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What a great time we’ve had celebrating our 3rd birthday with you this month!  This past weekend’s Birthday Crop was the highlight of the month – we hope you enjoyed Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and more.  We’ve loved seeing your pages and hearing your excitement as you completed pages and projects.  If you didn’t collect all of your badges, click HERE to see and download them.  You can see all of the Crop goodies HERE in case you missed them (you must be a Pixels2Pages member to see these items now).

Over the next few weeks you may notice some changes at pixels2Pages.  As we’ve already announced, we’ll be adding new basic Memory Manager Tips to our Snap2Share membership and incorporating the Snap2Share p2P2Do activity with the monthly Snap2Share video tidbit.  You may notice that we’re trying hard to make our videos shorter by focusing on one main topic – we’ve been listening to your feedback and are working to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want.

Another change we’ll be instituting over the next few months will be regarding Blueprints.  Again, you’ve spoken and we are listening.  We have heard your pleas for more two-page spreads, and we’ve heard that you’re getting overwhelmed by the number of downloads every month.  We’ll be doing a bit of an experiment with our Day2Day Blueprints soon, so let us know what you think.  Not to worry – you’ll still be getting the same number of great new Blueprints – we just want to make it a little easier for you.

We’ll also be changing our Free Trial membership soon.  It will still be available for ten days, but we’re adding a few Blueprints and Pixie Dust collections to it so that potential members get a better feel for what’s included in a full membership.  However, we’ll be selecting some representative samples of the other items – challenges, tips, videos, and handouts – from each membership, rather than allowing full access to everything on the website.  These items will not change – if you’ve seen the Free Trial once, you will have seen it all – and it will not include ‘new’ posts.

Finally, I’m sad to report that some of our p2P team members are ready to move on to new chapters in their lives.  We are a pretty tightly-knit group (for twelve women who mostly haven’t met each other!) and we will miss our Pixie friends and their contributions to pixels2Pages, but we know that life changes constantly.   I am going to make you wait a bit longer for more details, and I’m going to let them tell you their stories in their own words.  We wish our friends the best, and we have loved working beside them these past three years.  We’re hoping you won’t notice any lapse in programming with these exits, but one thing that will change is our monthly blog schedule.  The new blog line-up will start next month.

Oh, and one more thing – you may have heard that we have some p2P LIVE events coming up!

  • Registration is over for p2P LIVE Mackinac, and if you’re planning to come but haven’t paid in full yet, it’s time to handle that.  Final payments are due on 30 April!
  • Friday (26 April) is the last day to get our blocked hotel rooms for p2P LIVE Naples, and early bird registration is over now.  You’ve still got until Friday, 3 May, to register and pay for the Naples event.
  • There’s still plenty of time to register for and plenty of room at p2P LIVE Asheville.  Click HERE to register and pay; if you’ve paid your deposit, remember to pay the remainder by 10 May.

Justine, Mary, Anne, Tameka, and I are looking forward to meeting you at these events!

In the ‘mea culpa’ category, I need to let you know that we accidentally added an extra MM tip to the April calendar.  There will NOT be a Memory Manager tip on Tuesday, 30 April.  Our apologies for that oversight.

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11 Responses to Blog: Coming and Going April 2013

  1. Kaye Rhodes says:

    I hate to think of any of the Pixies leaving the group, but whomever it may be, I wish them only the best and thank them for sharing their creativity with us. I continue to learn and spread my wings with digital scrapbooking because of all of you. God speed.

  2. laurie7piper says:

    Thanks for the badges. Could you please give some suggestions on how to use this cute content.

  3. jbland jbland says:

    Best wishes to the new changes. Changes are exciting and scary at the same time!

    I am glad that you are changing the D2D BP schedule. I have tons of BPs for 7 photos…

    P2P keeps getting better and better,

  4. inekeloux says:

    Just wanted to add my two bits to your changes. I am glad to read that the 10-day Trial Membership will include Blueprints and Pixie Dust. I know the Blueprints are one of my most favorite parts of membership and I use them all the time, so having trial people be exposed to them is great! I also think having a set group of items for people to see, period, is smart. Makes it easier to show samples to others, and letting them know they can access the instructions for free with a trial membership. Enough to wet the appetite and encourage making a $ commitment for more.
    Can’t say I am at all excited about Pixies moving on, but I can understand if it is time for a different season, sigh. Even though I am not a regular FB sharer so you can’t “see” what all I have learned via pages, know I thoroughly enjoy ALL the tips, techniques and talent you all have and share; not to mention getting to know you all through your blogs and pages. Thank you, thank you!

  5. jsquare says:

    As I look through the pictures of the team, I cannot imagine anyone leaving. Life changes I know but thought P2P would always be the same. 🙂
    Whoever they may be we will miss them dearly.

  6. judychronicles judychronicles says:

    How sad…that the group will be experiencing some changes. But life is full of surprises and opportunities that need to be embraced. And sometimes we have no choice about our destiny. That’s what makes life so interesting…..good or bad.
    Best wishes to you all. Judy 🙂

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