When it comes to the “younger generation” there are some things that they seem to just instinctively know. The biggest “thing” being technology! They are faster, their reflexes better and their ability to process information and use it for their own needs. Now I know, that when I sit down and “teach” Mum how to use her computer and import photos into Memory Manager and then edit, sort and save them into folders and onto a stick for printing, she thinks I go too fast. Then I leave Mum to it, and make her do the process herself without me looking over her shoulder, knowing that she can do it – it’s just easier for her to get me to do it for her! When it comes to watching Lauren use any form of technology, it’s like watching the speed of light. She doesn’t want to know how it works – she just gets it to work (in that way she is a bit like me – I don’t want to know “how”, I just want to play and get a result).

Recently I bought an “olloclip” for my i-Phone. The story of how I bought one is quite hilarious – one email from Kerrianne about a bargain buy that her husband had found – meant that quite a few of us hopped on-line to pick up this bargain. Three lenses in one, that clip onto your i-Phone in one easy motion – at nearly a third of the original price – meant that there was nothing to think about – just click “add to cart”. Well, that speedy clicking meant I didn’t quite read everything – and I have an i-Phone 5, not a 4 – so it doesn’t quite fit the way it should – but it still works! With a Fish-Eye, Wide Angle, and Macro lens attached to one simple clip – the options are endless. So I had a little play when I bought it before I went home – then handed it over to Lauren for her to experiment with.

Need I say any more ……..
Of course – her photos were better than mine! She found all sorts of different things to photograph – and to photograph well. I’m going to blame it all on her youth – her hands have to be steadier than mine! With my participation in the Day2Day project, and the theme being flowers for a week – I basically handed my phone straight over to her and told her to take whatever photo she liked in the garden, and that I would use her photos for most of the week – not mine.

We do enjoy taking photos together – I think it is something we will enjoy doing always. What could be better, than sharing the love of something together (even if she is better than me!).


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10 Responses to Blog: She’s just better than me!

  1. kmayster says:

    Beautiful pictures; you must be so proud of your daughter.
    I too share the love of photography with my daughter and she has far surpassed me in the talent. I am quite jealous but so proud.

    • Janice says:

      It’s wonderful to see the achievements our children can create, even if the overtake us. I think it means we have “taught” them well to love and explore something that we ourselves love to do, and hopefully they’ll pass that on to the next generation! 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Great blog and page, Janice, and big kudos to Lauren (and to you, for sharing your camera with her and her with us). Can’t wait to see more – must be genetic!

  3. Fantastic job Lauren! You’re a professional in the making! I’m glad your Mum decided to feature your pics so that the rest of us could enjoy your fine work! Keep at it, and we’ll be looking to see more of what you do here I hope!

  4. Tameka says:

    She is an awesome photographer. These photos look great.

    Just think back. The first time I touched a computer in school, I was in the 8th Grade. Now, they are starting these kids on computers in preschool. No wonder they are so much more brilliant than we are.

  5. junegauntley says:

    Wow! I had no idea there were such things as lenses for the iPhone! I have a 4S…might have to check that out! Lauren, your photos are spectacular! Are you thinking about becoming a professional photographer??? Thank you Jennie for the great blog and for sharing Lauren’s beautiful photos!

    • Janice says:

      Thanks June – I’ll pass on to Lauren what you have said about her photos. Photography is definitely top on her list when it comes to subject choices for the rest of High School.

  6. Sheila Brauning says:

    Janice I loved your blog entry today as my daughter too has grown up sharing the love of photography with me! It’s was hard on my ego when her pictures start looking better than mine and they just have the “gift” where I had worked so hard to “understand” all the what, wheres, and whys of how to create a good photo! Especially when we went to a big name photographer’s clinic together and he did blind reviews at the end of each shoot. My daughter was 14 at the time and by FAR the youngest attendee. At the end of one session, her photo came up on the screen to be critiqued and the whole group just gasped in amazement, including me! The photographer stared a minute and then asked, “Who’s picture is this?”, my daughter slowly raised her hand. He said to her, “this is the best picture of this subject I’ve ever seen”. Of course I was really proud of her, but I had to admit to being a little jealous too!!!
    Love the layout so much!! Which kit did the bracket come from as it’s not in the Timeless DK and I just LOVE that!

    • Janice says:

      Sheila, It’s so wonderful to share this type of thing with our daughters. My daughter, who is now 14, got her first camera at the age of 8 – which my father thought was way too young. However, she had proved herself time and time again with my camera, that she was responsible and old enough.

      The kit I used is Natural Beauty Digital Kit. I started with Timeless, then changed my mind and forgot to change the text later – apologies for that. I will change my post here to reflect that.

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