I received the “crafty” gene from several family members.  But, one of the most notable was my Grandma Parker.  I have such fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in Arnold, California.  This beautiful mountain community is nestled in the Sierra Mountains.  My grandparents lived about four hours from my house, so visiting them was very special since there were only a handful of visits a year.  My Grandma Parker was very crafty.  She made award winning quilts, knitted, crocheted, embroidered and made assorted crafts.  I remember sitting next to her playing with her knitting needles and yarn pretending to knit right along side her.  I was probably around eight years old when she began teaching me all these skills.  Teaching me was a little difficult because I am left-handed and she was right.  But, she was probably the most kind, patient and loving person I know and taught me with such grace.  Over the years, anything she made for me I treasured with my whole heart.  She had began the tradition of giving me an ornament each year for Christmas.  A few of the glass ornaments have not made it.  However, I still have the first ornament she gave me.  It is a glass clown from 1964.  Each year I pack it away, I am sure to wrap it carefully so it can survive another year.  Then, I have my favorite ornament she gave me.  She made a beautiful golden, bead-draped ball.  I call it my Cinderella ornament.  My grandma died when I was in the ninth grade.  I am so grateful that I have these wonderful ornaments to admire each year and remember her.


Another tradition is creating calendars each year.  My gift to you is how to create these fun Minutes Picfolio calendars.

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13 Responses to An Ornament Tradition

  1. Maureen says:

    Kim, I loved reading the story about your grandma and the ornaments. Like Ada, I have a glass bell ornament, also loosing it original paint, that was my Mom’s as a child. It’s carefully wrapped each year and it hangs at the top of our tree. I’ve told the story in a Christmas Traditions storybook I made several years ago. It’s a treasure, even though it’s a bit beat up! Those are the best kind of ornaments!

  2. Bob Van De Voorde says:

    Kim, Did you print these calendars at home on cardstock or send them out to be printed? Thanks. Love them all.

  3. Cathie Owens says:

    Kim, I love these calendars and have them all made except the December one. I have looked in all the kits for the trees, deer, the dove, The Magic of Christmas, and can not find them. Can you please tell me which kits these come from. Think I have gone through all the kits at least twice, guess I am blind. I also remember making the bead ornimants in the 1970’s, thanks for bringing those wonderful memories back.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Cathie, sorry I missed your question. The trees are in the Woodland Christmas Digital Additions (I forgot this on my list). The deer and dove are in the Noel Digital Kit. And “The Magic of Christmas” wordart is in the Jewel Christmas Digital PP Kit.

  4. sandyn6151 says:

    Hi Kim, I’ve been out of the country for a couple weeks. I noticed you have scan tags on the handouts. What devices are these good for?

  5. lbisset says:

    Love the photos of the “special” ornaments. One of the very special ornaments we hang on our tree, is not an ornament at all, but has become one. When my daughter was in kindergarten, she made a paper nametag that was an apple….that goes on the tree every year..it is a MUST! She is soon to be 42 and the paper apple is dried up and cracking. We keep it taped together and continue to display it. A very special ornament, indeed!

  6. suethoenes says:

    Yo, Pixie Kim: Thank you for sharing such a Fabulous Story, Fabulous Memory, Fabulous Gift. I, too, had a grandmother and mother that were very crafty and I know I received that crafty gene. I also used to love to watch my mom knit and crochet and sew all kinds of things. It was not until 7th grade that I realized that I wanted to create stuff, too! My best friend, Trudy, had learned knitting and crocheting early so she decided to team me, too. I, like you, am left handed and Trudy was right handed – but she realized it would be easy to teach me – not by having me hold the needles in the “correct” hand, but by having me sit in front of her (not next to her) and use her as a “mirror” image to copy from. It was perfect because following her was simple because it was like looking in the mirror – I am so glad I learned – and now my daughter, Liz, has been asking me to teach her and she is right handed – I will be her mirror while I teach her!!! Easy Peasy…Off to make your picfolio calendar – Love you pixies!!!!

  7. Mary says:

    Love this memory and thank you for sharing some of your heart. I too have some special ornaments from my gramma. Can’t wait to make this calendar.

  8. Ada says:

    PS I really like the calendar suggestion in this post better than and calendar ideas that I have seen to date! I will do this one.

  9. Ada says:

    Kim, I love memories! One year when I was very young…maybe EARLY teens, that is young compared to now, LOL..we went to spend the day with relatives. When we came home our Christmas tree had fallen over and broken most of our ornaments. One ornament that survived was a small blue bell. When we were cleaning out mother’s & dad’s house we found the little blue bell. I found it so I got it. It was painted glass and has lost some of it’s paint, but I still have it. It hangs on my tree every year…high out of reach of little one hands. The rule is that if I die first it goes to my siblings before it goes to the next generation.

    As I write this, I am thinking that I should take a photo of that ornament and create a page with a story!

    Also, the pixie dust today reminded me of the crochet ornaments that my mother made. I still have these and I have copied them, but I probably should take photo of them also.

    One of my daughters is a better photographer than I am…that may be her assignment while she is here for Christmas.

    Thanks for this article.


  10. nancyfreedlund says:

    I like the calendar idea.
    I love the idea of photographing favorite ornaments and writing what they mean to you. Thanks

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