When our family gets together, we always have FUN!  This year was no exception, as we gathered at my sister-in-law’s house in northeastern Tennessee over Labor Day weekend.  In years past, we used to go to the beach together – for 18 years we made our way, like lemmings drawn to the sea – to Kiawah Island near Charleston, South Carolina.  From west Tennessee, east Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina, three generations gathered – our entire immediate families – but once the oldest kids started to college, it got harder and harder to find a time to meet.  Now several of the ‘kids’ are married and we’ve scattered a little more, so we’ve reverted to an ‘adult only’ gathering.  Never mind that our kids are adults now – this get together is for our generation.  Last Labor Day, we had the fam to our new digs on Tiki Island.  This year, Rex’s sister and her husband hosted us at their dairy farm in Tennessee, but it wasn’t just a family reunion – it was the Hillbilly Games!  Here’s part of what the invitation promised:

  • Four wheelin’
  • Hillbilly golfin’
  • Corn Holin’
  • Pool activities – lifeguard provided
  • Pool side bar open during pool hours and other hours, too

Other unique family hillbilly amenities include:

  • world class hillbilly golf drivin’ range with prizes for driving ball through hay barn window
  • shootin’ range with prizes for hittin’ pesky mockingbird and other varmit targets
  • lots of chair sittin’
  • bird watchin’
  • star gazin’
  • tractor drivin’ obstacle course
  • .10 K Beer Run (yep, 0.1 K)
  • other activities as determined by adult beverage consumption

Who could resist that??  And what the invitation didn’t include was FOOD!  Lots of really good food!  And fun family times!  The weekend was all that it was promised to be, and then some.  The only down side for me was that I spent much of the weekend in front of my computer, entering end dates of memberships and other fun pixie things in anticipation of the opening of the new website.  Oh, if I had known then what I know now….I would have spent more time playin’ and less time a workin’!

And if I knew WHEN the new site would be back up, I would be shouting it from the rooftops!  Sadly, the server that should have been ready two days ago is only now ready to have things moved onto it.  That will take some time, and then there’s some testing to do, and some posting – you get the picture!  So, with fingers crossed, we’re hoping this is the last update you’ll be getting and that the globe will be back even better than before.  We know that our patience is wearing thin, so we are truly grateful for yours!

At pixels2Pages, we value family, friends, and community.  While we may never host the Hillbilly Games at p2P, we want you to know how much we love seeing your pages and getting to know you through your photos, your projects, and your comments on our Facebook page and on the website.  Your support this month has kept us going even though there were times that we were really down and almost out!  Thanks ever so much, and I sincerely hope that the next blog post I write will be posted only on the NEW site!


Here are a couple of pages from Hillbilly Homecomin’.  Kits used: Rugged Outdoors DK, NA Road Trip, Elements Digital Embellishments; Fonts: CK Elusive, Howser




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4 Responses to Blog: Hillbilly Homecoming

  1. Ann E says:

    Family get-togethers…always great fun. One year we hosted the family picnic, and our theme was the “Farmer’s Olympics”. It was a blast!! Would you be able to send me some rules/details re: Family HillBilly events? Considering your theme for my family next year!

  2. junegauntley says:

    I’m lovin’ this!! So much fun!!

  3. Cindy Rold says:

    Sounds like fun. Reminds me of my sister’s in-laws who used to host a winter olympics every year there was a real Olympics. It was creative, zany, and fun.

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