We love our Blueprints here at pixels2Pages, and we know you will too. They are a great way to complete a stylish page in no time at all. Whether you want to use a Blueprint exactly as it is, or tweak it to your heart’s content, these video tidbit portions of our classic Blueprint Brilliance portfolio will teach you what blueprints are and how to download them for your use in digital scrapbooking  projects. Enjoy!

Blueprint Brilliance

This video explains what a Blueprint is, and tells you a little bit about our history:

What is a Blueprint?  [6:35 mins] 

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Downloading Blueprints

Click the image to download a print and keep handout on how to download and save your Blueprints. Choose the handout that pertains to your preferred internet browser.




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44 Responses to B2B : Downloading Blueprints

  1. Angela says:


    This work is hard to find time to do. I am in lesson three and now want to begin downloading the blueprints. When I go to the bar at the top and click on blue prints I only have two choices in the dropdown menu: blueprints and blue print help but nothing about a gallery. I am using Chrome. Am I missing something very obvious? Thank you, Angela

    • Alison says:

      No, Angela, you’re not missing anything. This post was written several years ago, and there have been some changes to our website since then. So we no longer have a Blueprints Gallery like you saw in the snip of the menu, and the menus all look a little bit different. The process for downloading Blueprints is basically the same though. As a B2B member, you can access the Back2Basics Blueprints on the Back2Basics home page here.

  2. KatieK. says:

    B2B is great! Just the pace I need to use since my available time is sneaking in moments as I caregive to my MIL.
    Quick question as I want to not reinvent the wheel or recipe as I don’t have time to: What’s the sanest most efficient way to take blueprints and content I have on my previous computer? Search .page file and copy to one of my cloud/transfer storage options(OneDrive, Google Drive, ExHD, etc)?
    I have moved content previously but as mentioned before, I’m rusty from lack of practice and getting pulled away frequently while trying to get stuff done.
    I know I have options but since my time is very limited I want to limit mess-ups and problems. I know others have had to do this so I want to hear from others who have tips, etc.
    Or is this another ‘lesson’?
    I purposely have not imported any of my content and blueprints as I want to keep my file system and tags and such more organized then previous. Sure that has happened to some of us too!
    Again, thanks for all the great tips and help.

  3. Maria Bell says:

    Well Shelley, I Thank you for the suggestion. I already had done that and it didn’t change things so I spent the last two days looking at everything I could find to read on p2p. I found and answer and I am not sure now just where. lol. I had uninstalled Artisan 4. I installed it again and voila, my BPs now are visible and in order. I love this place. Thanks for all of your help.

  4. Maria Bell says:

    I have downloaded Windows 10 and Artisan 5 and am not sure that was such a good idea. I need to learn 2 new things instead of one. I sent a question about viewing the blueprint pictures on the preview and now I just was wondering if this is the better place to post that question, since it is where I see a possible solution. rockyroad77 asked on October 26 2013, and Shelley replied suggesting an update to Artisan 4. Will that still work on Artisan 5 and if it does where do I get that update.

  5. Sandy Evans says:

    I am unable to download the blueprints. I am using Google Chrome, I was able to the one in the lesson, but not the ones under blueprints. Maybe I am not able to do those? Thank you for your help.

    • Shelley says:

      This part of lesson 3 just has the instructions for downloading Blueprints. The Blueprints themselves are in the main page of Lesson 3

      • Sandy Evans says:

        Shelly am i only able to download the blueprints in lesson 3? It sounds from the video I am able to download more, but i am not able to download them under the bluerpint tap. Thank you again

  6. joanne mcfall smith says:

    I was able to download the blueprints but when I right click on the zipped file I do not get an option to open, unzip or extract the files. I use Google chrome as Internet Explorer doesn’t work on my computer- can you help me?- Hi, I have taken Janette’s problem, and copied it here. I listened to the video, created the folders, and downloaded the free Blueprints, but do not seem to see anywhere/any menu to save them. Any suggestions?




    • Shelley says:

      Have you downloaded and printed the handout on downloading blueprints using Chrome that is in this post? If you follow the steps exactly, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Once you have downloaded the zip file, you don’t right-click on the zipped folder, you just open it.

  7. Barbara McCorkle says:

    I somehow have added multiple pages to SBC4 when I tried downloading the blueprints. How can I delete them off of my projects?

    • Shelley says:

      It sounds like you are opening the blueprints, rather than saving them. If you open the file, Artisan (and SBC) thinks it is a new project. The icons at the bottom of the welcome screen are just thumbnails of your recently opened projects. It is safe to just ignore them, as you open newer projects, the older ones will drop off. However it is important when downloading Blueprints to save them, rather than opening the files.

  8. rockyroad77 says:

    After buying Artisan I waited a while to delete my SB4.0. I just did that and now not all my blueprints are showing. Some do and some I see as the artisan logo. When I look at them on my EHD I only see the artisan logo and not any blueprint pictures. Please help. Thanks

  9. Gracie McDaniel says:

    I feel lost as a goose… Gonna watch lesson 3 again…

  10. Kendra Albright says:

    At 2:43 on the 2nd video, it just stops and won’t go on. I have tried restarting it, pausing it, and coming back later and nothing is working. Not sure what to try next.

    • Jan says:

      Kendra, I’m sorry you are having problems with the video! I’ve just watched the entire video with no problems. Here are some suggestions for you (from our FAQs):
      Turn off all extra programs running, including Skype and IM programs (these programs can take up some of your bandwidth, which can cause video streaming issues)
      If the video keeps stopping, pause the video and let it fully load before trying to watch it.
      If you are watching a video and the video stops running at the same point each time, you are likely experiencing a timing out issue. The best solution we have found is to move your mouse frequently (or adjust the power settings on your computer). Sometimes your computer power settings will stop activity if it doesn’t detect movement. Give this a try as it is the most common fix for our viewers.
      If you are experiencing repeated “delays” in the video playing, then it is likely a bandwidth issue. Check that you are getting a good signal from your internet network or wireless router. These videos are streaming from our website to your computer, so they need a good connection to run smoothly.
      If you haven’t restarted your computer in forever like I often do, now would be a good time (and then quit out of Skype again since it will auto load on restart). By restarting, you will clear your clipboard of extra stuff that inevitably builds up when working with digital programs- and slows down your machine.
      How much RAM you have on your computer and the processor speed can also affect your viewing capabilities.

      Hopefully these tips will resolve any the problems you may experience.

  11. Chris says:

    where is lesson 3 please

  12. Anne Burgess says:

    I successfully download your blueprints, but when I unzip them I get two of the same blueprint. Why is this and is one different from the other? Thanks for your help.

    • Jan says:

      Good for you, Anne! If you’ll look closely at the names of the Blueprints, you’ll see one starts p2P_12_ and one starts p2P_11. One is a 12×12 size and the other is 11×8.5. By watching the first video of Blueprint Brilliance, you can learn all about how the Blueprints are named.

  13. Mary Leigh A kragh says:

    Actually did these yesterday! Next!

  14. carollnewton@cox.net says:

    I’ve been saving p2P Blueprints for a long time now. I just watched segment 2 of the Blueprints Brilliance Gold Portfolio and now have a question. In the beginning, I had 2 files one for zipped and one for unzipped Blueprints. Somewhere along the line I quit saving the zipped file and now only have the unzipped folder. Not sure why I did that. Is there a reason for saving the zipped files?
    I’ve been using p2P Blueprints a lot while creating my 2011 family storybook…love them!

  15. Nici's Mom says:

    Whew! Made it this far. I use Firefox and am having issues understanding where things go. This is not a new problem but whatever. If you can explain how to download on FF that would be great if not I can use IE and hopefully find everything when I need them.

  16. Debbie Ramsey says:

    Love having the pdf files to go back and reference. I’m so proud of myself – have actually used some of the zipped
    blueprints in my current Storybook project!

  17. Sandy says:

    Lesson 3 done. Glad for the pointers on how to download. Sometimes it’s the little things that cause the most trouble.

  18. cmjill2001 cmjill2001 says:

    Making progress! So far, so good. Thanks!

  19. Sharon says:

    Your Instructions were “SPOT ON” once I followed your instructions to the letter (thought I knew windows 7 program). I learned a few things about folder locations that I can use professionally. HIghly encourage members to watch the video once all the way through before starting the process. Don’t forget to pause, rewind and watch again this video as needed. Great information!

  20. Janette Ballard Janette Ballard says:

    OK- I got the files to unzip and found the option when I was in the downloads folder, but now when I go to the folder to open it, it will say that Adobe reader could not open the file. That it could be damaged..do I need to upgrade my Adobe reader? I have Windows 7 and use Google.

  21. Janette Ballard Janette Ballard says:

    I downloaded the handouts and I am trying to follow them to unzip my files. I was able to download the blueprints but when I right click on the zipped file I do not get an option to open, unzip or extract the files. I use Google chrome as Internet Explorer doesn’t work on my computer- can you help me?

  22. Kristin Sladek says:

    I’m new here and excited to get going. It’s fun to listen to the Aussies teach. 🙂

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