From a family historians point of view, taking a photo a day and journalling about it on a digital page, is just a transition from days of writing a daily diary. I’ve tried to do this in the past, write daily that is, however I was never consistent. Life got busy and even though I could have written something each night before retiring, sometimes is was just too hard and I would flop into bed. However, I do have some of my diaries and find some of the things I wrote, quite fascinating and revealing!

Now I have a digital camera, Memory Manager and Storybook Creator, there is no reason why I can’t create a digital version of a daily diary. If only I had photos to go with some of the comments in my great grandfather’s diary. Or even that of my father.  I do have photos, lots in fact. More of course for my dad’s era. He was a jolly fellow and everyone was always snapping shots of him. In the early years,  many of these photos are in black & white or sepia. So even if there were photos to go with the stories, can you imagine the sun ripened crops at harvesting, the prized geraniums at the local show and even the colour of that brilliant fleece from the prized merino ram. Yes, I’m a cockies daughter, ie a farmers daughter (you might want to Google where the nickname comes from.) We are lucky now to have such great technology in our digital cameras to be able to provide our future generations with a snapshot of our daily lives and in colour, or even in technicolour if you have a video on your camera.

I got off to a good start at the beginning of 2011 and then I ran out of things to take photos of. I mean, how can I take a photo when I’m driving to work? And it’s not the done thing to take a photo at work either, where I spend a lot of my time! And that walk around the block? Urgh, grey roads, other people’s houses and gardens and just as grey a footpath. There was just nothing to take photos of. I have no kids at home, just hubby and me… but wait….the trouble with me is, I don’t look around. I don’t see things around me. I’m more of a people person, I take photos of events, my children, grandchildren, friends. So to take photos of objects, hasn’t really come into my photography world, except when I was travelling and I would take photos of buildings, landscapes etc. However, I can see by looking at the pages from those who took part in the Day2Day event for 2011, that objects can still be part of your Day2Day life. The food we eat, I would have loved to have seen photos of nanna’s home made fig jam ( I remember it bubbling away on the stove); the golden wheat crops at harvest, Dad was always telling us about how many bags of wheat they harvested that year; the bright coloured oranges, there are orange trees still on the old family farm that my great grandfather planted; a wedding dress, I wonder what the colour of my great grandmothers dress was. I know from a description in the local paper, that my mother’s going away outfit was bottle green, her mother’s dress was navy blue while her mother in law’s was rust coloured. At least I have that description to visualise with!

What I have been doing this past week (thankfully we had a weeks holiday from work during the Christmas/New Year break), I was able to go into my Memory Vault in Memory Manager, select My Media Library and 2011 on the Timeline to see that I had taken photos, lots of them, throughout the year. Not every day and not always of objects, many of people, places I’d visited, special occasions I’d attended. Even if you never sort your photos into Sort Boxes or Folders, at least with the Timeline, you can find all your photos from a particular year, month or right down to the day it was taken. I do use Sort Boxes and Folders and I drop photos into as many folders as I can. Memory Manager is great for this, as each photo is only in there once, and tagged many times.

So while I’m working daily with 2012 Day2Day photos, I will be putting my 2011 selected photos on to pages for printing. I will probably do 12×12 page prints, as I like to show them off in my Everyday Display, then I can insert them into photo albums. Then again, I might change my mind and do them in a 12×12 Storybook. It’s ok, because I can import the pages into a Storybook later and create the cover then. Today I went through my list of fonts, yes, I have hundreds, and I chose a few, not many to start with and I’ll try and keep the pages fairly consistent and stay with the one colour theme. I like the black classy look as that will also allow for the detail of my photos and journalling to stand out. When I journal, I’ll do whatever my mood tells me. Sometimes I’ll write lots, if there is a story to tell, otherwise I may just use one or two words. It doesn’t matter, it’s my album and there are no rules.

I’m really excited about joining in with the pixels2Pages.netDay2Day project and with the 500 Day2Day photo ideas, the tips on photography, and the facebook page to keep me motivated, I know I can do it better this year. Are you going to join me?


Here are a few black & white & sepia photos plus a selection of diary pages from my gr grandfather, my father and my own diary from 1996.

Charles Thomas Crippsbagging wheatCharles & Margaret Cripps

diaryaug1,1908image 2012-1-2 0002









1. My dad in the orange orchard getting sprayed by the leaking tap. 2. Imagine the golden colour of that crop, now harvested. 3. What colour was my great grandmother’s wedding dress? This is their wedding photo. 4. My gt grandfather’s diary of 1908. 5. Dad’s diary of 1997. 6. My diary of 1996.




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10 Responses to Blog: Living ordinary lives, Day by Day

  1. Maureen says:

    We are going to be the most documented generation ever! And just think, we have p2P to inspire a good part of that! Thanks Jenny for this wonderful blog post!

  2. p222page222 says:

    Very nice story, loaded with tips and ideas to inspire me to take my photo today…Thanks Jenny

  3. Jayne Lewis says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I too live with just my hubby and dog….kids grown and gone and live elsewhere. So keeping an eye out for things will open my photo horizons. My townhouse neighborhood stays pretty much the same but trees do bud, flowers bloom and snow covers the ground from time to time. I will take a camera with me at all time….maybe not into the “powder room” but you get my drift. Look out 2012….here I come!!!

  4. junegauntley says:

    Jenny! Great post! I was reading your and “jolley’s” follow-ups, and thought “but if you did very many 2-pages-to-a-week” your album would not hold it all. But, it just hit me that there are 52 weeks to a year and you can hold 50 pages in an album, meaning you can get 100 sides in your book! So in that case, you could do two pages per week if you want, and still get it all in one album. I love that! Looking forward to 2012 Day-2-Day even more, now! Have a wonderful day!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks June. Except in Australia, we only get 80 pages to work with per Storybook, so I wouldn’t be able to do too many 2 pages to a week. Another reason why I like page prints.

  5. jolleyontheroad says:

    Great Blog Jenny! I too started out 2011 doing a photo a day and got bogged down when our summer job hit! And I also tend to take pictures of family, events and places we might be visiting, not the day to day stuff. So this year I am excited to look at the everyday day to day things we do! You and blessed to have such a family history you can see! I have very little! But I determined my children, who are also all grown, and my grandchildren will know all about my life! And that is so easy with Storybook and Pixels2Pages! I started an album that is just for journaling, and I decided last night I don’t have to only have one week on a 2 page spread! It’s my album and i can do what I want!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Jenny says:

      I agree, it is your album, you do it the way you want. My 2011 album is a mixture of all sorts. Some have one week to a page, others have one event over two pages. But that’s ok, it makes sense to me. Enjoy the event.

  6. Anne says:

    Love reading about your family. The photo of your dad in the orange grove strikes such a chord with me as I too grew up surrounded with orange trees. The scent of those blossoms can’t be duplicated! And so special to see the diaries of 3 generations – such a treasure! So excited to join in on the 365 photos this year too! Anne

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Anne. I can smell the orange from here when I get the juice all over my hands. The tree ripened oranges taste so different to the supermarket ones. Although, funny, they are grown on trees, but you do wonder by the taste! Looking forward to see what I do with the 366 days, don’t forget it’s leap year!

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