Happy Talk Blog Header_JanI hope you’ll forgive me for writing two ‘personal’ blog posts in one month, instead of the one personal and one Pixie post I am supposed to do.  I didn’t plan it this way, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan!  So when my son called me early last Monday morning to say, “Mom, it looks like we may be having a baby today!”,  I knew life was about to change in a big way!  Little Ellie (Elliot Marie) didn’t arrive on Monday, but she made her appearance on Tuesday evening, 12 February, which around these parts happened to be Mardi Gras.  So we had a very happy Mardi Gras!

Unlike her daddy, who was two weeks late to arrive (he’s still stubborn, but he’s never late!) Ellie was even earlier than we anticipated.  She wasn’t due until 13 March, but she was a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces.  Still, she’s catching up on some of that time that should have been in utero by hanging out in the NICU.  We can’t wait to have her home with her mommy and daddy.  I am chomping at the bit to hold her, but I’ll have to wait another week until that happens.  I’m road-tripping it halfway across the country to see her, and it will be so wonderful to hold her in my arms and look into her bright blue eyes and smell her baby smell and hear her make sweet little baby sounds and kiss her chubby cheeks!  I will be in grandmother ecstasy!

For now, though, I’m staying fairly content with the photos and videos Ellie’s mom and dad are sending.  I especially love the videos, where my son plays narrator in his ‘golf commentator’ voice, speaking softly in a low whisper.  While he’s not exactly ooing and cooing, he is showing a really sweet, tender side that I always knew was there but didn’t get to see too often, especially since he turned ten or twelve.  I hear little girls have a way of bringing that out in their daddies, so I am grateful to Ellie already.  My heart literally melted when I saw a photo of Dave holding his daughter for the first time.  Except for the three day stubble on his face and the dark brown hair (what happened to that tow-headed little boy?) I would swear he looked like he did at about age five.  Maybe babies are the key to the Fountain of Youth!

My “grandmother name”, for as long as I get to choose it (which will be until the day Ellie calls me whatever love name she chooses) is Happy.  I think it fits, don’t you?


Here are some of my favorite photos (so far!):       Call Me Happy_Jan

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Baby Girl Soft

Digital Embellishments – Sewing Room Baby Girl

Mother’s Day Card Kit

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Blueprint – Sunburnt Country

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48 Responses to Blog: Call Me HAPPY

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    Congratulations, Jan! Enjoy every minute of being “Happy”!

  2. pamelajb says:

    Congratulations Jan! Becoming a grandmother is such a joyous addition to ones life. Can’t think of anything else that would suit you better than “Happy” for the moment. EnjoyI

  3. SuzanneSeward says:

    Congratulations Jan! I was always asked by friends, before they became grandmothers, “what is it like”? After 10 years I was given this description which fits and is perfect: A Grandmother is an irresponsible parent! I love it. Because at your house they can do things according to your rules (within safety reason) that they cannot do at home. Like eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the T.V.; dressing in colors that just do not go together but somehow looks wonderful, playing and laughing at nothing . . . that part you do anywhere, etc. You have precious times ahead. I have a grandson, 10, granddaughter, 9, and granddaughter 5. LOVE them. I am Grammy and when they call me that I just purrrr. Sometime I get Gram, and I love it too. I love your page. It is beautiful and I look forward to more of your blogs and pictures. -Suzanne

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