Don’t you think I have the best looking grandkids ever!? I mean seriously!!! No other kids could look this good. Oh alright, I’m being a bit biased, and why shouldn’t I!?

Christmas arrived early for us this year with the birth of our 7th grandchild, and 6th grandson added to our family tree. Even though I haven’t met Myles Elliot officially yet, I have done the flat screen nanna bit and talked to him on FaceTime on the iPad. He is just sooo cute and I can’t wait to meet him in the flesh. My first announcement of his pending arrival was a text message to say they were on the way to the hospital. A couple of hours later, a phone call told me that nothing much was happening, so I went off to spend the afternoon at a friends. While there, at 3.23pm a photo arrived on my iPhone of this tiny baby…what was it??? Of course, the only way to tell, was to zoom. You know…to check out the “bits!” We had another grandson!! He was safe and well and that’s all that mattered.

There was no name to share, so I didn’t call any extended family until the next day. I did however ring our eldest daughter, son, my husband and two or was that five close friends. I mean to say, you can’t keep good news to yourself for too long. I also teased a bit on Facebook, announcing the “It’s a …???”  A first name had been chosen, but not to be announced until they figured out a second name. If Myles had been a girl, he would have had the name Ellen as his second name, after his Dad’s late mother. Now they had to come up with something that was similar for a boy. Myles Elliot…I like it…a lot!

Myles has two older brothers to keep him in line and 3 boy cousins to look out for him too, even though they live across the other side of the country. As you do, we had hoped for another grand daughter, but it wasn’t to be. Myles also has a teenage girl cousin to seek out when he’s older.

I’ll get my special cuddles at the end of the week. Being a working grandmother, it’s not easy to just “go!!” as my friends have insisted I do. Go on, get in the car and go, they all said. Well, it doesn’t quite work like that, they are 5 hours by car away (they might as well still be living in Chile!!) and besides, his Dad has time off from work and I think this should be their family bonding time. Not only will I have a week with them in a few days time, I’ll come back to Geraldton for a week of work, then drive back down again for Christmas, stay a few extra days and travel back with our daughter and the 3 boys in their car. They will be here until after New Year. Our son in law won’t be making this trip and our daughter would have been travelling with the boys in the car all on her own. That just might be a bit too much for her to cope with, especially now that summer has arrived, with a vengeance  They’ll have 5 days here with us, then I’ll accompany them back to the city for another 5 hour car ride. We’ll go direct to the airport, where I’ll hop on a plane and head back to Geraldton in time for work the next day. All in one day. That works well, at least she won’t be travelling back to the city with them on her own. I would never forgive myself if something happened to them and as for being exhausted, yes, no doubt, but I’m sure I’ll cope!

May I present to you my friends and pixels2Pages fans – Myles Elliot Tinsley, born 28th November 2012.

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25 Responses to Blog:Christmas has come early

  1. Tina Bruderer says:

    what a nice family enjoy them you only live once at the end of life family is more important than work (but we fans love your work)

  2. Cindy Rold says:


  3. Pam Jones says:

    Congratulations!! My sister says if she’d known grandkids were so much fun, she would’ve had them first!!! I love that the girl is the oldest….she has double reason to be “the boss”!!

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with your sister. Having grandkids “IS” so much fun. It’s funny how we see things differently than when we had our own. That was work, this is fun! Thanks Pam.

  4. Barbara says:

    Congratulations Jenny. Enjoy you cuddles and kisses and that sweet, sweet baby smell. Well they don’t all of the time, but you know what I mean! Enjoy your time with them.

    • Jenny says:

      Gotcha Barbara…I just hope I can have a turn at the cuddles. Seems like the boys are counting theirs and if one has more than the other, that just is so not fair! Hah!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Oh, Jenny! We’re all so happy for you! He’s a lovely boy. And I adore his name. My dad’s mother’s surname was Elliott and my father was David Elliott Troutner. It’s a grand second name, to be sure!

  6. mindys7 says:

    Congrats! As an OB nurse and Lactation Consultant, I would say you are such an awesome mother/grandmother to give the family some time and space to adjust to the new little guy all by themselves! So many family members think only of their personal needs to be there and be a part of it all. It is SO important for the family to “shake down” and let the new little guy settle in. And it will be awesome to spend time with them when they have adjusted. You will be arriving just in time for their exhaustion and be able to pitch in and be a huge help. Of course I’m very jealous of your darling grand family, still patiently waiting for more than just 1 grand puppy! But they will come when the time is right. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the pix of all of your darling grands!

    • Jenny says:

      Mindy, you have given me goose bumps reading this. I’m sure I’m going to arrive “just” in time for that exhaustion to be taking hold. Mel popped this baby out in an hour, and was only in hospital for about 5 hours and home at day 2. I’m thinking I made the right choice and you just nailed it. Thank you!

  7. CindyL says:

    Blessings to you and your family! How wonderful that you have the technology to see him screen to screen even though you can’t be there in person yet.
    On the bright side— all this time waiting has enabled you to make these wonderful pages to share with us. And I am sure you will come back with tons of photos that you’ll be itching to make pages for.
    Enjoy every minute with them ‘in the flesh’. There is nothing like holding and kisssing him and smelling that new baby scent.
    I am looking forward to watching Miles grow in future posts from you. He is prescious!

  8. Glenna says:

    What beautiful grandchildren and such an adorable baby. Have fun with the new one and enjoy them all. Love your pages. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  9. Fay Wilde says:

    Super Jenny I’m so happy for you, another new grandchild to love!! You never get too many. Yours are so special because they are yours. They grow up too fast!! I’m watching the great-grandchildren come now, we have 12 right now. God Bless you. Enjoy!!

  10. Liz Propst says:

    ALL of those cute grandchildren are adorable!! Happy for you Jenny.

  11. Jan says:

    I wish you could ‘just go’ but you’ll see him soon! And Chile is WAY farther away – five hours is doable, as you are showing us! I’m already thinking about the drive to NC….. Congrats and yes, they are adorable grandchildren!

  12. JR says:

    So cute! It’s wonderful to be a grandma isn’t it? Enjoy all the time with him and your family over the next few weeks. Blessings to you and yours!

  13. Kerrianne says:

    Oh Jenny, he is adorable! I am sure you can’t wait to get there and cuddle him to bits in real life. HIs big brothers must be so excited too! Have a fab time with them all 🙂

  14. CMC Mouse says:

    Congratulations, Grandma Jenny! Myles is gorgeous, as are your other grand children. enjoy your cuddles with Myles (and his brothers) at the end of the week. 🙂

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