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It was a pretty regular Saturday as Saturdays go. Up early for a soccer game with our oldest grandson. They are really moving as a team now (awesome coach who just happens to be our SIL and his dad!). He sticks to that soccer ball like glue! He and his friend Andre are definitely the dynamic duo when they’re on the field together.

And then back home to get some work done for p2P. For some reason the creative juices weren’t flowing so why not a trip to the Big Flea for inspiration? Twice a year, there is a Spectacular Expo at the flea market in Charlotte. I have so many memories of the fun times spent there with friends. I remember the year Sandy, from NYC at the time, and I spent a couple of days wandering aimlessly through all the tents finding a TON of goodies for her decorating business. She packed everything into one of those HUGE lacrosse bags and then sweet-talked the checkin guy at the airport to let her on with this monstrosity which must have weighed over 100 pounds! This was, of course, years before security got so tight. Nowadays, she’d never have gotten on with those tobacco stick hanger thingys with the hand-shaped nails. Hmm – that was the year she found that awesome circus sign advertising “the best ride in the world.” We loved that one!

So many fun things to see and a couple of things to buy too! Old linens have always been a favorite thing to collect. This year at Zenna’s booth, there was a 1940’s tablecloth with raspberries printed happily all over it. Wow! Add to that a pair of sweet handstitched pillowcases that Juzzi will sleep on in May!  Then the best thing happened – I was joined by our youngest daughter who also loves wandering aimlessly.  Her home is filled with wonderful things found on her flea trips. It must run in the genes because my Dad liked it too.

Then home again exhausted to discover husband Arch had been at it with the chainsaw. The painters needed the bushes cut back from the porch and so an hour later, a huge pile of English Laurel was tucked into a neat pile on the street.

Hooray – no homecooked meal tonight! We  headed off to our closest favorite BBQ place. Kyle Fletcher’s had just been named the #1 BBQ place in a 50 mile area! Of course it was packed and we had to wait in line for about 30 minutes. Glad to see people driving 25 miles to check it out and it was well worth the wait.  And you can bet that we are saving the newspaper to check out the places that were in the running.

It was just a fine day all around! Got to see a grand, go to the Flea with one of our daughters, eat great BBQ and top it off with watching Tom Selleck in Bluebloods that we’d recorded. Tom and I go back a long way – but that’s another story!

If you look closely at the last photo on the page, you’ll see that someone DID NOT have a good day. Just as we left the BBQ place and got to the light, there were several police cars with lights flashing directing traffic. It seems like someone had forgotten to tie his big new boat securely to the trailer and it was sitting smack on the pavement. He was not a happy camper!

So happy  memory making! Would love to see some pages of how you spend your day. I hope that you find something special about each day, take pictures, tell the story, and then, share it with us.


Blueprint: It’s an old one by Shelley created in 2010 (tweaked!)

Font: Love Ya Like A Sister, A Font With Serifs

One Fine Day

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8 Responses to Blog: One Fine Day

  1. kmayster says:

    LOVE the tablecloth. And also the calendar page idea, Cindy

  2. Glenna says:

    Love the page and your blog and “One Fine Day”. Can’t wait to do this as I’m going on a quilting retreat this week-end with about 24 other women so there will be lots to photograph and stories to tell. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Tracie says:

    I love your layout, Anne. And my house is very similar to yours!

  4. Sandy says:

    Love how you told the story of your day, Anne. It really has me thinking about a project that I have been wanting to do. Is this a blueprint that I’m not recognizing?

  5. Cindy Rold says:

    The best thing I got from my two years of doing the Day2Day photos was an awareness of my days. When I created my Day2Day storybooks, I created a calendar page for each month and wrote the highlights of each day. It’s even more special to me than my photos. I felt the photos weren’t capturing the days, just a moment, or just a random shot. This year, I’m taking the photos I normally take, and not focusing on the Day2Day. I’m still creating calendar pages and will put them in my storybook for the year. I think they will add a nice touch.

  6. Cindy Rold says:

    What a great way to capture an “ordinary” day.

  7. Janice says:

    Love your report on your day – and the page you’ve created with the “time slot” indexes, a great concept!!! That is an expensive looking boat to not have locked into the trailer – try explaining that to the insurance company!

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