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This has been a very busy spring! We’ve been having the house painted and that involved a lot of men on ladders. Painting made everything else look shabby so Arch and I’ve been digging, weeding, planting and sprucing up the yard. He has always wanted a white oak tree and we are so thankful that the one we planted back in February has beautiful green leaves popping out. The little pecan tree he gave me has grown almost a foot! NOTE: Arch says to please tell you that it is so important to plant hardwood trees in your yard. We won’t see this one grow but a few feet or so in our lifetime, but our great grandchildren will see a towering magnificent tree. And won’t it be special for them to see the photos of their great grandfather digging the hole and planting the tree?

I digress as usual! Back to spring! The most fun for us has been going to all the games that the grandchildren are playing this season. From soccer to T-ball, from early in the morning till mid afternoon, from heavy coats to short sleeves, every Saturday and a few practice dates in between – we don’t want to miss a single game.

It’s amazing to see how much improvement these children have made in just a few short weeks.  You can bet that hundreds of photos have been taken! From Asher’s determined expression to Dagny’s sweet smile, from his playing his heart out to her tentative swats at the ball- we have loved being able to be there for each.

It is a family gathering at these games –parents, grandparents, cousins and friends coming to support whoever is playing on the field. Whether they make a goal, or get to first base – there are so many cheers and whistles. It’s been so heartwarming to hear people that we don’t even know, shouting out encouragements to our grands and we do the same for their children.

Of course, not all the action takes place on the field. Add 3 more grandchildren to the mix and you’ve got a handful! Especially when one is 15 months old and wants to get out on the field too.  Everytime he got loose from someone’s hand – he makes a beeline through the dugout to the field. His turn will come in a few years and, Lord willing, we’ll be there proud as punch when he comes on the field.

Here’s a page about what 2 of the girl cousins were doing while the T- ball game was happening.

Hoping you’re having a great Spring! Happy memory making,  Anne

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7 Responses to Blog: It’s Saturday – who’s on first?

  1. Janice says:

    As always, I’m transported when reading your blog Anne. I love your writing, and can hear the cheers, giggles and fun happening around you. Your page is so so sweet!

  2. LindaIOSMe says:

    Wow! That brings back memories! We had “balled” live Christmas trees as a child – only 4-5 feet tall, but on the dolly in the big bucket, they seemed much, much taller. The first one we planted grew to about 20 feet tall by the time we’d moved from the house. And it was always a thrill to see “our” Christmas tree in the lawn years later. Some day I’ll take my kids past the house – not to see the house, but to check on the trees! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a sweet page and the background is just perfect with your beautiful grandchildren.

  4. Liz Propst says:

    Oh my gosh….ring pops. Granddaughter enjoyed one Sat watching brother play!!! You are such a gifted writer!

  5. sistersunshine says:

    My dear sweet hubby & I planted 4 trees to replace 2 diseased trees on our centennial farm early in our marriage…sadly the emerald ash borer attacked 2 of them, one has been taken down…(you’d think my heart was ripped out) and the other just awaits the tree surgeon… advice… call your local farm extens
    ion office and find out what THEY recommend… we will be replanting again, but like Anne said it’s for the future generations to enjoy. *U* Kathleen

  6. Carolyn says:

    Oh, yes, aren’t all ring pops meant to be shared?! :-). I agree with Arch about the trees. I was just pondering what kind of tree we will plant in our back yard. Planting something slow-growing is a gift to future generations.

    • Anne says:

      Even though I know that contractors and developers find it easier to build houses once they’ve taken down the trees, but then to just plant a tree that has a ‘shelf life’ of 20 years or so just isn’t the best practice! You are so right Carolyn – a planted hardwood really is a ‘gift to future generations!’

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