Rabbit, Rabbit

So today I not only bid you Rabbit, Rabbit, but also Happy April Fool’s Day!  I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve today though – just lots of good stuff to share with you from last month!  Now that the weather is turning warmer (although you can’t convince me of that while I am here in Chicago for a few days!) we realize your indoor time may become more limited, but we’ll still be creating Blueprints, Challenges, Tips, Pixie Dust, and Videos for you.  April is our birthday month, so we’ll be getting ready for a special celebration later in the month.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who is helping with our special birthday request – we will ALL benefit from our collective efforts!

Blueprints:  There were 12 Blueprints, brought to you by Mary, Kim, Shelley, Janice, Carolyn and Justine.

  • Ready2Roll: Pinnacles, Frankston Pier, School Art Work, JindyAndy Mill, Scream, Family Matters
  • Day2Day: Nutcracker, Ann, Playtime, Lawn Bowls, Autumn
  • Back2Basics:  2010 Photo a Day Cover (p2P Classic)

Pixie Dust: March’s designs were created by Mary, Kerrianne, Justine, Janice, Kim, and Anne

  • Ready2Roll: Happy Happy Joy Joy, Breakfast Time, Fancy Easter, Chalk It Up, Easter Family
  • Day2Day: Polaroid Frame, Split Months

Challenges: Did you try something new?  You can thank Mary, Kerrianne, Janice, Kim, and Carolyn for pushing you to do so.

  • Ready2Roll: Get to Know Me, Seeing Double, Split Illusion, Say It with Tags
  • Snap2Share: Play with a Filter

Tips: Shelley, Carolyn, Justine, and Jenny had some fantastic tips for you.  And did you notice?  We added a BONUS Memory Manager Basic tip!

  • Ready2Roll:
    • SBC Tips: Why Can’t I See My Kits Inside SBC?, What Project Is That?, Using Tags to Create a Personalized Art Kit
    • Journaling Tip: A Special Birthday Request
  • Day2Day: Clean Your Lens
  • Snap2Share: Restrict View, Opening Another Memory Vault

Videos: Lights, action, camera!  Sit back and enjoy these videos by Tameka, Shelley, Mary, Jenny, and Janice.

  • Ready2Roll:  2012 (S2F), Marbled Paper, Downloading and Saving Pixie Dust, Say It with Shapes, Angled Spray Filter (VT) Word Books (WS)
  • Snap2Share:  Categories and Tags (VT)

Focus on the Fans Newsletterby Tameka and featuring Rondi Hendrickson

p2P LIVE!: We’ve got some exciting events coming up, and last month we opened a new landing page especially for our LIVE events.  This page will be where we include information about past and future p2P LIVE events, registration forms for upcoming events, and where we house our p2P LIVE training materials, which will be available to p2P LIVE attendees during their LIVE event and for a few weeks following it.    Did you hear that Justine Forrest (our p2P team member who also happens to be a professional photographer) is coming to America this spring?  She’ll be joining us at a few p2P LIVE events, so we hope you’ll be able to join us for a LIVE event soon.  If you are interested in being the on-site coordinator for a LIVE event in your area, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

FAQs, Help! and NEWS:  If these sections aren’t the first places you go when you have a question, they should be!  Almost all of your questions about memberships and MUCH, MUCH MORE are answered here, and you won’t have to wait for us to answer your emails.  We’ve added even more questions and answers about PayPal and your memberships for your convenience.

These, and many more common questions are answered for you already – have a look.

Back2Basics: We are loving seeing beginners and seasoned SBC users learning things in Back2Basics!  Even if you are a veteran digital scrapper, we encourage you to take time to review these lessons.  I can almost guarantee you will learn SOMETHING!  Keep in mind that if you are self-taught (or were, at the beginning) you may be doing something the hard way.  We found out we were doing lots of things the long way.  If you are a Creative Memories Consultant, we hope you will be sure to offer a Back2Basics membership to all of your digital customers – and have a look at the comments on Lesson One!

Australasia: At this time, we are not licensed by Creative Memories Australasia to train on StoryBook Creator or Memory Manager in Australia or New Zealand.  You must be a resident of the US or Canada to purchase a membership.  We continue our efforts to change this policy and will keep you posted on our progress.  We appreciate your support.

RETIRING BLUEPRINTS and PIXIE DUST: All Blueprints posted prior to 1 December 2012 have been retired and are no longer available.  Please do not ask us for them if you neglected to download them, joined too late to get them, or ran out of time.  There are plenty more on the site, and more to come!  Remember to download your Blueprint Checklists so you don’t miss a thing.  And just a reminder – we no longer provide Pixie Dust checklists since switching to Pixie Dust Collections.

Each Blueprint is posted with a “RETIREMENT DATE” on it so that you will know how long it will be available on the website.  It is your responsibility to download Blueprints while they are available.  We will not be sending missing Blueprints out later, so please be diligent about getting them while you can.  All Blueprints will be available for four months from the time they are posted.

And now, for your viewing and planning pleasure, here’s the calendar for April, brought to you by Tameka.  Have fun with it! Click the image to download a high-res PDF.


April 2013

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  1. debbieloop debbieloop says:

    As always…keep up the good work! Love the idea of printing out the calendar. Keeps me up to date as what I need to look at or download. I can also keep notes on it.

  2. Linda Johnson says:

    Pixies, do we have the new Day2Day weekly themes list yet? I have looked and can not find it. Thanks for all the great things you ladies do.

  3. Claudette says:

    The Blueprint Checklist link does not seem to be working.

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