Some people won’t believe this, but today, I’m stuck for words. My blog is due and with everything that has been going on lately, what with the website crashing on us twice in a matter of weeks, the videos doing silly things like not playing, working my part time job and now preparing for a weekend of NSD cropping, I’ve been so busy, that nothing comes to mind.

Maybe I’ll blame it on the husband. He won’t mind! He always told me if ever I needed an excuse to get out of something, blame him! Hmmm! Well he has just spent six weeks home on long service leave, his third since he started work in the parks & gardens depot at the City of Geraldton (now called the City of Greater Geraldton), over 30 years ago. He’s longing to retire, and thought he would once he turned 65. That has been and gone and he’s now back at work. Once upon a time, once one turned 65, that’s it, you would finish work, get the gold watch and walk out the gate, however since the GFC, many are now staying on at work and that’s where we are today! But where else would we be…well that Winnebago I took a photo of last weekend, looks very inviting and I’ve got my iPad, iPhone and laptop, I’d be like a pig in mud! and Pigs Might Fly too!!

It was strange coming home from my work to find him home. Usually we try and coordinate our holidays and go away somewhere, not this year. Many retirees could relate to this I’m sure, what to do with the man when he’s home all the time! You see, I’m a bit of a stickler for getting the bed made as soon as I get up. Everyday, I would walk in from work and find the bed not made. I tried hard to tell myself it didn’t matter! Seriously? Urgh! I used to try to get my kids to make their beds when they were growing up too, but that fell on deaf ears and still has. Often times when I’m visiting them, all three, do not make their beds. Why is that? Rebellion!? I did as my mother told me. It was actually something my mother said to me when my first baby came along and it has stuck with me for years; make the beds first and you’ll at least feel like you have achieved something for the day. The rest will fall into place as needed. It was so true. I feel like half my housework is done if the beds are made.

But, I shall not grumble, until he officially retires, at least! You see, while he was on holidays, he spent a lot of time retiling our ensuite bathroom and what a grand job he did too. I’m really pleased with the end result. He can be a bit slap happy at times, however he did retile our kitchen about eight years ago and in 2009, just as Jan and Rex from the US were about to visit, he started retiling the guest bathroom. Not quite finishing it before they arrived. And as for painting, let’s not even go there!!! However, he has done well this time and no light fittings or door handles show the remnants of the paint brush. Maybe there are just a few splashes on the tiles, but they’ll scrape off.

Bob, is a bit of a computer guy too. Self taught, all the way, and is forever tinkering on his computer, if he’s not fixing one for someone else. He has quite a few mates, around his age and older, that he loves to help out. Building them a computer so they can get online, search some stuff and send an email. That’s all they want to do, well that’s all any of us want to do…until we get started! He spent most of his holiday, in between tiling and resting his back, tinkering with a computer. Most weekends, there’s either someone pulled up in our driveway to collect their repaired computer or he’s off helping out his mates getting theirs going, and that’s where he is right now, helping a mate. All done in kind, he never does any of this for money, although some often buy him a beer or 3 and one gets his wife to cut his hair. That’s pretty good bartering, I think anyway! Maybe I’d better start throwing out some hints for a bottle of vino occasionally!

I’m grateful for my husband, even if he doesn’t make the bed, but he is very helpful around the house when it comes to repairs and maintenance. You’ll often find him in the shed fixing something, just recently, it was my 30 year old food processor. It had died, but it’s all working again now, as good as gold. Give him anything to fix and I could just about guarantee he could fix it, computers, anything electronic, or just anything! You can even catch him at the stove on many an occasion and hanging out the washing. At the end of the day, I guess I’m pretty lucky, as there are many who wouldn’t lift a finger around the house. We figured that if I needed to go to work, the work at home has to be shared. It’s worked pretty well these past 35+ years!

Golly, I did find something to write about after all!!!

Here’s a couple of pages using the p2P Blueprint – Jenolan Caves – left and right

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14 Responses to Stuck for Words! Me? Never!

  1. Jeannine says:

    So you struggled up until the very time your blog was due (well, you had plenty of time to spare in “Jeannine time”, if you asked me) and you ended up writing one of my favorite blogs. So what does this tell you? You need to push things to the wire more often. Basically, just do what I do.
    HA!!! I know that will NEVER happen. You are one of the most cheerfully organized person I know. Which is why you keep this website running like butter (yes, along with your team- but all teams need a team lead!). You are a planner and a hard worker, always plugging away, ever mindful of what’s due up next. And for those who don’t see you doing so from the back end, Jenny is much like her husband- which I have to believe is why they’ve got their beautiful family who adores them and a whopping 35+ years of marriage under their “digi tool belts”! And like I always say when Jenny brings up something he did that was perfect timing to help her out, or just makes us laugh- “Everyone needs a Bob in their life”. It’s so true. What a perfect match you two are! I also think everyone needs a Jenny in their life too….and I am quite thankful we have you in ours, Miss Jenny MacPickles! You never stop surprising me- and I hope you never do! Love ya, IT Buddy!! ~J

  2. sallycm says:

    Loved your blog today Jenny and boy, can I relate with the hubby thing. Sometimes I just have to shut myself in my own space and ‘create’ my zone when he’s here doing his ‘projects’.

    I liked your pages too, especially the second one. Where did the buttons with the stitches come from? I can never find stitches and I don’t like naked buttons.

  3. sistersunshine says:

    Jenny Jenny Jenny, were we separated at birth, and then married twins that were also separated at birth? Just wondering…*U* Kathleen

  4. jsquare says:

    Note to self… “make bed and half your housework will be done”….. But I am just going to mess it up in 14 hours anyway. Great blog, Jenny. Luck husband to have a wife that appreciates him as much as you do.

  5. Barbara Hewitt says:

    I can identify too. My husband tiled the two baths and kitchen in our new house before we moved in two years ago. There were also electrical jobs, baseboards, ceiling fans, all new outlets and switches, painting, etc. that he did too. I must admit his computer room is much messier at time than your husbands. I tease him that we run a camp for computers. Living in a 55+ community people are always dropping off their computers for him to work on while they are gone. Except for parts he gets paid like a country doctor – fresh tomatoes, peanut M&Ms, gift cards, homemade goodies, etc. Retirement, also a long and happy marriage, is about give and take and deciding what battles are really important and letting the others go. Life is too short to be unhappy with each other all of the time. I only wish mine did more housework without having to be asked. Loved your nothing to say blog!

    • Jenny says:

      Oh Barbara, your hubby and mine would get on so well, while we digi scrapped. They could talk computers until the cows come home! Now that would be a holiday of my dreams, keep the man occupied! I’ll promise not to get too mad at him, when he does finally retire 😉

  6. Maureen says:

    If Bob is ever at whits end for something to fix, we would gladly welcome his expertise here…the kitchen and bathrooms could use some updating and all those little “honey dos” that require a handyman – well, let’s just say Bob would be a welcome sight! It would be like a little bed and breakfast excursion to Oregon (we’ll tack on lunch and dinner, too, and a little site seeing). But the deal is, you have to come too, Jenny!

    • Jenny says:

      Maureen, he’s actually fixing my computer now. It started playing up yesterday, right in the middle of the NSD Crop, so not many pages done by me. Just hold that thought, you never know when we might land on your doorstep, tools in hand :-)) You made me smile.

  7. kathy says:

    I am still laughing. I love how ones experiences are the same or close to the same as someone you have never met. I can truly identify.

  8. Carolyn says:

    You crack me up! The word count on this post is 915 words. Stuck, indeed. 🙂

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