Now, 50+ years later, my children have grown and up and moved away from home. They have their own children now and it’s all about making the best of Christmas for them. Three years ago, our middle daughter moved overseas and our son and his family were living in the Eastern States and Christmas became very quiet. Our eldest daughter joined us the first year and it was really strange, just the three of us, then the next year, she had a new partner and they went off and did their thing, so we had Christmas on our own. It was strange but good at the same time, however in saying that, I’ve done it once and don’t want to do that again. Last year, we hopped on the plane and spent Christmas in New South Wales with our son and his family.

Now this year, we’ve already made the trip to NSW and our daughter and her family are back from South America so our eldest daughter said it’s her turn to put Christmas on for us. So we are going to the city and will be looking forward to being wined and dined and enjoy Christmas by their pool. For our US friends, this also means anywhere between 35-40c and sometimes even higher. I’ll be finding the coolest place and that could be in the pool.

While the families were away, I started making photo ornaments for my Christmas tree using the traditional Creative Memories products. However, this year, and as my gift to you, our wonderful fans, I have made them digitally. Below is a PDF that you can download with instructions on how to make Christmas Family Tree Ornaments.

FamilyTreeOrnaments - Page 001FamilyTreeOrnaments - Page 002FamilyChristmas

Click here to download the PDF of instructions

Kits Used:

Font: Christmas Card from

The Christmas tree was made out of a dead flower from a cactus plant, painted silver with glitter added.



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9 Responses to Christmas Time is a Fun Time

  1. cedwards says:

    Loved your beach Christmas memories… as you celebrate Christmas Bar-B-Qs we are bundling up for winter in North America. I have some warm memories, too, growing up in south Georgia. We always celebrated with fireworks and I distinctly remember the sparklers though my brother got to light the GOOD ones. My parents have gone on to be with the Lord and the siblings and their children are grown…the togetherness is passed… I always will remember my childhood Christmases as I decorate the tree with my favorite ornaments!

    • Jenny says:

      It is nice to reflect on past Christmases and remember those who have passed. Both my husband’s and my parents have now gone, so we are the eldest in the family. Feels really weird now, being the ones who are going to have Christmas done for us. We will input of course and I’m not sure we’re getting the traditional hot lunch. Yes, even when it’s 40c “in the waterbag” as my Dad used to say, we still often did a hot lunch.

  2. Maureen says:

    Jenny I loved reading about your Christmas memories with family! I cherish those special times remembering back as a kid how we’d celebrate with cousins we’d only see at family events, and putting olives on our fingers, and sneaking a peak while Mom was wrapping presents, and checking our stockings before Dad and Mom got up Christmas morning. Such great times. With my kids grown and gone, it’s so different at our house now. I do miss those times! Reading your blog brought back such wonderful memories! Thank you!

  3. Jeannine says:

    Jenny, you’ve gone straight to the heart with this blog (and I see mine is not the only heart!). Isn’t this truly what Christmas brings each year- the memories of our youth and the things that keep up grounded as time passes. Reading your blog reminded me of many childhood Christmases where what I remember are the places, the smells and the family I was with. And I strive to do the same for my children as well. Thank you for this lovely reminder. And just like with Shelley’s Cheer gift, my daughter is all over your ornament idea! We make photo ornaments every year for close family members and add them to their gifts so they know who they’ve come from. I’ll have to keep printing and bind these wonderful ideas for her- it will keep her quite busy over the holiday break! LYMI Buddy! ~J
    P.S. Your whole family is beautiful!!

  4. 7gemini7 says:

    I just loved reading your blog. I have bittersweet memories of my childhood christmases and then when my children were growing up. Bittersweet because there were always so many children around and so many family members – it was wonderful; but now most of the adults have passed on and the children are grown with families of their own. When I retired about 6 years ago we RV’d up the East Coast USA to see my siblings and children and spend Christmas in an RV parked on my youngest son’s lawn. We had a blast with the grandchildren! Thanks for the memories Jenny. Kay from Texas
    Oh, BTW, what is the font you used for “Good Tidings…” in the banner? And thanks for the info on the Christmas Card font. I’ve already downloaded it! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. Shelley says:

    Great blog Jenny, what wonderful Christmas memories!

  6. LBickford63 says:


  7. lizpropst says:

    Oh Jenny…these photo ornaments are so perfect for my style of Christmas….thanks so much. It was fun to read that your daughter is hosting you for Christmas. I thought at Thanksgiving ….that it is about time for one of my grown kids to host the day….so I began a digi recipe book that includes all the family favorites…so they would know how to make them and pull it off. Hope you have a ball being wined and dined!! Thanks for the ornaments, they will be enjoyed!! Merry Christmas

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Liz. I did my mum’s favourite Christmas recipes in SBC and put them into a picfolio for each of my kids the year our daughter went to live in Chile. And just last month, when I was over in the East, I saw that my son and his family have used theirs a lot. It was covered in food splashes. Sign of a good cookery book 🙂 Enjoy the ornaments.

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