You know, I’ve decided that pixels2Pages fans have to be among the best people in the world! No kidding! How many other customers would not only wait patiently for a website to re-re-open but also send encouraging messages to us during our downtime? And do you think we received even ONE ‘hate’ mail message or request to refund money and cancel a membership? We did not! All of us are humbled by your support and good nature – thank you!

And then there are a few fans who take it a step farther. We have fans who take time out of their days to write us thank you notes, and of course we have lots of fans who make time to post pages on our Facebook page. We have Consultant fans who organize digital training sessions like the one I had the pleasure of attending in Atlanta last weekend. Five CM Consultants – Caroline Mohr, Patty Chaney, Kerry Kruegler, Peggy Jackson, and Emily Yancey – and 45 other Consultants and customers showed me some real Southern hospitality as we spent the weekend cropping and learning. Even more digital fans showed up at the Memory Celebration Event in Hampton, VA, where Tameka was training. What fun!

But the icing on the cake has been this weekend, as p2P fan extraordinaire Kathleen Eichler invited any Pixies who were able to come to spend time with her on the lovely Fairie Isle of Mackinac Island, Michigan. My ‘sassy sister’ Kim and I made a road trip of it, as I drove first to Atlanta and then to Memphis to pick her up. From there, we stopped off at Carolyn’s house in Indianapolis and then drove on up to Mackinac. But there was more….Tameka flew to Indy on Thursday and she and Carolyn road-tripped it up here on Friday! And there was more….three more p2P fans – Katrina Hall, Connie Cox, and Janice Rote – were here, too! And what hospitality Kathleen (and husband David and son Thomas) have shown all of us!

You may think we’ve been working and training and making lots of pages, but this has been a purely fun time for all! Kim and I wandered all over the island Thursday and Friday, and today we left the condo at 8 AM and we all straggled home about 8:30 PM! We had a big breakfast, a carriage ride, a tour of the fort, lunch in the tea room, a walk to the Grand Hotel stables and then to the hotel itself, some front porch sitting, hotel touring, a drink in the Cupola Bar, more porch sitting, a walk through the garden, shopping and window shopping, strolling through downtown, dinner at one restaurant, dessert at another, and a brisk walk home. It was a blustery day, but the sun was shining and we are all happy campers!

So, many, many thanks to Kathleen for inviting us and hosting us and touring us around this magical place! You’ve made being a Pixie extra special for at least three of us!

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5 Responses to Blog: Just Another Day in Pixieland

  1. Carolyn says:

    I could write all day and not begin to express my appreciation for Kathleen’s support of pixels2Pages, publically and privately. Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing yourself, your family, and your island with us. As I said in the carriage on that way home, we were lucky to have YOU with us in this thing! I can’t imagine how many fun and wonderful pages we’ll make from this weekend!
    P.S. Katrina… I’ve now met two digital scrapbookers from the L.A. area. Two down, many to go! 🙂 Connie, thanks for picking me up for lunch! And Janice, thanks for taking the trip to the pier to see us off. On such a cold morning, that was above and beyond the call of duty!

  2. JR says:

    I have to add my thanks also to Jan, Carolyn, Tameka and “Sassy Sister” Kim for a great time while visiting this wonderful island. I am blessed to be able to have contact with you and to be able to say “thank you” to all the P2P team for all you do. You have inspired creativity within us especially when some of us didn’t think we had any! Thanks to Kathleen I get a wonderful getaway. Many thanks again for the laughs and good times while you were here!!! Janice

  3. Katrina says:

    Kudos to Kathleen and her family!

    Kathleen, husband David and son Thomas must all be listed in the Dictionary as kind and wonderful people. I get a chance to meet Kathleen’s sister “Ruth” today and I’m sure she will be listed there also. What a jewel of a family.

    This Mackinaw Island trip has been a blessing. What a beautiful and peaceful getaway, with lots of history. Being a Pixies Fan, meeting 3 more Pixies was a cherry on the top, too exciting for words, 5 down with 7 Pixes to meet.

    Let me not forget Jan’s “Sassy” Sister Kim, she’s one to hang-out with 🙂

    Thanks Kathleen and Connie.

    • sistersunshine says:

      You are so welcome Katrina, but I have to point out that it’s Mackina’c’ Island, I usually tell everyone that no matter how it’s spelled it’s pronounced Mackin AWESOME. As I guest on the Island, I have learned that it DOES make a difference to the locals. We had FUN today didn’t we! *U* Kathleen

  4. ConnieCox ConnieCox says:

    Thank you, Pixies Jan (along with ‘sassy sister’ Kim), Tameka and Carolyn for your visit and making our weekend on Mackinac so very fun and enjoyable. We are constantly blessed to get to know more of the CM family and now the Pixies!! Safe drive home, y’all!! Connie

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