If you’re new to pixels2Pages, you might not know about the custom of saying “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first day of each month – legend has it that it brings good luck, and we can all use a little of that, right?  And today is May Day, which reminds me of Maypoles and flowery headdresses and the pretty pastel dresses of my youth.  I guess I’m giving my age away now!!

The “Rabbit, Rabbit” tradition here at pixels2Pages means that today is the day I recap the offerings of the previous month, just in case you might have missed something.  Since I’ve just this evening rolled in from a road trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, where I was doing a little pixels2Pages promotion and training, I’ll make this one short, sweet, and to the point!  Click on the links (in green) below to get right to the posts you missed or that you’d like to review.

April’s videos, released every Friday, included a Gold Portfolio, “Predesigned Pages”.  Gold Portfolios are the ideal starting place for those who are new to StoryBook Creator Plus or those wanting to get a good grasp of fundamental techniques.  They provide easy-to-follow instructions (with handouts by Anne) that are focused on one particular area, technique, or theme.  I’ll bet that even if you’ve been using predesigned pages since StoryBook Creator was first unveiled, you’ll learn something new from this Portfolio!   Don’t let the number of segments scare you – they are all really short and easy to watch – Kim did a fantastic job!

Have you ever made one of the 4D books?  Or wanted to give any little gift book to lots of people?  Check out Kerrianne’s clever “Design, Create, Repeat” workshop for some nifty ideas and be inspired!

Video Tidbits in April were brought to you by Tameka and Justine, and they unlock the mysteries of masks (Masks, Un-masked) and Cloning in StoryBook Creator.  You will be amazed at how simple these seemingly complex tasks are!

Finally, Kerrianne shared another artfully distressed technique in the Start2Finish “Linen Look” as she demonstrates how to create a page that looks like it was created on worn fabric.  We look forward to seeing how you use all of the techniques you’ve learned in these videos on our Facebook page!

This month’s Tips can be found under the Tell Me tab and under the “Tips and FAQs” button on our Facebook page.  We also had a Good2Know handout which was really released on the last day of March, but it’s a good one!  Here is the list of what got covered in April, thanks to Shelley, Jenny, Carolyn, Juzzi, and Anne.

  • Creating a Vignette in Memory Manager
  • Audio and Video Files in Memory Manager
  • Changing Default Units
  • Ordinary Journaling
  • Finding Fonts Faster
  • Capturing Details in Your Photographs
  • Saving Options in SBC 4
  • Changing Which Program Opens a Windows File (if you have trouble downloading Blueprints, PLEASE read this tip!)
  • Stitches in CM Art Kits (p2P Extra)

April Challenges, created by our Challenge team of Janice, Mary, Kim, and Kerrianne, included:

  • Read Between the Lines
  • Photo Series
  • Home Sweet Home Border
  • Title Pop
  • Pigs Might Fly

Challenges are found under the Inspire Me tab and weekly on the Free Trial.

Everybody’s favorite, Blueprints, are found under the Share With Me tab.  In April, we shared these great Blueprints by Juzzi, Kim, and Shelley.

  • Jenolan Caves for 10 photos (DPS)
  • Wall of Memories for 7 photos
  • Breakout for 4 photos
  • Rochester Falls for 3 or 4 photos
  • and a bonus, Mommy and Me for one special photo

April’s Pixie Dust had a fresh spring theme.  Designed especially for you by our Design Team (Kerrianne, Janice, Mary, Kim, Juzzi, and Anne), we shared:

  • Easter, Cross, and Bunnies
  • Frame and Overlay
  • Dragonfly and Birdhouse
  • April, Flowers, and Butterfly paper

Make sure you have downloaded and saved these special items BEFORE your subscription expires and BEFORE you activate a new subscription!  You must get your Blueprints and Pixie Dust during the subscription period in which they are released!!

Finally, our Focus on the Fan entries in April included interviews with Kathy Stone and Pam Unger, All-Stars Shawn Bartimoccia and Jennifer Bland, and lots of fun layouts by our fans.  You’ll find them all under the Inspire Me tab.  Thanks to Tameka for making sure our fans get recognized!

As always, our IT team of Jenny, Jeannine, Shelley, Kim, Juzzi, and Anne worked behind the scenes to make sure things were where they were meant to be.  In April, they had extra gremlins to battle as our server had some update issues.  Thanks for your patience and perseverance, y’all!  Project manager Carolyn kept us on track (think herding cats!) and I stayed busy answering the Contact Us questions.  We hope you enjoyed our April offerings and that May will bring even more good things your way!

Remember, we add something new to the pixels2Pages website every single day.  We appreciate your support and hope that you remember to share the digi love with your friends and customers.  Our video “What is pixels2Pages?” and our Free Trial page are great ways to share, but your personal testimonials carry the most weight.  There are still LOADS of folks out there who know nothing about pixels2Pages – help us spread the good word!

In fact, this coming weekend is the perfect time to introduce your friends and customers to pixels2Pages!  Beginning at 12:01 AM CDT on Friday, 4 May, we’ll be starting our second virtual cropathon!  Yep, we’ll be opening the vault and sharing some of our old favorites – videos, challenges, and more – all weekend long.  The fun ends at 11:59 PM CDT on Sunday, 6 May, when we close the vault and put the badges back in storage.  We’ll be having other special activities during the weekend, so don’t get too far away from our Facebook page!  We want to see your completed pages as we close out the p2P NSD Best of… Cropathon!  Get a head start by visiting the CMGD Facebook page – they are giving away goodies every day (including a DPS p2P Blueprint!!) through Saturday.  We’ve already started the fun here, too, with a Challenge with a twist and a special Classic Blueprint.  Don’t miss the fun!

Have fun with it!





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  1. debbiegh says:

    Thank you for this very detailed blog–I esp found the click on links VERY helpful as I had gotten busy during the month of April and somehow missed Tameka’s tidbit on Masks. This way I was able to click on it and find it easily.
    As always, all of you are awesome!

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