(This portfolio was recorded using StoryBook Creator 4.0 Software.   All aspects of this video, including the worksheets are relevant when using Artisan 4.0)

If you’re a StoryBook 4.0 or Artisan 4.0 user, you have a party just waiting to happen! Unleash your laptop and start creating hats, plates, banners, tags, gift boxes, and so many other goodies to make your next party fun and successful!
Watch this exciting Mango Portfolio (MEGA-full of videos, worksheets, handouts, and more!) and get inspired to hold your next party, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, welcome home, reunion or Father’s Day.

Your notion of a party will never be the same and your guests will be wowed by the creativity of their hostess. Hope you can come with us for a lot of fun. You’re invited! Let’s get this party started!

Video Segments

Segment 1 (8:36 minutes) Segment one will get you started with invitations, thanks you’s, name tags, straw decorations  and favors.

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Segment 2 (19:44 minutes) In this segment you’ll learn how to make napkin rings, party toppers, food and party labels, paper lanterns and a review on making banners.  This segment builds on the last and as you continue, the party will get better and better!

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Segment 3 (10:10 minutes) This segment will help you create personalized water bottles, glass charms and a goodie basket to make everyone happy! Just one more layer of excitement for your party!

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Segment 4 (10:59 minutes) In this segment you’ll discover how easy it is to make a triangle box to tuck away surprises and bag toppers for fun stuff to give away to guests at your next party.

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Segment 5 (8:09 minutes) For our last party segment, everything gets pulled together as you add customized plates, placemats and party hats to look your best. Be sure and browse the Gallery below to see a completed party!

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Workshop banners





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Click on the image below to download a .zip file containing all worksheets associated with this portfolio.  Once downloaded, right-click on .zip file to extract .page files for import into your StoryBook Creator project.

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Click on the image to download printable pdf handouts containing step-by-step instructions. Note these handouts are for your personal use only.

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For your convenience, we have sample pages and instruction for each segment of this Portfolio organized into specific groups.   Just select which segment you would like to view by clicking the menu at the top of the gallery page. Scroll from left to right to view instruction pages for later segments.  Put2Practice Funwork assignments are within their individual category.

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23 Responses to R2R Mango Portfolio: Party Time with StoryBook Creator /Artisan

  1. Felisha says:

    Well… had to come back to this one! My daughter will be turning Sweet 16 in September… Let the party planning begin!!

  2. Tina Bruderer says:


  3. Tina Bruderer says:

    this was exactly what i needed thx so much!

  4. gemofjules says:

    AMAZING !! Loved the tip in segment 2 about the lanterns in quarter size. That’s going to open up some doors to other ideas! Thanks !!
    As always a FABULOUS job ladies.

    PS – Segment 1 was small for me also, even when played in full screen mode.

  5. joyce@joycesphotos.com says:

    I might have to have a party, just to be able to use all these great ideas. Thanks so much for the ideas and instructions.

  6. Jan says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how ADORABLE this stuff was in person! When Mary, Kim, Tameka, Janice, and Kerrianne decorated for our Tiki Island Pixie Party it was too cute! No more trips to the party store for me! Thanks, oh creative ones!

  7. lizpropst says:

    Oh my the handout pixie queen has been busy! I too can’t get segment 1 to enlarge …others work just fine.
    Thanks for sharing the fun!

  8. dwyatt1 says:

    I can’t wait to get started watching the video. I will used all of these ideas for my women’s retreat October 2012. Thanks!!

  9. ksferris says:

    Lots of great ideas in this portfolio! I can’t decide what to try first! I did have a couple questions/comments. The Handout only has tips for segment 5, but it seemed like the videos referenced handouts for each segment. Also, I had the same problem as cmsher, who commented above, with the first video – even after clicking on the rectangle to view the full screen the image for the video was very small – it started small, was full screen for the introduction on what the segments would cover, and then was small again. I tried two different browsers, and they were both the same. Thanks for all your great ideas!

    • Tameka says:

      Only segment five has a handout. The other segments refer to the instruction pages in the gallery below. We are currently working on a fix for segment one. We hope to have that adjusted soon.

  10. absalash says:

    fabulous! Simply fabulous! I wish my kids were younger and I could their birthday parties all over again! To think that I did so many of these things, but struggled so much to make them!
    I have a question for segment 3, making the triangle boxes. Do you have any tips for using the scoring blade? In the sense, placing the paper, so that it is scored in the exact place that is marked? The paper has to be moved a little further away from the ruler to get that precise point, and very often I mess it up because the blade is not bang on the marked line. Any tips of word of caution to achieve that would be great.
    Thanks a ton, once again. This was yet another total treat! 🙂

    • Janice says:

      Thanks! I find that there are lines on the mat strip cutting area from when I’ve used the cutting blade and I use these to line everything up when scoring. If the marks on the mat strip are fairly fine – I have used a marker at the top and bottom of the strip to highlight exactly where the scoring and cutting blades will go.

      It’s never too late for party stuff – I made the triangle boxes our bon bons for Christmas – and filled them with personalised goodies for each family member. Whatever the age – people love party stuff!!!

  11. Carol Painter says:

    Absolutely amazing. How do you all come up with these wonderful projects for us to do.

  12. suethoenes says:

    I’m speechless – you have totally outdone yourselves on this one. You are such a great team with Mary, Kerrianne, Kim, Janice and Tameka collaborating on these wonderful ideas. I have already listened to all the videos, read all of the handouts, downloaded all of the templates and I am ready to start making all of the fancies for my Fourth of July Summer Party Crop – I will be the hit of the entire neighborhood with all these cool ideas!!! Thank you so much for making my life so much fun!!! Goin’ back in the globe – no happy hour for me……Pure Adrenalin….

  13. 3starrabbit says:

    Isn’t it sad when you’d rather stay home and watch videos than go to Happy Hour with friends??? Can’t wait to get home and begin watching! This is awesome! Thank you….I can also see ideas for the p2P crop in September!!!

  14. Barb Reese says:

    I’ve just finished watching Segment 1 and I love it! I have some favors to make to take to a convention in July, and I think I will make some of the bookmarks. I’ll finished watching the other segments this evening. Thanks for a great video of wonderful ideas.

  15. fwalker says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! I’m at work just wishing I had the time to watch this right this minute!!! Now I’ll be ready for my oldest birthday party in September! I’m SO excited… and still completely amazed at how you Pixies are able to come up with this stuff!

  16. cmsher says:

    Segment 1 of this video was VERY tiny even when viewing in full screen mode. I watched segment 2 as well to make sure it wasn’t my computer. Segment 2 was fine. I was hardly able to see what was going on in Segment 1 because the screen was so small. If indeed this problem is unique to me and not the video, pls. let me know and I’ll check my computer. Can’t wait to view them all – awesome as always and just in time for my grad party planning!

    • Kerrianne says:

      On the bottom right side of the video screen there is a small rectangle (with rounded corners) click on that one and the whole screen will show for you.

  17. Kerrianne says:

    GO TEAM!!
    Amazing amount of wonderful ideas and I would like to be first to say “Such Digital Eye Candy” happening right there at that p2PTiki Party – so colourful and fun!
    Love how this Portfolio has all come together 🙂

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