The only thing limiting the size of your Memory Vault is the amount of available storage on your computer. Historian/MM4 has such wonderful organizing tools, and having all your images together is the best way to take advantage of those. However there are reasons to have more than one Memory Vault – you may be sharing a computer and need a different Memory Vault for each person, for example. You may choose to keep travel photos in one Memory Vault, and family photos in another. Whatever the reason, you need a way to switch quickly between Memory Vaults.

Method 1

To open a recent Memory Vault, you can click on the File Menu and choose “Open” or go to the Welcome Page and choose “Open another vault”



You will be able to browse to the location of your Memory Vaults. Once you locate your Memory Vault, click “Select Folder”.



There is, however an easier way:

Method 2

Simply click the File Menu, and choose from the list of recently opened Memory Vaults that appears. Simply click the name of the Memory Vault to open it.



Note: If you move a Memory Vault to a different location, it will not show in the Recent Vaults list until you open it from the new location. If you can’t see your Memory Vault listed there, don’t panic, use Method 1 above!

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5 Responses to Historian/MM4 Tip: Opening Another Memory Vault

  1. Jan Valentine says:

    I have over 48,000 photo in Historian on my “C” drive and they are taking up a lot of room. Is there anyway to move a vault to an external had drive?

  2. Tara Wells says:

    I just returned from an amazing trip to India and took about 2000 photos/videos. I downloaded them into my main Memory Vault, but now I’m thinking that perhaps I should have created a Memory Vault unique to those photos. Is there an easy way, or link to instructions, on how to transfer these photos from an existing Memory Vault into a newly created one? Thanks!

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