The Image Preview Feature in Historian gives so many more options when editing photos. It allows you to view an enlarged version of your image, while staying in the media library view. No more opening and closing images, just to get a good look at them.

The image preview button is found on the Home Ribbon, as in the image above. Clicking on the button brings up two options – “Show image preview” and “Show image preview with faces”. Learn more about Facial Recognition here, but this tip is focussed on the “Show image preview” option. As seen below, in the usual view of the media library, you see rows of thumbnails of your images in the central window.

With Image Preview selected, you will see an enlarged view of the selected image at the top of the Media Library window.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of the Image Preview:

  1. Use the large blue arrows to scroll to the left and right, browsing the images one at a time
  2. Drag the zoom slider to zoom in and out of the preview image. Use the shortcut buttons to make the image fill the width or height of the window, or to see the whole image.
  3. To the right of the thumbnails, there is a slider bar that enables you to quickly scroll through the remaining thumbnails, while still keeping the image preview unchanged. (It’s a little hard to see as it is quite pale). Once you have found a new image you want to inspect more closely, just click on it once, and it will open in the preview window.
  4. The name of the selected image shows just below the preview window.
  5. To add an image to the work area, just click and drag it from the thumbnails – not the preview image.
  6. Hover your mouse over the divider between the preview image and the thumbnails section. Your cursor will turn into a little double-sided arrow, and you can drag the window up and down, to reveal more thumbnails and a smaller preview.
  7.  To close the Image Preview, click on “Close Preview” in the top right, or go to the Preview button on the home ribbon and choose Close Preview.
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18 Responses to Historian Tip: Show Image Preview

  1. kmayster says:

    Wow, so happy I came across this article. I had no idea. This will be a big help to me.

  2. Lori Bickford says:

    Hello pixies! I have been planning to try this preview thing again, and I was hoping to magically know the answer. Alas, I do not. Help!

    My preview image – I have two. Side by side. I do not want two – I only want one, like your screen shot shows. With two they are smaller, so I can’t see the photo as well. But everything I’ve tried to get just ONE there – no go. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do it. STUCK!!!!

    Any advice is welcome, I’d love to use preview to speed up my photo sorting and selection.

    Thank you!

  3. Chris Schilling says:

    Wow! Another great tip. I too wish I had seen it earlier, but now I know. This would be most handy for me when importing photos to a StoryBook. Sometimes, you just want to see a photo more clearly to decide whether to import it and going in and out is a pain. Thanks.

  4. Beachbum says:

    We still need to close and open to crop?? or do some auto correct, is this right??

    • Shelley says:

      That’s correct. The larger preview is still just a preview. You don’t need to close it, but you will need to open the image in edit mode in order to crop or make any other edits.

  5. I love this fabulous new feature! SO handy! Thanks Shelley for reviewing this.

  6. Yuni says:

    I wish I would have seen this earlier today while I was going through my pictures. Yes, this would have saved lots of time. Thanks for the tip! 😀

  7. countrycmc countrycmc says:

    Awesome! I love learning from the Pixies!

  8. Laura Sweeney says:

    I’ve been on this site for all of 5 seconds and have already learned something that will help tremendously!!!

  9. gayneal gayneal says:

    learning already! Thanks, Shelley

  10. pmfonken pmfonken says:

    When you put the photo into the work area, what exactly can you do to it? Just share it?

    • Shelley says:

      That’s a good question! It will be covered more fully in a future tip, but basically the work area is a way of collecting photos for a particular purpose, such as for exporting to a StoryBook project, printing or adding to an album. It is basically a temporary storage area.

  11. fwalker fwalker says:

    Ha!! Soo cool!!! I KNEW this subscription would be worth every penny!!

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