If you have spent any time at all with us at pixels2Pages, you will know how often we remind you to back up your files. And I know you all agree that it is really a good thing to do. But how many of us have that task on our endless To Do list?

You know you have to do it, and you will, just as soon as you have a free moment? How many of us do a full and thorough back up, sit back congratulating ourselves at what a great job we have done – and then forget to regularly update the back up? There’s plenty of time, isn’t there? I’ll do my back-ups when I finish this Storybook / after Christmas / when the kids go back to school – sound familiar?

Well, last week the unthinkable happened. Our home was broken into while we slept. They took my laptop, my husband’s work laptop, both our good cameras and a few other items. It was like losing my right arm! My computer and my camera are what I do – I take photos, I make StoryBooks, I run a website, I Facebook and Skype and email and … You get the picture. It’s a funny feeling, that moment while you are staring at the space where your items are supposed to be, not quite accepting they are gone, hoping that if you look away and look back they will be there and it was all a hideous mistake.

Sadly it was no mistake. But I am not writing this to rail against the thieves, or lament my lost items, but to document how thankful I am. Not thankful for the theft, but thankful that it could have been so much worse. Thankful that although we were in the house at the time, we did not wake up and hear them. Thankful that when they opened the door to my son’s room and saw him sleeping there, they did not go in. Thankful that I had my iPhone and iPad upstairs with me. Thankful that they did not trash my house (they even closed the back door behind them). Thankful for the items they chose not to take (including my external hard drives, containing all my Memory Vaults, StoryBooks and Art Kits). Thankful that my camera was not in its bag, with 3 good lenses, (meaning they only took the camera) and that the lens on the camera was damaged and needed replacing. Thankful for the support we have received since this happened. Thankful that I am able to keep this in perspective – I love my camera and my laptop, but in the end it is just stuff. And thankful that I was backed up.

Ironically the main reason I was up to date was because I had not long returned from our wonderful holiday with Jan and Mary and catching up with all our pixie pals. I made sure I backed up before I went away, because I was worried about travelling with my laptop. Of course, I got through that month fine, only to lose it from my home.

The moral of this story? Don’t wait till the worst happens! Be prepared. And when it comes to your photos and SBC projects, that means back up. Often. Regularly. Have a system. How often you back up depends on how much you are willing to lose! Here and here are a couple of tips to get you started. But whatever system you use – do it! Don’t wait till you have time. Just do it. Today. If you were to lose your computer right this minute, would your photos be safe?

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12 Responses to When the worst happens

  1. Shelley says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I hope you have all made sure you are backed up – and tell your friends too! I can’t comment on specific Back-up software, that is not my expertise. I have linked to a few tips on backing up (in the last paragraph of the blog) with specific reference to SBC & Memory manager. Hope they are helpful.

  2. Annette says:

    It sounds like this is a discussion we all need to have… Can you help us, Pixies??? We have lots to learn…

  3. KMacDigi says:

    Thanks for reminding us all to back up!!! I know my clients are sick of hearing me say that, but I sure hope they are DOING it!!! I am so annoyed that someone would enter your home and take your property, but grateful, as you pointed out, that it wasn’t worse! Thank you again, Shelley, for your wonderful words of wisdom…

  4. cininden says:

    Shelley, I’m sorry to hear your news and glad you have such a good attitude about it.

  5. Karen says:

    Shelley, I am sorry that you had to go through this invasion of your home. They obviously and thankfully were not looking to hurt anyone. I have several ways to back up….external for MM and an external for finished projects. My computer is backed up on Carbonite on a daily basis, but my question to you is does that backup protect my projects in the making? I recently heard that Carbonite told someone they cannot back up the pictures from MM because of the way the pictures are stored but I have those covered with an external harddrive. Do you know if the projects in SB that haven’t been sent to an external are protected by Carbonite?

  6. Grannabeth says:

    Shelly, I want to learn this lesson from you. Your attitude about your theft is so uplifting. I am so thankful to God that you and your family are safe and that you can probably replace most of what was taken. We have had a couple of breakins at our home, but we were fortunate that we were not at home at the time. I, too, am thankful that you did not wake up and hear them. Backup, backup, backup….that’s the lesson for the day. Got Carbonite and EHD that backup daily.

  7. junegauntley says:

    Oh Shelley! So sorry you had to go through all that, but as you said, so thankful that they just took “stuff” and your family was not hurt. Your story reminds me of when I lost my EHD and wrote in a panic to p2P, you responded, and, you helped me solve the problem. Now, because of that experience, I am very careful with my backups and have subscribed to a “cloud” backup system as well. I know that all my photos and storybooks and completed pages are safe. Congratulations to you for practicing what you preach!!! And so thankful for God’s protection on your family.

  8. gayneal says:

    Oh Shelley, what an awful story! You have a wonderful attitude and it was a good reminder to all of us about what matters!

  9. traciehenkel says:

    First, I’m also very thankful that you weren’t hurt — how frightening! Thank God for protection of you and those you love. Second, I learned the hard way years ago about the importance of backing up regularly. I was compiling a family cookbook before a large family reunion took place. I had a tight deadline, but it seemed do-able. Then my computer crashed without a backup. My sister gave me a big pep talk and helped me re-enter all the recipes, and the books were literally hot off the press in time for the reunion. But in the rush we forgot to include some of the late-addition recipes and didn’t have a table of contents. The cookbook is still a treasure as is, but it was a hard lesson to learn.

  10. Annette says:

    What a horrible experience! Glad to know YOU and your FAMILY are OK!!

    You make it sound like “backing up” is as easy as clicking a button. I’m kind of naive about this, because I have Carbonite… My tech guy assures me that this is the way to go… But now I have an EHD with stuff on it… So how exactly does a “back up” work?

  11. lizpropst says:

    Oh Shelley…I am so sorry for all your inconvenience and so thankful for your positive attitude. Thanks for sharing…we all needed to learn from you today.

  12. tlburgy says:

    What a terrible experience, Shelley! You are taking it in stride so well, focusing on the positive. I’m sure it was very traumatic to have some invade YOUR space and take YOUR things. But you have a great outlook. They were just things. Thank goodness for your and your famiy’s health and safety. I do have a question. I want to be sure I am creating a shadow copy of my MM correctly. I have it to auto update (at least I think I do). Every time I close out the program and have my EHD connected to it, it goes through some sort of metadata backupthat takes a few minutes before shutting down. Is that creating a shadow copy? Thank you for your help!

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