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Ever since I can remember I have loved Christmas! I can clearly remember receiving a rocking horse for Christmas as a small child, and of course there are photos for me to look at which help with my  memories. I remember the Christmas I got a pair of maroon valour thongs (flip flops) that I had been desperately wanting, and yes, there is a photo of me on Christmas morning leaping into the air with excitement that Santa must have known I wanted them!! Many Christmas mornings were spent riding new bikes, roller skates, outside with walkie-talkies. And you guessed it, each of them have a photo to match.

Even if I didn’t have photos for all of these childhood Christmases, I would still love it.

Christmas became even more special when I got married and had someone else to celebrate my most favourite time with. And of course, all my Christmases came at once when Riley arrived 9 days prior to Christmas 15 years ago. And just when I thought I could not possibly beat that Christmas, one more special reason came into my life to help me celebrate Christmas, Liam.

Every Christmas is celebrated with love, joy and festivities at our house, but the last 14 with my boys have been my greatest pleasure. They also love Christmas (well, they now pretend they do, because I do!!) We have already decorated our home, joked about our ‘tiny’ Christmas tree, hung something on every door handle (just to annoy them!) and this year we even welcomed the “Griswold” spirit of decorating the whole front of our house with strings of lights.

As the boys are getting older, making cute stuff for them is pretty pointless. So now I make it for my two beautiful nephews!! I am making Santa Door Hangers for their bedroom doors! And of course Santa will possibly drop some iTunes cards into a couple of gift card holders for my two boys!

I have 2 offerings to share today. One is a gift card holder that you can adapt to just about any occasion and the other is a door hanger that can have any theme or words on it.

These are really quick, simple items that you can easily create and print at home. The door hangers uses an A4 size project (I print onto either cardstock or a heavier photo paper) and the gift tag holder is a 6×4 project and again, I just print these at home.

Have fun making some of the great offerings from my p2p team mates this month and have a very Merry Christmas filled with love, joy and festiveness!

xx Kerrianne

Click onto these first two images to open the PDF file in a new window to print out!

12daysjpgs - Page 001    12daysjpgs - Page 002

Door Hanger Examples. The first one is to CUT out a hole using CM CCS circles and the second sample is one where you need to  punch a couple of holes in the top corners and tie with a ribbon.

12daysjpgs - Page 003        12daysjpgs - Page 004


Click onto each of these first two images to open the PDF file in a new window to print out!

12daysjpgs - Page 005    12daysjpgs - Page 006

These samples are different ideas for making gift card holders. One thing I love about these is that you can really personalise them for those harder to buy for people and make them as pretty or as masculine as you like.

giftcardsamples - Page 001giftcardsamples - Page 002giftcardsamples - Page 003giftcardsamples - Page 004giftcardsamples - Page 005giftcardsamples - Page 006giftcardsamples - Page 007

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5 Responses to Here comes Santa Claus …

  1. Marianne says:

    What did we ever do before Pixies?! I am starting my own special notebook, using page protectors (so the 3 hole punch won’t mess up any text or design) to keep all the wonderful pdf files AND all the notes I’ve taken organized and easy to find each idea…I absolutely would not log on to play digitally without it! You make my day, every day…Thanks so much, Pixies!

  2. suethoenes says:

    You Pixies are fantabulous. I love you gals soooo much. Thanks for another awesome gift for us. I wake up every morning thinking of what wonderful thing will be on the p2P site for me today!! And it IS another terrific and fun gift. You beauties have changed my life – not only for the spectacular ideas and techniques that you share – but for the warm and friendly spirits that you are and your friendships that are so dear to me. Merry Christmas to you Pixies – I am off to make door hangers and gift card holders!!! I love Christmas, too, Kerrianne!! LYMI, Scrappin’ Sue…

  3. Maureen says:

    So, so clever Kerrianne! I can always count on you for cuteness! Gotta make a few of these hangers to annoy those in my house, too! Merry Christmas!

  4. croppingkat says:

    Very cute – off to make one now for my daughter!

  5. Kirsten says:

    Cute! I might just have to copy this idea for Friday’s crop and let the ladies design their own bookmark! These doorhangers are versatile, or I make them ahead of time and give them a present! LOL!
    Also love the gift cards!

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