Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay! Our pixels2Pages Facebook Page ( is the place where we get to meet and interact with our subscribers, sharing completed pages, answering questions and inspiring and encouraging one another.

The purpose of this post is to give you a little guided tour of Facebook’s current set-up, to help you navigate our page, and ensure you don’t miss a thing. Lots of changes can be confusing, but change keeps things interesting, and we just need a little knowledge in order to keep up. In summary, here are the main features of the current Facebook layout:

Timeline Cover Image


  • Our Cover Image changes every day. The image represents the most recent post on, whether it is a video, tip, challenge, etc.
  • The Profile picture is the small thumbnail that appears next to each post we make on the wall. If you see it on your News Feed, you will know it is one of us (the team at pixels2Pages).
  • Click “Like” to receive regular updates, and to enable commenting and posting on our wall.
  • Did you know you can send us a message? This is one of the new features. Click on “Message” just under the Timeline Cover.

Facebook Tabs


  • Just below the Profile Picture, click on ‘About’ to learn a bit more about pixels2Pages.
  • All sorts of goodies are hidden behind the Facebook Tabs. Click on each box to see what is hidden behind. Click the tiny triangle to see more tabs.  We are still fully developing these tabs – watch this space for future developments – some exciting things are planned.
  • Current tabs include:
    • Photos – all photos/pages which have been posted to our page (somewhat organised into albums)
    • Pixie Picks – pages made with some of our favorite new kits released each month
    • Tips – hyperlinks to all the tips on Instead of searching online, one click here will take you straight to the tip you are looking for.
    • Layout Gallery – slideshows of a selection of pages by the pixies and by our subscribers and fans using blueprints, challenges or other techniques taught by pixels2Pages
    • Videos – a selection of free videos about pixels2Pages and some of our activities
    • Notes – some extra information on a variety of topics

Getting Around

Just under the Timeline header is a tiny faded grey button that hides an important function:


Click on the Highlights button to switch between2012-07-03_2304

  • The highlights page – a selection of pixie and fan pages. It is not under our control which pages appear on the highlights page.
  • Friend Activity – posts on our page by your Facebook friends
  • Posts by Page (that is us, the p2P team)
  • Posts by Others (members of our Facebook community)

As you scroll down the page away from the Highlights button, you get a new option popping up:


This little menu stays at the top of the screen and is always available. It contains a whole lot of choices:

  • Clicking Timeline gives you links to the main page, all the tabs, and the About section
  • Clicking Now enables you to look for a post from a previous date
  • Clicking Highlights gives you the same links as the fixed Highlights button


When I go on Facebook I check the Highlights page and the timeline image to see what’s new. Then I click on posts by page, and then posts by others to make sure I don’t miss a thing. The layout is very different since the recent switch to timeline view, but the benefits include larger image thumbnails, the ability to view images at full screen, and much easier navigation to older posts. I know some of you have struggled to adjust to the change, but I honestly prefer this new arrangement. Hopefully this information will help you find your way around, so that you can enjoy the fun of our Facebook page again.

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6 Responses to Blog: Facebook Demystified

  1. Penny says:

    I just read this blog entry and had to tell you how much it has helped me figure out how to navigate the p2P fan page. Thanks!

  2. Jeannine says:

    OMGosh Shelley…who knew?! You did! I know I should have known more…but I learned several new things through your V-blog (and that’s VISUAL blog, not video blog…haha). I wonder what I have missed out on lately. Off to have a looksie! Thanks for always being five steps ahead of new things! ~J

  3. kathy says:

    Thanks, I was aware of most of the “buttons” etc, but I did learn a little more. Every bit helps.

  4. aimado says:

    I am a Facebook Fan and I had no idea I was missing some posts. Thanks for the visual explanation!

  5. 66Morgan says:

    Thank you for this explanation. I am not a Facebook Fan so this helped me alot.

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