At our house, whenever I say something like, “if I had known…” or “I wish I had done….”, my husband says, “When you look through the retrospectroscope, your vision is 20/20.”  I suppose most people would say, “Hindsight is 20/20”, but Rex is not most people.  Anyway, if we had known what a HUGE HASSLE it would have been to make one tiny change in one of our server settings…  Let’s just say that it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Today, that doesn’t seem like the wisest choice.  You may have noticed some funky things going on with the website, and I hope they are resolved by the time you read this.  If you didn’t notice them, great.  If you did, our apologies – again.

Let’s move on to happier things!  All of us had a blast with our virtual Croptoberfest “ABC Crop” this past weekend, and from the looks of it, you did, too.  What fantastic pages were posted!  And I guess you’ve figured out by now that if you collected all 26 badges, you’ve got another fun alpha set to use on your pages.  If you missed the fun this weekend, it’s not too late.  Head on over to our Facebook page and click the Photos tab (just under the timeline banner).  Scroll through it to see each of the ABC letters, and read the captions to find out what the suggested theme for that letter was.

We love seeing your pages posted on our Facebook page!  We do our best to comment on each one of them, and we encourage you to comment on other people’s pages.  Just a little bit of a housekeeping reminder – we ask that when you post a page on the pixels2Pages Facebook page, you remember the following:

  • Please post pages that use something you learned or got from pixels2Pages – a technique from a tip or video, a challenge, a Blueprint, some Pixie Dust, an idea from a crop – and name it as such in the caption.
  • Please post pages that use only Creative Memories content (or something you got from pixels2Pages) and list all content used on the page in the caption of the post.
  • Please list all fonts used on your page in the caption of the post.
  • Please do not give specific instructions about how you did something on your page.  We ask that you simply refer to the video, tip, or challenge where you learned the technique.

If you are eligible for the BONUS Blueprint Book, you only have a few days left to download it!  The book will be on the site through the end of October, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  We will not be sending out links to it later, so as my 9th grade science teacher used to say, “A word to the wise is sufficient.”  Not sure if you should be able to get it?  Have a look on the home page of the website, over in the log in area.  If you see the words Bonus Blueprint Book, you will see the link to the book in your recent posts.  If you don’t see the link, type ‘blueprint book’ in the search box.  If you don’t see Bonus Blueprint Book as one of your membership levels, that means you didn’t have an active membership during the time the website was down.  This bonus book is part of the compensation we offered folks who were inconvenienced by our downtime last month.

Have you found the awesome calendar that Tameka created and includes in each issue of our Focus on the Fans newsletter?  Click the NEWS globe to see past issues of the newsletter.  You can download and print the calendar so you don’t miss a thing with your membership!  While we’re talking about those globes (on the header of the website), please make use of the HELP globe before you use the CONTACT US globe.  We have added lots of questions (and answers) to our FAQ section, and almost all of the most common membership questions are answered there.  If you do need to contact us, please (pretty please!) include your p2P user name in your correspondence.  Two other things that you may find helpful are the New Website Guide (also downloadable) and the Tip about subscribing to our RSS feed.  We want you to get the most out of your pixels2Pages membership!

If you purchased your last pixels2Pages 90-day training subscription from Creative Memories in July, you’ve probably noticed a line through the CMPixels2Pages membership level in the log in area.  That means that it’s time to buy a new membership from pixels2Pages!  You probably figured that out when you were no longer to access parts of the website that you could the day before, but we don’t want you to think you’re going crazy.  To purchase a new membership, click the “Join Today” link on the header or the home page of the website.  Choose the membership you want, then scroll down to choose the payment option that works for you.  You will pay by credit card via PayPal, and you will want to make note of your start date for your records.  After you have purchased a membership from pixels2Pages, it will automatically renew, so you won’t miss a thing!

We love your feedback, and we take it to heart.  How are you liking the look and feel of the new website?  What do you like best?  What do you like least?  What do you miss from the old site?  You may have noticed that we’ve already made a few changes, based on what you’ve told us.  Have a look at the Pixels2Pages landing page (if you have a Pixels2Pages membership).  Do you see the headings at the top right?  Click on those to go right to the section you’re looking for.  And remember, if you have a Pixels2Pages membership, you can go to any of the other memberships by clicking them on the teal menu bar at the top of the website.  Don’t see a menu bar at the top of the website?  Click HERE for more information.

Enough looking back for now – it’s time for me to look forward to what’s coming next!  Have a wonderful weekend, and we hope that we’ll be having more treats than tricks for you!


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2 Responses to Blog: Where Is the Retrospectroscope When I Need It?

  1. jesfishy jesfishy says:

    I LOVE the new format. The organization is very up-to-date. I feel like I can navigate very easily and do not have to try and figure out where you put things I am looking for. Thank you very much for doing it!

  2. Tina Bruderer says:

    I love the recent posts on the right hand side i think this website is the best.

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