It was just over three years ago when Jan ‘discovered’ a group of like-minded digital enthusiasts on Facebook, when most of us had started following her and posting pages after viewing the webinars that she was presenting for Creative Memories.  Jan saw a need for digital training and went about sourcing a way to make that happen.  So just on two years ago, we formed pixAbilities LLC,  to train on Creative Memories Storybook Creator, and now have become licensed digital trainers for Creative Memories digital software. The rest, as they say, is history. pixels2Pages has now been a Go2 source for Creative Memories consultants and customers alike. We became the Digi Dozen, or as one of our fans affectionately nicknamed us, the pixies.

However, the time has now come for me to hang my p2P hat. I’ve been wearing many hats over the years, but the biggest and most inspiring has been the hat that Jan, Mothership of pixels2pages, put on my head to lead the IT team, to see to the technical side of the pixels2Pages website that you now see. I didn’t design the website, but I was overseeing what went on behind the scenes. My time was spent researching and getting the membership program installed, finding out how it worked, which entailed many hours of watching video tutorials…some with bouncing balls that nearly made my head explode. Aren’t you glad we don’t have those at the beginning of “every” video tidbit!!? Emailing questions to their support to get something tweaked to suit our needs, and setting up a payment facility.  I was also in charge of posting videos and making sure they worked, keeping an eye on our server, and trying to keep the gremlins out. Sometimes they got in and we were known to crash once or twice, or maybe more times than I care to admit. During these times, you would see us scrambling to find out what had happened. Sometimes this would be at some ungodly hour during the night. But that’s just the nature of the world wide web, it’s there 24/7 and needed to be fully functioning at all times. Yes, we know some of you bounced out of bed first thing in the morning to check out what’s new and post a page or two and we knew we had to get the site fixed before you were up. 🙂  Once we had sourced the problem, we would either fix it ourselves if we knew how, or get someone with a lot more knowledge to do it for us. You see, most of us are self-taught, and only a couple of us have had even a little  experience in IT. I don’t think we’ve done too bad really, and the knowledge I have gained over the last few years has been incredible. So much so, sometimes my brain hurts and I can’t learn anymore!

However, I’ve now turned a corner, and if you’ve been following my blogs over the years, you will have been through the trials and tribulations of me having two of my three children living a long way away. Our eldest daughter lives in the city of Perth, here on the west coast of Australia, then we have a son on the east coast, in the wonderful Blue Mountains area with 3 of my grandsons, and our youngest daughter lived in South America for three and a half years. She took a grandson with her and gave birth to another while there. I became known as the flat screen nanna, Skyping frequently to keep in touch as the little boys grew up without us in their lives.  I did manage to take a couple of trips over to see them and stopped off in Sydney to catch the train to our sons on the way back to see his boys, too.   He has settled in the east, having now bought his own home, so there is no chance that he will ever come back to live in the west.  Both girls are living in the city, here on the west coast, not far from each other, and we have another grandson, born several months ago.  I now want to be more than a Flat Nanna!

Six weeks ago my husband retired.  We have put our house on the market, and have decided to move south to live closer to our daughters. We will build a new house in a Lifestyle Village for over 55s.  That in itself is exciting – to have a new home, and one that is not so big to maintain and less clutter. We built this house and have lived in it for 37 years, it’s time to move on.

We plan to get on the road in our 4WD and drive east  to visit our son, which will take 4 days non stop,  across the Nullarbor plain, desert country, (which as it happens was named by one of my ancestors – true story) however we will stop, often, and tour more of Australia. We have a tent, with the idea to stay in onsite caravans or cabins, and if in the middle of nowhere, we can pitch the tent. We love the outback and the outdoors, so a tent is ideal to experience it all. Yes, we have comfortable beds. You didn’t think I’d go without some home comforts with me did you? We’re not exactly spring chickens, so comfy beds and warm sleeping bags are in order. If I want to really stretch out, we can always find a good motel somewhere. We might even pay for some of that luxury with the savings we’ll make from not purchasing or towing a caravan, let alone the licensing and insurance costs per year. Plus they scare the living daylights out of me. The amount of huge road trains on our roads, I’m happy not to be towing anything! Thank goodness Bob is not keen on towing anything either, at least we have one thing we agree on. 🙂

In outback Australia, and sometimes not even far from a city centre, there isn’t much Internet connection.  It’s just how it is. So, I have decided  to hang up my p2P IT hat, leave my friends at pixels2Pages, and head out to the big wide world for real and not just on the web.

I won’t be gone forever!  I will still take photos and I will continue to make pages of my adventures and post them from time to time on facebook. Since starting out with p2P, we have been blogging consistently every month. At first I hated blogging, but as they say, to form a habit you have to do something consistently for 30 days, I think 3 years adds up to 30 days, so I’ve formed a habit. I’ll get a blog site going at some stage and share our journey there.  I have made many friends virtually from being a part of the pixels2Pages community and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all.

I hope that one day my fellow Australians will be given permission to access the awesome talent of the girls at pixels2Pages. My Storybooks have changed no end in their presentation and the stories they tell.  pixels2Pages has a lot to offer the digital scrapbooker and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more as time goes on.

So it’s a big, big thank you to all my team mates – Tameka, Mary, Kim, Anne, Jeannine, Carolyn & Jan in the US,  and Justine, Shelley, Kerrianne & Janice in Australia. I will miss our online meetings and conversations via email and facebook. I have met all of the Aussie girls,  and Jan & Mary, but we could never quite get that trip happening to Tiki Island to meet everyone.  Never mind, I will still have contact via the Internet and you never know, I just might land on that Tiki Island looking for a comfy bed to rest my weary body!



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69 Responses to Blog: Chapter 2 A New Adventure

  1. paintnscrap paintnscrap says:

    I have been living under a rock for several months I guess, and did not know of your changed status. Thank you for all you have done for us and P2P and you will surely be missed by all. Being 73, I can relate to your need to move on and make changes and I envy you. I am not sure when or if you will get this now but maybe it will filter down someway. best wishes for all good things.
    Jean Rood

  2. Bridget says:

    Jenny, wow what a fabulous story. Best wishes to this new road in life and happy you will be closer to some of those grandkids. Thanks SO much for all your hard work, what an accomplishment and legacy you are leaving. I will be following your blog for sure and watching for beautiful pictures of Australia on Facebook. God bless and safe travels.

  3. kathy says:

    Jenny I hope each day brings a new joy and adventure as you start a different life. I love the P2P team and what all of you have given me in the last three years. You will be missed! May God be with you always.

  4. Jenny, thank you for the amazing adventures you’ve allowed us to take with you virtually. Thank you for your behind the scenes hard work to keep the website humming. Thank you for the tips you’ve shared and the stories you’ve told. I appreciate you! I’m so excited for this new adventure you get to head off to and what that will bring! You will be missed for sure, and it’s been a privilege to get virtually acquainted with you! Enjoy those precious grandbabies and all the family moments you spend together. Wishing you all the best! ~Maureen Feist

  5. pamelajb says:

    Oh Jenny!! I just finished reading 59 responses to your blog and the tears are still rolling down my face. You have given so much to p2P, but I know that your life has also been enriched through your involvement. Life is about “Changes” and the time is right for “Changes” for you and Bob. I pray that they can happen sooner than later. But what will we do without you? XOXOXO

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Pam for your kind comments and your ongoing support. p2P isn’t going away, so I’m sure the girls on the team will have you learning new things every week. Life keeps changing and it’s great to embrace change. Here’s lookin’ atcha!

  6. Sandy says:

    Jenny, Best wishes to you as you start this new adventure. I appreciate everything you have done to help get p2P established as THE best on-line training for SBC. You will be missed by all of us, but I hope that you enjoy what life has in store for you and your family. I look forward to seeing pages of what retirement looks like. Always remember: Once a pixie, always a p2Pixie.

  7. jolleyontheroad jolleyontheroad says:

    You will be missed Jenny! Just wanted to let you know that I’m the one pulling that 40 foot 5th wheel trailer down the road!! Not easy sometimes, but it’s our “new” house! So excited for your next chapter in life! The hard part of what we do being full time RVers is leaving the grand babies behind! Some time soon we will settle down close to them and give up the vagabond lifestyle!! Have fun and enjoy your travels on the road to somewhere beautiful!!

  8. Tina Bruderer says:

    Miss Jenny,
    Wow you are amazing I am sure this is bittersweet for all of you pixies but you are leaving a digi legacy wow. I’m sorry to have never met you but none the less i salute you and on a personal note i just want to say thank you because of this website i can preserve my family story and photos despite that fact that i can only use one hand! I struggled for months -6 i think just to make a few pages traditionally even with the fabulous cm tools it was still hard but you pixies have made it possible for me to have a better quality of the scrap booking experience and the the things i have learned about how to use the computer have improved my life’s work in other areas too so heres to you XOXOXO. may God bless you and all your family.Tina

    • Jenny says:

      Yes Tina, I can always go down in history as being a pioneer of this site. I’m glad we were able to help you in some way to tell your story. Digital scrapbooking has opened up a whole new world for anyone who is either restricted by space, housebound, a busy mum and more. All the best Tina.

  9. Janne says:

    You will be missed, so I hope you stop by and see all of us from time to time. Have a fabulous time exploring your beautiful country and getting closer to your grandkids. Looking forward to seeing the sites through your pages.

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