It’s almost September, and by now I hope you know that means that things will be very different at pixels2Pages very soon!  Your pixels2Pages team has been busily working behind the scenes to prepare for this big change, and we’re excited about our new status as Licensed Digital Software Trainers for Creative Memories.

Although we had the opportunity to speak to over a thousand Consultants at Showcase about the changes coming, and we’ve tried to make sure all of our current subscribers and Facebook followers know what’s happening, I suspect there are people who are reading this news for the first time today.  Even those who know something is up may still have questions, so I wanted to try and answer those so that the upcoming transition will be as smooth as possible.

First, a little background about WHY we are making changes to the existing 90 day training subscription currently being sold by Creative Memories Consultants as a commissionable product.  Since we began offering the 90 day training subscriptions last October 1, we have been listening to your feedback and doing our best to make adjustments to the product in order to improve the product we offer.

Over and over, we have heard you request auto-renewing subscriptions, longer access to Blueprints and Pixie Dust, the opportunity to pay monthly or at a discounted yearly rate instead of for three months at a time, lower prices, more Blueprints, a user-friendly website, an easy way to find things on the website, and training specifically for people brand new to StoryBook Creator software.  Under the new system, we will be able to fulfill those requests!  We are grateful to Creative Memories for working with us to make this all possible by offering us the opportunity to become Licensed Digital Software Trainers for them.

We have had a few requests that we will not be able to honor at this time.  We have had many requests for the ability to purchase individual Blueprints.  We have also heard, loudly and clearly (and we agree with you!), from people who live in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries besides the US and Canada, who would like to be able to purchase training subscriptions to pixels2Pages.  We have been somewhat surprised to hear from people who think that we should be working for free and giving away all of the training we create.  For our friends in Australasia, please know that we continue to work toward a solution that will allow you to officially join the pixels2Pages community as members!

Now, to answer some of the questions we have been receiving about these changes and how they will affect you!  I have added a new section to our FAQs specifically about the new memberships, and I encourage you to always check the FAQs before you use the “Contact Us” button to write to us.  While I’m happy to answer your individual questions, it may take me a day or two to get back to you, and many times the answer is immediately available for you in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Here are the questions I’ve been hearing the most since Showcase:

Q. Are you going to close down the site for six weeks like you did last year while you make these changes?

A. No, although we will have to close down for a few days to make sure things are where they should be and that everything is working properly.  It’s a big change going from Creative Memories selling the one 90 day subscription product to pixels2Pages selling a variety of memberships directly to you!  We’re working on making the site more user-friendly and we’re adding beginner StoryBook Creator software training.  And did you hear that there is a new version of Memory Manager 4.0 software coming soon?

Q. Okay then, when will the site be closed and what does that mean?

A. Our plan is for the pixels2Pages website to be closed from 12:01 AM CDT on Tuesday, 28 August until sometime on Tuesday, 4 September.  This means that NOTHING on the website will be available to you during that interval – no videos, no Blueprints, no Challenges, no blog posts, no Pixie Dust, no FAQ, no ‘Contact Us’ button, etc.  Our Facebook page will be open for business as usual that week, and you can contact us at  We apologize in advance for the interruption in service!

Q: I’m a current subscriber, and my subscription doesn’t run out until (September, October, November).  What will happen now?

A. Everyone who has an active 90 day training subscription on 28 August will receive a Pixels2Pages premium membership for the remainder of their 90 day subscription.  At the end of that time, you can decide which membership you would like and then purchase it whenever you want.

Q. But what about the week you’re closed?  I paid for 90 days!

A. If your 90 day subscription would have expired after 4 September, we will be adding 14 days extra to it – 7 days to make up for the week we’re closed, and 7 days for the inconvenience.  If your 90 day subscription would have expired between 28 August and 4 September, you will get the days you missed plus an extra seven days for the inconvenience.

Q. I don’t know when my current subscription expires!  What should I do?

A. Subscriptions that were ACTIVATED before 30 May will expire BEFORE the website closes.  Subscriptions ACTIVATED between 31 May and 6 June will expire while the website is closed.  Subscriptions purchased and/or activated after 6 June will not expire until after the website reopens.

Please check your own records to see when you purchased your most recent 90 day training subscription.  If you know that your subscription was activated after 31 May, please do not contact us now for your expiration date.  If your current subscription was activated after 31 May, we also recommend that you wait until after the website reopens to purchase a new membership.

Q. I have purchased a new subscription from Creative Memories but I haven’t activated it yet.  What should I do?

A. After 28 August, none of the activation codes for subscriptions purchased from Creative Memories will work, as we will be using a completely different system, and the two systems cannot work simultaneously.  If you have an unused, unexpired activation code, please do the following:  If this is your first 90 day training subscription or if you don’t have a current subscription, please activate it BEFORE 28 August.  If you currently have an active subscription, please download all of the Blueprints and Pixie Dust available to you now and then activate your new subscription.  You will still get the remainder of the time left on your current subscription plus the 90 days on the new one as a Pixels2Pages premium membership (after 4 September).

Q. I bought a subscription but I didn’t know I had to activate it in 30 days and now my activation code won’t work.  What do I do?

A. Send your p2P user name (if you have one), your order confirmation email (sent from CM on the day you ordered the subscription), the email containing your activation code (also sent from CM on the day your ordered the subscription), and your story to BEFORE 28 August.  We cannot guarantee that all expired activation codes will be honored, especially for requests made after 28 August.

Q. But I was going to buy (or sell) a subscription at the very end of the month!  Can I still do that?

A. Yes, you may if you want to.  90 day training subscriptions will be sold by Creative Memories through 31 August.  Those sold from 28 – 31 August will not come with an activation code and they will not begin until after 4 September.  People purchasing those subscriptions will be asked to register as new users after the website reopens, and their subscription will be converted into a Pixels2Pages premium membership for 90 days, beginning the day they register.  We will have further information about the exact process after the website reopens.

Q. I’m a customer.  Does this mean I won’t get to use Rewards Club credits and/or Host credits toward a pixels2Pages membership?  And my Consultant won’t get credit for my membership purchase?

A.  That is correct.  You will still be able to use Rewards Club and/or Host credits toward digital content, digital software, and digital product credits, and your Consultant will get credit for your purchases of those items and for all of the StoryBooks and other digital output (wall prints, mugs, page panels, t-shirts, etc.) that you purchase.

Q. I’m a Consultant, and I don’t like it that I won’t be getting a commission on these new memberships.  Why should I buy one, and why should I encourage my customers to?

A. As former Consultants, we understand your concerns.  As Licensed Digital Software Trainers for Creative Memories, we are partnering with you to offer comprehensive training on Creative Memories digital software to those who want it.  We want to take the burden of digital software training off of you, so that you don’t have to be an expert to offer customers expert training.  We exclusively train on Creative Memories products at pixels2Pages.  We want everyone to enjoy using Creative Memories digital software products as much as we do!  It is our hope that as you and your customers learn more about how to use the wonderful digital products sold by Creative Memories, more and more photos will be preserved and printed in books and projects.  We appreciate and value you and your support of pixels2Pages!

Q. I’m a Consultant.  How will I know which of my customers are pixels2Pages members?  What if I want to do a training using pixels2Pages videos?

A. Thanks for remembering that pixels2Pages videos and other member-only content may not be shared with non-members!  Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about that.  The only way you will know if your customers are members is if they tell you they are, and of course, if they’re at your home or at a training, you’ll be able to see if they are able to log on to pixels2Pages and see which membership they have.  Customers, please make sure your Consultant knows that you’re a member – it will help her (or him) serve you better!

Q. I’m feeling really confused!  I didn’t know about any of this!  What are you talking about?  What different memberships are you offering and how much do they cost?

A. Sorry you have missed the news!  Here is a LINK to a printable PDF handout about this new memberships and pricing information about them.

Q. Will there be a Free Trial like there is now?

A. There will be a Free Trial, but it’s a bit different than the current one.  If you are not a current subscriber, you may register ONE TIME for a ten-day free trial.  This free trial will not include access to any Blueprints (live page templates) or Pixie Dust (freebies), nor will it include access to the new Back2Basics (beginner StoryBook Creator software training) membership.

Q. But wait!  I’m a Consultant, and I used to use the Free Trial page to do digital training and introduce customers to pixels2Pages.  What will I do now?

A. Thanks for that creative use of the Free Trial page!  We appreciate your support and promotion!  As I mentioned, non-members will be able to register for a ten day free trial, so you could use that (as long as you’re a member, since that will only work once for you).  In addition, the lower price point and shorter membership interval are pretty conducive to letting customers just try things out.  We think that all Consultants will be thrilled with the new Back2Basics training for customers (and Consultants) who are new to SBC.  And remember that the pixels2Pages team is available for live training, too!  Contact us if you’re having a large digital event.

Q. Well, will anything on the website be available to me if I don’t purchase a membership?

A. Yes, our Behind the Globe blog posts and our Frequently Asked Questions sections will remain open to the public.  Our Facebook page will continue to be a place where anyone can participate, ask questions, and share pages.  Our YouTube channel will have some videos on it, although they will not be training videos.

Q. But I don’t live in the US or Canada!  What about me?  Why are we being excluded?

A. We welcome everyone to the the pixels2Pages community!  We encourage you to visit our Facebook page and share your pages with us.  We understand your frustration and we share it.  It is not our decision or our choice to exclude anyone.  We will continue to do all that we can to make pixels2Pages memberships available to anyone who wants one.

Q. Talk to me about the auto-renew option.  Do I have to do that?

A. All memberships, except Back2Basics, will be automatically renewed until and unless you stop them.  As with most ‘for pay’ websites, you will choose the membership level that you want, enter your registration and payment information, confirm your registration, and begin receiving access to the membership level that you’ve selected.  Each month (or each year, depending on the membership that you have chosen), you will be notified that your credit card has been billed for that month’s (or year’s) membership.  You may cancel your membership at any time that you wish.  There is no credit given for unused time on a membership.

Q. Why can’t I get Back2Basics as an auto-renewing membership?

A. Back2Basics, our new beginner SBC training, is intended to be completed in four months or less.  It is only available as a single four-month membership.  Should you purchase it and not complete it in four months, you can purchase it again.  If you finish in less than four months, that’s great, and you can still have access to the lessons for the full four months.  Most of the content of that membership does not change.

Q. What about Blueprints and Pixie Dust?  Will I still have to make sure I download them at a certain time?

A. We continue to recommend that you download your Blueprints and Pixie Dust in a timely manner, so that you can be using them!  You will have access to them for much longer under the new membership system than you do now.

Q. Wait a minute!  I don’t like change!  What do you mean, the website will be changing?!?  Will things still be offered on the same days of the week?

A. Well, we’re going from a ‘one size fits all’ subscription to five different memberships, so we have to make a few changes!  Our goal is to make it easier for you to navigate around the website and to find the things you want.  If you don’t like change, go ahead and fasten your seatbelts now!  You’ll soon see our new look and it won’t take you long to get accustomed to our new schedule.  Please try it out for a week or two, and then let us hear from you.  We make every attempt to be responsive to our customers.

Q. I’ve looked over the membership offerings, and I’m still not sure which one is for me.  What should I do?

A. If you are interested in more than one of the memberships, we recommend that you try a Pixels2Pages premium membership on a monthly auto-renewing basis.  After a month or two of seeing it all, you should be able to determine if there are things you don’t use at all and then adjust your membership accordingly.


I think that about covers it!  If you have a question that I didn’t answer, please let me hear from you in the comments section of this post.  If you are a current subscriber, and you did not receive an email from me in the last week (about new memberships and this process), that most likely means we do not have a correct email address on file for you, or your computer is blocking those emails as spam.

If we seem a little preoccupied and perhaps not as present on our Facebook page as we normally are, you know what we are working on!  We can’t wait to share our new site and memberships with you!  We appreciate your patience as we work these next two weeks and especially after we re-open.  We anticipate that there may be some quirky things, but we’re hoping we will have gotten most things working properly and that this transition will be a smooth one.  Rest assured that if there are problems, we will communicate those to you and work them out as they arise.

Back to work!  Please keep posting your pages on our Facebook page – we are loving all that we are seeing!  We’ll have some extra goodies for you this week to keep you busy while we’re away!




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35 Responses to Blog: In with Memberships, Out with Subscriptions.

  1. Angie Lopez says:

    I can’t for the life of me figure this out, so if it’s a “duh” question to you all, please forgive me. I want to cancel my R2R membership so that I may “upgrade” to the full P2P membership. How do I cancel my R2R monthly auto-renewing membership? I sent an e-mail with the same question, but suspect that I didn’t have e-mail properly set-up. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  2. gw2 gold says:

    This is just the kind of thing I’ve been rummaging for! Great and cheers!

  3. westsea says:

    As we get closer the temporary “shut down”, I just wanted to add my two cents thanking you all for the wonderful, incredible website you have provided us. I have been so impressed not only with your content, ideas and beautiful layouts, but also with the thought each of you put in to the way you teach us. The videos and every single feature are always so well presented. I’m another one who has bought more from CM due to your website. I’ll miss my daily visit while you are down, and am so looking forward to the new improved site, changes and all. I hope you all manage to have some fun during the transition and are able to look back on these hectic days with a smile. Best wishes!

  4. Cathie Owens says:

    I tell everyone that your training is worth EVERY penny that is paid. I have learned so much from you wonderful ladies. IF everyone would just try it they would find there is so much to learn and do with your training. P2P is the first site I check every morning and there is going to be drastic withdrawls the week you are shut down. However, the shut down is necessary and we appreciate all you do for us.

  5. Paintnscrap says:

    I am looking forward to all the new things coming to P2P. Wonder if all those who want the training for free would work their jobs for free? I consider it just an ongoing class like any other I would sign up for and PAY for! You gals rock!
    Jean Rood

  6. chrisleone says:

    Will the archived trainings be available when site reopens??? There are some that I have not yet seen and others I watch over as needed.

    • Jan says:

      Chris, for now, all of the videos currently on the site will be on the new site. We will be replacing some of the older SBC 3.0 videos with similar trainings done on SBC 4.0 as time goes by. You won’t miss a thing!

  7. Barbara Hewitt says:

    A “ditto” button would be nice here in the comment section too. Everyone has done such a great job of summing up why we LOVE P2P! These last few months I have gotten off the track, so to speak, and haven’t been able to check out as much on the FB site as I would like or do the challenges. However, I still make time to get to everything on P2P. I can’t imagine not have the information, training, ideas and community that P2P brings to my life. Mega thank yous to all!

  8. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Can’t wait to see the changes! Thank you for all you do for us!

  9. janakamom says:

    I too was appalled when I read there are those who think you should work for free and give away what you create. I LOVE Pixels2Pages and without a doubt, I have learned far more than I even expected to. Sometimes I think I’ll skip a video (thinking “I already know how to do that”) and then there’ll be that one little tidbit (and not even necessarily on the video instruction topic) that pops out at me – kind of one of those “ah ha” moments! Bottom line – keep on keeping on with what you’re doing!!
    and I’m with Sue above – I’d purchase a lifetime membership ☺

  10. fwalker says:

    I would like to say Thank you Pixies for everything you have done! I have been with you since the beginning and I can’t imagine being anywhere else! I have searched and have not see the answer to this one… If I chose your most premium membership, will all of the content I have now be available when the website comes back up? Like all of the videos?

  11. Kathy Stone says:

    How convenient – school starts here on September 4th. Will be home alone all day…..

  12. Kathy Stone says:

    I wish there was a like button on the comment page!!! Wonderful explanation of the changes, I can’t wait to see the new website and start promoting all the new membership services. Will have to spend all of August 27 watching videos so I can last the week without P2P! In terms of commission, my customers with subscriptions are buying more content, completing and ordering more projects because they are actually using the software. Worth far more than the commission on a subscription. Well done, and whatever compensation you ladies are getting, it probably still isn’t enough for the wonderful work you do.

  13. DeannaE says:

    Jan, I saw those posts on FB and I became quite angry with that mindset! I agree with Sue! WARNING: I am about to get on my “soapbox.”
    You awesome ladies work so hard and deserve compensation for what you do! For somebody to gripe about that makes no sense to me. You are all gifted, talented, and amazing. If did not exist, I would not be scrapbooking anymore (and CM would not be seeing my money for purchases either.) My husband (mind you, my husband who does not scrapbook) told me that (for the pixels2Pages membership) the amount of UNDER $3.00 a week is worth it for the knowledge, learned skills, and joy I get out of it! So, Pixies, I salute you and your efforts. For as long as it is possible with our one income family, I will get the “Mother Lode” membership for life! Go, Team Pixie! GO! 🙂
    OK, I am climbing down off my “soapbox” now. 🙂

  14. LindaGuth says:

    I have to say you did a great job on your FAQ’s. Hard to beleive that some fee the training s/b free. I don’t know of any other software as sophisticated as this, that supplies how to trainging videos for free, you get get a help manual and you get to figure it out. For those of us with busy lifes, I really appreciate all the work P2P does for me, I love that help is always at my fingertips.
    As for consultants not getting the commision I know this is a touchy subject for some, but I have to say what these ladies do and post daily, drives me to purchase more and more content, they are helping consutants more that some realize and they deserve to be paid for all they do.
    Keep up the good work!!! I can’t wait to see the changes and I will be ordering it all when my subscrition comes due again in October. Love all of you!!!

  15. p222page222 says:

    Thank you Jan, your FAQ could not have been clearer. Your efforts to resolve all the possible questions is commended! Thank you for the extra 7 days

  16. ckalantar says:

    It all sounds good to me….and I am also surprised to read that some people think you should be working for free??!! The quality of all that you provide deserves far more than free. Thank you!

    • Jan says:

      Well, Clare, it may not be that they think we should be working for free, but as recently as last week there were several posts on our wall from people who thought that pixels2Pages training should be free for anyone who purchased the software. We appreciate those of you who value the services we provide, even if you have to pay for them. So thank you!

  17. junegauntley says:

    The new changes sound very exciting — thank you, Pixies, for continuing to listen to your subscribers’ wishes!! You are so responsive and I’m sure everyone appreciates that so much! Good luck!!!

  18. ayoung says:

    Love you all. So glad you are finally getting paid for your expert advice.

  19. suethoenes says:

    Thanks for all the update info, Jan. It hurts my heart when I hear that people think that you should be giving all of your wonderful ideas, training and knowledge away for free. I have always believed that what you offer is priceless to me. I would pay any amount to have access to all that you offer. Can’t wait to sign up for the platinum super membership auto renew yearly option..maybe a lifetime membership??? Tee Hee…Thanks, Pixies, for all that you do for us…

  20. jolleyontheroad says:

    Change is a good thing! Looking forward to the next phase of pixels2pages!!! Keep up the creative work you do so we look good!! Love me some pixies!!!

  21. Cathie Owens says:

    You Pixies are the BEST, thank you for all your hard work and devotion to training us on the software. I can’t wait to see your changes. Thank you for all you do for us.

  22. LindaJMassino says:

    Love all you’ve done in the past and am looking forward to what you are offerring in the future!

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