Easter 2013

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s such a beautiful season here in the south with things beginning to bloom. We’ve had a few freezing nights recently so the viburnums and yoshino cherries may not be  as pretty this year. And although we’ve had chilly Easter Sundays in the past – it’s always a tradition for everyone to take off their shoes and run barefooted through the grass! Years ago we stopped doing formal sit-down lunches in favor of picnics outside, weather permitting, with paper plates.

Now that our children have children of their own it’s their turn to put together baskets but I find myself lingering over the  seasonal candy aisle at our local Walmart. Who can resist Cadbury chocolate eggs? And what about those Dove bunnies and the orange M&M’s in a cellophane carrot bag? And it seems every time I go to Facebook, someone has pinned another precious recipe! This year a cupcake design with a toasted coconut nest and tiny blue eggs with beaks was just too hard to resist! So now all the ingredients are sitting on the breakfast room table waiting till the rest of the house is ready. Well, as you can see by the photos below, it was just too hard to walk down that candy aisle – things kept jumping into my cart!

This year we’ll have maybe 24 people here for lunch after church. Thankfully everyone is bringing a meat or salad or dessert so it’s an easy time. It’s a typical southern picnic with fried chicken, pimento cheese sandwiches, potato salad, ham, rolls (did you see that cute recipe for cutting frozen rolls into bunnies?), coconut cake and pecan pie.

Keeping fingers crossed that this Sunday will not be 40 degrees – but someone will be out there in the grass barefooted regardless – me!

Have a wonderful Easter and hoping that each of you will be surrounded with family and friends.

Happy memory making,


Blueprint: Blue Skies and Sunshine by Kim

Background paper: Glory of Easter

Ribbon: Glory of Easter

Background border: Changing Seasons Spring and Summer

Font: Boring Showers

Embellishment: Cottage Garden

Easter thru the years

Easter thru the years 2

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4 Responses to Blog: Bunnies and Peeps

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks, Anne! Love your pages and wish I could be there for your Easter picnic. We will be in Chicago, where I am hoping it is not freezing!

    • Penny says:

      Jan, I am sorry to say that it IS freezing in Chicago. We are visiting there this week, and we had to buy boots and gloves for our trek downtown to the Art Institute. But maybe it will warm up by this weekend!

  2. Pat. Mock says:

    Hi Anne, Love your two page spread (especially how the years were inclusive)! My query is when was the blueprint Blue Skies and Sunshine by Kim released, I’m having trouble locating it in my files (and no my orderly is not the same as other peoples standard of orderly but works for me). I’m thinking it was before I came onto your scene.
    –our temp is supposed to be 59 degrees–partly cloudy–20% chance of rain–have to love IL,USA, snows to beat the band Sun. and Mon. before Easter.
    Thanks so much and Happy Easter,

    • Anne says:

      Pat, So sorry to report that the Blue Skies and Sunshine by Kim is an oldie but goldie that is no longer available on the website. Don’t know the exact date but early last year as I recall. Keep checking, we do bring back old favorites now and then! Anne

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