The mad stampede at the opening of the all-new website has resulted in at least one casualty, according to reports.  The mayhem occurred following Tuesday night’s long awaited “move that truck!” moment, as eager p2P Peeps stormed the doors after being held at bay for a week.  Anxious to see explore the changing landscape in Pixieland, hundreds of fans attempted to squeeze through the gate all at once, only to be thwarted when their user names and passwords didn’t match.

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, all twelve Pixies were on a conference call, anxiously watching their fans jockey for position.  Up, up, up went the number of users online – and the announcement that the site was open had not even been made yet!  But those sneaky Pixies had already moved the truck and were watching to see which risk-taking rule-breakers were the first to have a look around.  [Yep, they know who you are, but names won’t be named here…. ] And then, since the door was open, the decision was made to hang the open sign in the window.  That was all she wrote!

What had been a trickle of users online became a raging torrent!  Pixies were waiting with bated breath – would the site crash?  Precautions had been taken, tests had been done, but it is difficult to predict exactly what would happen in real time.  Unfortunately, the site surely wasn’t responding as quickly as expected or as hoped for, as fans are getting Database Connection Error messages (that problem in on the pixels2Pages end, not yours).  No need to email about it – the Pixies are getting the same message.

Authorities may never know what happened next, or even which Pixie was flattened (beyond recognition, sadly, since all Pixie husbands reported that they couldn’t remember what their wives looked like, at least not without a laptop in front of them). Investigations continue in the matter of the apparent squishing of a Pixie.  According to eyewitness reports, a broken wand and cracked globe have been found at the scene. “The poor little thing was stamped with an embellishment label and completely overwhelmed when p2P fans stormed the website for the re-launch of the website”, one traumatized bystander reported. Her teammates are all said to be doing well under the circumstances and she is expected to make a full recovery over the weekend!

But which Pixie was it? It could have been anyone, as work has gone on around the clock at pixels2Pages for weeks now.  Which Pixie was so exhausted that she couldn’t move out of the way fast enough?  You be the judge:

  • Alexander, Shelley – head website designer by night, physician by day – does she ever sleep?  Guardian of SBC tips, manager of Pixie projects, papers, and plans, and page maker extraordinaire – the Pixies would be lost without her, and so would her family.
  • Bodkin, Carolyn – mastermind of the Back2Basics training, working a full-time job, loving wife and mom to four kids (three still at home!), it’s doubtful that she sleeps, either.  Journaling tips are her specialty, as are designing curriculum and keeping a watchful eye over the troops.  They can’t afford to lose her, either!
  • Bond, Tameka – last seen wearing headphones and talking into a microphone, this Pixie could have a job in show business if she wasn’t already working full time as a paralegal.  Need a video in a hurry?  You know who to call, but you may have to wait in line behind her husband and three kids.  They miss her, and so would the Pixies!
  • Browder, Mary – although she was not scheduled to take the fall, she could have been working so far ahead that she never saw it coming.  Mom to four and Nana to two, making pages and videos and challenges and Blueprints and Pixie Dust are all in a day’s work.  Need something done yesterday – she’s the one to ask.  But her trauma nurse skills may be needed – hope she wasn’t the one down!  Besides, she’s due to train at the Dallas Memory Celebration Event tomorrow!
  • Campbell, Jeannine – crack IT investigative technician and the Rah-Rah Pixie, the gang would be a lot more subdued without her.  Moonlighting at a winery on weekends and being a fantastic mom to two young’uns, in addition to staying on top of p2P membership issues and assisting in IT land could have left this Pixie’s head spinning.
  • Forrest, Justine – professional photographer, mom to three (including one that’s ailing) and also working another job, she’s a possible victim. Day2Day master, Pixie Dust and challenge maker, and keeper of all things involving Blueprints – fans would be horrified to think they had squashed this one!
  • Gilhooley, Janice – Mum’s Taxi is an everyday affair for this one, in real life and in StoryBooks.  Fans love her easy-to-follow videos, and though they may not know it, her behind-the-scenes work checking posts and links is integral to the working of the website.  Never at a loss for making a gorgeous page, designing Pixie Dust, creating challenges and Bluerprints, and commenting on Facebook, her loss would leave a big void.
  • Hobbs, Kerrianne – reportedly last known to be uploading images to galleries, this Pixie is in charge of the collective creative genius at p2P.  In addition to being mum to two adolescent boys and teaching primary school, she can whip up a banner or a page or anything in about five seconds.  Challenges, Pixie Dust, pages, videos, Blueprints – you name it, she makes it. Could have been giggling in the corner with another Pixie, though, and not even seen what hit her.  The world will have lost a little color (but not orange) if she were the one down!
  • Lineberger, Anne – possibly safe from harm as she was holed up at the beach, this Pixie writes handouts and tip cards, in addition to guarding the finances of the group.  Though not shy in real life, fans may never hear her wonderful Southern accent or funny expressions on a video, but they see her creativity bloom in her intricate and realistic Pixie Dust designs, her beautiful pages, and her wonderfully descriptive blog posts.  In addition to her teammates, her three grown children and five grandies would hate it if she were flattened!
  • MacKay, Jenny – according to her teammates, this one is a ‘super sleuth and card-carrying genius’ and has been indispensable as head honcho of the IT department.  Almost single-handedly installing new membership programs and making sure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, this crew would be in a world of hurt without her.  That doesn’t even count her wisdom about Memory Manager and all things technical. And her three kids and five grandies would cry buckets, too, as would the patients at the chiro’s office where she works!
  • Mannino, Kim – known as the nicest one in the bunch, it would be a real shame if this Pixie took the fall, but it would be just like her to take one for the team.  Allegedly already working on videos due in April, this one is not one to wait until the last minute to do her work.  Fans love her videos and her out-of-the-box ideas, as well as her challenges, Blueprints, and Pixie Dust.  Her three kids and wonderful cook of a husband would be lost without her, and so would the Pixies.
  • McCallum, Jan – career troublemaker and rap sheet rabble-rouser, this could be the ‘Crewman Expendable’ of the bunch.  Almost always late with her projects, perpetually short on time and long on words, it could be a blessing in disguise. But how would fans cope without her blogs about food and road trips?

With a doctor and a nurse on board, along with an ex-pharmacist and a legal team, you can rest assured that the Pixies won’t stay down long!  There is work to be done – videos to produce, Blueprints to design, Challenges to create, Pixie Dust to make, tips to write, and more – all for you.  Now if only our website would cooperate!

In all seriousness, we do apologize whole-heartedly for the sputtering start we are experiencing.  We ask for your patience and we are so appreciative of the support you have shown us.  It’s been a pretty steep learning curve for us, as we have endeavored to find fresh ways to bring StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager software digital training to you.

We understand your frustration, as we are right there with you.  The site is running just as slowly for us as it is for you.  No one wants it working properly more than we do.  We will do right by you should this situation not be resolved as quickly as it should.

We are hopeful that we’ve taken the necessary steps to get things back on track, but until the problems are resolved, you can help us by staying busy making pages and posting them on our Facebook page, and by logging off the site if it’s not working properly.  We will be posting updates as we have them on our Facebook page, so please check in there before sending us an email.  There’s a good chance your question will have been answered already.

If you are a new member, we’re especially sorry that this is your introduction to the pixels2Pages community, and we hope you will stick with us.  If you are considering joining, please wait for a few days so that we can offer you our best.  If you have already joined, we’ll make sure your overall experience is a good one.

Thanks for being part of our pixels2Pages community!





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7 Responses to Blog: Pixie Down!

  1. Sandy Norman says:

    I loved reading this post when it first came out and loved reading it again tonight. on one hand it seems like it was so long ago when this all began, but on the other hand (especially after rereading some of these posts) it just seems like it was last month. I am so glad I found the Pixies and was able to translate their ideas so I could use them on my Mac. I am even happier for the partition on my computer now so I don’t have to do that anymore.

    Happy anniversary to present and previous Pixies. I have really enjoyed learning from all of you and can’t wait to see what you have in store for our future projects.

  2. Kathleen Eichler says:

    Oh my goodness, I do remember the fun we had with this one, it was almost as much fun as watching the fence each day grow and change as we awaited the opening of the ‘new site’. Gonna hafta find those pages I did for this one… I seem to recall some chocolate being involved in the recovery process. Another great memory Jan. *U* Kathleen

  3. gemofjules says:

    What an incredibly cleaver story! I hope all the pixie have a full recovery. Be assured we will all be here waiting for you.

  4. kmayster says:

    Can’t believe you all have other jobs! You do awesome work and I wish I had just an inkling of the talent of any one of you.
    Hiccups are normal with the rollout of such a new project. So glad I finally got in.
    One request though. I don’t belong to Facebook, don’t want to any more. CM and P2P are my biggest regrets for leaving it, but I can’t imagine every single member having a Facebook account. So I would ask that you do some updates with the blogs as well.


  5. iscrap2 says:

    Hang in there …………….. we are!

  6. Sharilynn Sharilynn says:

    Its all worth the wait, I am sure! Love you Pixies!

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