We have great news!

You have asked, and we have listened.  Effective today, there will be some important changes to our partnership with Creative Memories.  These changes will allow the pixels2Pages team to serve Consultants and customers better.

Beginning 1 September 2012, pixels2Pages 90-day training subscriptions will no longer be sold as a Creative Memories product.   The pixels2Pages team is transitioning to become Licensed Digital Software Trainers for Creative Memories. What that means for you is that pixels2Pages will continue to offer you this wonderful online resource, focusing exclusively on Creative Memories digital products and services.  Instead of purchasing pixels2Pages 90-day training subscriptions at www.creativememories.com or from your consultant’s website, after 4 September, you will purchase your pixels2Pages membership directly from the www.pixels2Pages.net website.

You have asked, and we have listened.  Here are some of the things you’ve asked for:

  • We will be offering a variety of memberships at a range of prices, and you get to pick the pixels2Pages membership that is just right for you at a price that suits you best.
  • You will be able to set up an auto-renewal option so that you will not be without your pixels2Pages membership, and you won’t have to remember to purchase a new one.
  • We will be able to offer live and online digital software training, and it will be exclusively on Creative Memories digital products and services.

If you are a current pixels2Pages subscriber, don’t worry.  The pixels2Pages Team is committed to making your transition effortless.

Some of the pixels2Pages team attended Showcase, the Creative Memories annual convention, in Minneapolis earlier this month.  We spoke to hundreds of Consultants who stopped by our booth at Expo, and we manned the Digital Help Desk for Creative Memories.  If you missed the news, here’s the 411 on this LINK.

We are thrilled about this opportunity for the pixels2Pages team to partner with Creative Memories in a new way, and we think you will appreciate the changes, too!

For those of you in Australasia, this new partnership agreement allows us to sell memberships in the United States and Canada.  We are actively pursuing the possibility of extending the agreement to Australia and New Zealand.  We appreciate your patience and we are humbled that you have stayed with us under the circumstances.

As always, we are grateful for the support that all of you have given us these past few years!

Jan, on behalf of the pixels2Pages team

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67 Responses to Blog: Exciting Changes Coming!

  1. mysweetbaboo says:

    If my customers don’t have a subscription should they wait until after Sept 4th and get it from you or get the 90 day before it expires? I want to direct them toward the best benefits. Thanks

  2. Beachbum says:

    Will there be a way to check your subscription if not on auto renew? And is there a way to find out if I’ve renewed past Sep 1? Thanks for all that you’ve taught me, I love it!!

    • Jan says:

      Beachbum, all memberships (except Back2Basics) will be auto-renewing. Your current subscription expires on 1 October, which means that from 4 September until 15 October, you’ll be enjoying a Pixels2Pages premium membership. See today’s blog post for more information!

  3. ladyonzgo says:

    Just to be sure I got this..we have 1 more week of BP,PD,videos, workshops and challenges? And then almost nothing for 8 days or so? AND THEN on 4th viola all new site and lots of wonderful fun stuff… Hope the server will ba able to handle all the traffic I suspect you will be seeing!

  4. dpasquini says:

    I can’t wait! Exciting things definitely coming our way! Thanks, Pixies!

  5. CMCLisa says:

    Can you give us some more information about current subscribers? I have customers (and myself) wanting to know if they should join/renew before the 1st (using & earning Rewards Club credit) and I can’t find any information about what package/level current subscribers will come in with after the changes. Thanks a bunch!

  6. gogodesigns says:

    Changes sound great, I can use all the help I can get!! LOL!

  7. topaintasmile says:

    My account will not allow me to look at the blueprint or pixie dust it says my subscription does not allow me to view. Up untill yesterday I was, my subscription is not up until 9-17-08

  8. carolyn18 says:

    I could not agree more with everyone’s comments. Congrats Pixies! I love p2P and plan on signing up for 1 year auto renewal. I was wondering what was going to happen to all the great stuff that is currently on the website? Should I start taking even more notes? Another question, why isn’t everyone a p2P subscriber?

  9. ljfox says:

    Does this mean that my Consultant will lose the sales for all her customers ordering P2P?

  10. LindaGuth says:

    WOW this is great, you have just taken a great product and mad it better. Any idea on how soon the new subsription info will be available, we like to knw what our chices will be, love the auto renewal!!!

  11. tgranlund says:

    Looking forward to hearing more and seeing some of the Pixies at Showcase! Love your site and your enthusiasm for what you do. Congrats on this change.

  12. jjohnsey says:

    I have a question. My membership just expired. Should I buy 90 days with CM or wait 30 days for the new solution?

    • Jan says:

      Julia, that mostly depends on whether you want to miss a month of pixels2Pages! Everyone who has an active subscription on Sept 1 will be transitioned over to a new membership that will expire when your 90 day subscription would have expired. Full details about new memberships will be available on our website at the end of the week.

  13. Kimberly762@gmail.com says:

    Whoo hoo! Congratulations Pixies and cheers to the next successful business adventure. I look forward to meeting all of you at Showcase. I have two newbies to digital that bought Storybook in the sale. I was telling them about how great this training program is and will have them hold off to sign up after Showcase when we get more info on new structure. Next week cannot get here soon enough!

  14. BethanyK says:

    Will we have to wait until showcase to know how those of us in current subscriptions will be transitioned? As far as I can guess I need to renew on Aug 4th, should I set one more 90 day reminder after that?

    • Jan says:

      On September 1, everyone with an active subscription will be transitioned over to an equivalent membership for the duration of that 90 day subscription. When it runs out, you will get to choose what membership you want next.

  15. lizpropst says:

    My prayer all along has been that p2P will make it big…..you’ve shared an amazing amount of info and inspiration…I do hope that your wonderful venture has been a financial success!! And as for the idea of t-shirts. What fun that would be ….a design that we could print off on a transfer and iron on our own shirts. It would be so fun to show off p2P when we go to crops and scrapbook retreats. Blessings for a safe and fun road trip to Showcase.

  16. Grannabeth says:

    So excited about this news. I have been a subscriber sine day one and before when it was free. I have learned so much from the pixies that I could not have figured out on my own. Congrats to all of you. Can not wait to hear more.

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