Last month I told you about the birth of our new grandson Myles and that I would be having a busy time over Christmas. Well, Myles is now 5 weeks old and Christmas has been and gone. Then today, I was back in the hot seat at my reception desk after having the last week and a half off as the clinic closed. I can’t believe how fast that time as gone and it’s now January 5th, 2013!!

Christmas Day was hot at 40c (104f). Thank goodness we had decided to have a cold lunch with the only hot meat, being Chilean style beef, cooked on the outdoor barbeque. If you have been following my blogs over the past couple of years, you will know that one of our daughter’s lived in South America for 3 years. They are now back in Western Australian, so we get to to see our grandchildren while they are little, especially at Christmas time. We have 4 other grandchildren, however they live on the east coast of Australia.

I stayed on in the city for a couple of extra days, to travel with Mel and the 3 boys. Myles was only 4 weeks old and would need feeding on the trip and the older boys would get bored sitting in the car for 5 hours without a break somewhere. I was glad that I did, as the drive home was hot,  in the high 30s. By the time we got half way and stopped for some lunch to give the boys some play time, it was scorching hot. Fortunately the cool sea breeze came in while we were there. Enough breeze to keep us cool while the baby was fed and boys played on the playground.

The four days with us was also extremely hot. Stifling in fact. One day it was so hot, that all we could do was stay inside in the air conditioning watching tv and playing games, until late in the afternoon when it cooled down enough to go to the water park. What a life saver that was, except the water automatically got turned off at 6pm. What a shame, it was still quite warm and the sun was still up for another hour or so. No need for daylight saving here, we get plenty of summer sun as it is. Bob had followed us down to the park and bought with him some fish and chips for everyone. It was lovely to sit on the beach and enjoy the cool evening.

Then on Wednesday, I drove back again with them. The baby and the middle boy had fallen asleep, so Mel decided to drop me off at the airport and keep driving to her house, about 1/2 hour away, before they woke. So no goodbyes, or last minute hugs. I had already checked in on my mobile, and with no luggage to worry about, I had time to browse the airport shops, have a cup of coffee, then board the plane for the 65 minute flight back to Geraldton. A very expensive cup of coffee, but once again, I was glad I did. For the company and to help out if by any chance any of the boys happened to be sick or started to fight in the car. They were all very good, although juggling feeding the baby, taking the older boys to the rest rooms would have proven to be a bit of a challenge. I had no doubt about my daughters capabilities, but I felt better having done what I did.

Sometime this year, we have plans on selling our house and moving down to the city. Or rather to another town, just south of the main city of Perth. This will be a big challenge and certainly a life changing experience for both of us, as we have lived in the house we built for over 35 years and we were both born in the area. I’ll keep you posted of the events as they unfold. For now, enjoy some photos of the few days with my little people. And yes, they were Too Cute to be Scary!

Blueprint: Snippets; Background & Title: Monsters Digital Kit


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2 Responses to Blog: Too Cute to be Scary

  1. junegauntley says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Christmas with us, Jenny! It is so great to get to know each Pixie through your blogs! What a precious time you must have had with your daughter and grandchildren! I personally could not survive in 40 degree weather — I die even at 30! Even though we seldom get over 30 in the summer here, I spend a lot of time in our basement where it is cooler, and where we have our computers set up! I can well understand why you did not go outside that day! This blueprint is perfect for “snippets”.

  2. Glenna says:

    What a great time! Love your pages. You have memories for those days that you will never be able to repeat. Cherish the time you have spent with them. I’m sure your daughter appreciated your being with her. I love this blueprint too.

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